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Found 1 result

  1. Slipsonic


    2. Upgrader Research Cost: 2,500 Bytes Material Cost: 1x Graphene & 1x Compound (or Plastic?) Size: M Description: A Deployable Item that can upgrade any item to its next size (adequate space required) for less/simpler materials than what it would cost to make them from scratch via infusion. Up to 3 resource pieces can be used to upgrade modules. Also useful for preventing base clutter. Can upgrade 6 small items, OR 4 medium items, OR 2 large items. Visuals: Double tetrahedron shape with one tip as the attachment point to the upgradable item. On the opposite end each side holds one resource. Upgradable items Small: Small Solar Panel: 1x Glass Small Wind Turbine: 1x Ceramic Small Battery: 1x Zinc Small Generator: 1x Tungsten Medium: Medium Platform A & C(to LP A): 1x Resin Medium Platform B (to LP B): 1x Resin Medium Storage: 2x Ceramic Medium Storage Silo (2 options): 2x Aluminium Alloy or Steel Medium Solar Panel (unattached): 1x Compound and Graphene Rover Seat: 1x Plastic and Compound Medium Shredder: 1x Tungsten Medium T-platform: 1x Tungsten Large: Large Platform A (to EXP A): 1x Iron and 2x Ceramic Large Platform B (to EXP C): 1x Iron, Steel and Carbon Large Shredder: 1x Tungsten Carbide, Steel and Carbon My Ideas (Subject to Change): Soil Centrifuge (to XL Soil Centrifuge): 1x Silicone, Quartz and Tungsten Carbide Canister (to Soil Tank or silo): 1x Plastic or Silicone Whether it be a missed item, better resource mapping or anything else, PLEASE suggest and correct. This is far from perfect and I want it to be closer to that. Inspired by the Astroneer Roadmap