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  1. I'm new here and do not know if those ideas have been submitted yet. Sorry if they have been and I have not noticed them. Daily Objectives: Would love to see some daily objectives (for instance orders coming from the Command Station). For example - extract soil from said planet and send it up with the trade station back to them for research or find a certain unknown material to put in the research station. Reward could be something like: if you research certain soil from a planet enough you'd get more materials while mining from it and if you research enough stuff in the research station you not only get bytes but inreased oxygen capacity or something similar. Spaceships and Space stations:I think it will be awesome to be able to build large ships (late game) with interiors and hangar bays where you can park rovers, have fabricators, trading stations, etc. Kinda like a mobile base that you would normally have on the surface. With that in mind there could also spacestations (with interior and bays) that you could build on the surface and then launch (and be able to travel with your shuttle to and from planets) which then orbit the planet they were launched from (they have dedicated dropship to get from the planet they orbit to station and vice versa). Think the devs have done an amazing work so far and would like to see something like that added. NPCs and Enemies: The only enemy I have encountered so far are the poisonous shrooms and the only hazard the storm. Would be cool instead only of the trading station to have an NPC with which you can haggle for resources and buy equipment from (kinda like in No Man's Sky) - they could be in a space station and sometimes come to your base with new stuff for example; I'd also love to encounter wildlife and maybe an enemy faction (would explain all the destroyed habitats you find); Thanks for reading and hope you find some of these suggestions interesting.