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Found 59 results

  1. Shinobi Ryder


    I've got the XBOX ONE S and have discovered these bugs so far: Had a few crashes camera issues causing me to die, especially when filling in environments items remaining suspended in the air backpack items floating at a slight distance behind on one occasion tethers not connecting properly tether appearing disconnected when it's not cant rebuild base instructions are basic cant delete saves
  2. Manosman

    My particular case

    I have noticed a few things that cause my game to ultimately crash. When on Terran I can use the air vehicles, but as soon as I get in to a land based vehicle and move my game crashes. HOWEVER, I moved to Barren and started a full base there and am able to use the land vehicles, once I link more together I start to get problems
  3. Pjotr_Pewpew


    I found out that the Astro-Win64-Shipping file is cousing some troubles on my pc so i dug in to it a bit and discovered the following: The file is having troubles with the "Wait chain traversal" and windows has this to say about that: Wait Chain Traversal (WCT) enables debuggers to diagnose application hangs and deadlocks. A wait chain is an alternating sequence of threads and synchronization objects; each thread waits for the object that follows it, which is owned by the subsequent thread in the chain. A thread waits for a synchronization object from the time it requests it until it has acquired it. A lock is owned by a thread from the time the thread acquires it, until it releases it. Lock ownership is equivalent to the lock waiting for the thread to release it. Therefore, if thread 1 waits for a lock that is owned by thread 2, this is the same as saying that thread 1 waits for thread 2. WCT currently supports the following synchronization primitives: ALPC COM Critical sections Mutexes SendMessage Wait operations on processes and threads To retrieve the wait chain for one or more threads, create a WCT session using the OpenThreadWaitChainSession and GetThreadWaitChain functions. WCT sessions are represented by a handle of type HWCT. Sessions can be either synchronous or asynchronous in nature. Synchronous sessions will block the calling thread until a wait chain has been retrieved. Synchronous sessions cannot be canceled. Asynchronous sessions do not block the calling thread and can be canceled by the application using the CloseThreadWaitChainSession function. Results from asynchronous operations are made available through a WaitChainCallback callback function provided by the application. For asynchronous sessions, the caller can specify a pointer to a context data structure through GetThreadWaitChain. The same pointer is passed to the callback function. This context data structure is user-defined and opaque to WCT. It can be used by the application to communicate context between a WCT query and a callback function. A common approach is to pass an event handle through this structure; when the callback is executed, it signals this event and informs some monitoring thread that the query has been completed. HOPE IT CAN HELP... USING WTC : WTC REFERENCE : GREETZ, PIETER
  4. molestar

    [New bugs] from 2.10

    So for hosted games what got fixed: - tether lag is gone New bugs: - launch pods are still glitching next to the initial habitat - power thingies do not charge during the night, it charges to solar-only (same with vehicles) - the people playing in host game crashes, then the host crashes soon after (we're crashing every 5-10 minutes)
  5. My Notebook has NVidia 920m 2GB GPU, 8GB RAM, i5-5200U @ 2.5 GHz and SSD + HDD (512GB both) I can play the game without any FPS issues even when I'm spamming tethers. The only thing that is annoying the hell out of me, keeping me from playing this game 24hrs straight is the constant crashing after few minutes. I read that for some people it crashes while running, I tried just simply walking but that failed. I tried to walk for a few seconds and stopping to give my PC time to generate scenery (I thought my PC was getting stuck because I kept running too fast and my PC was struggling to generate new scenery fast enough, and hence crashing the game) it crashed again. I thought tethers were a problem, the game crashed with no tethers used. So far I have been trying to get away by saving the game after every major work. Sometimes I have to try a few times before I can get 4-5 minutes of game without crashing, other times I get 20-30 minutes of crash free game. Right now I have found a cave system that I want to explore. I have never been able to put enough tethers to and into the cave and come back to save the game in time. Please fix this issue. This game is what I (and I hope many more) desired the most from others (cough cough NMS cough cough) I will be so happy to actually be able to enjoy the game without worry of a crash. I don't even care how fast or slow the updates come, even right now the game allows for some silly play that can keep me engaged for much long. I wish that you guys can at least tell us a time frame by which we can expect a fix for this thing specifically, or give us a work around in the mean time.
  6. I have been noticing that there are frequent and random crashes to astroneer. This topic lists crashes that could be 'random,' and possible causes. Please do not post anything else except those two things. By random crashes, I mean that the crash does not always occur under the same circumstances.
  7. bambam625

    Massive FPS drops.

    System Specs: 4790k oced to 4.4 ghz. 16gb of 1600 mhz ram. 980ti. win 10. Playing in 1440p, through steam on mouse and keyboard. When i first start the game the fps is fine, however as i continue to build my base, and build vehicles, and put tethers up around my base, the fps drops to powerpoint level fps. Nothing in background running. The issue continues even when i go out exploring with my truck. ( have 3 trucks attached). ill go for several minutes in one direction and fps issues still persist. Im going to have to stop playing the game until this is fixed because it has been reduced to a powerpoint presentation. Good game, very fun, needs some optimization. I realize its pre alpha. -Thanks
  8. I understand that this is prealfa that many bugs may be present, okay, do not care for this, but my concern is that the game freezes and sometimes crashes. Of any bug fixes that when booting the subjects are somewhat behind of the backpack. The main claim to crashes and freezes. Correct them quickly. So do not hvatatet graphics settings (I don't like the blur when turning the camera, for example), and my laptop is far not new and not the most powerful. I look forward to corrections and input new content. Liked the game a lot of people, good luck and don't make stupid mistakes!:)
  9. First of All: Love the game so far, have had a lot of fun with it already. I am excited to see where this game goes in future updates. Here are a few bugs that I have encountered in my play so far, feel free to add on to the details of these bugs if you have encountered them. Not the host on Xbox One Tried to sit in the ship when there was a storm, I sat on the outside of the ship (Graphical Bug) When the host was in a rover, riding along a tether line, I couldn’t connect to the tether, probably a lag issue. Takes a long time join the host, sometimes just brings you back to the main menu. I join a friends game and my pod goes right through the map. I spawned under the map. The host on Xbox One Inventory cursor breaks, can’t easily use inventory. Inventory graphics break, the items in your backpack stick way out of your bag, I believe this causes the one above. Tethers and rovers make the game slow down greatly. Both Building underneath your person makes you fall through the map.