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Found 61 results

  1. Hi guys, I may be wrong but I think there was an update last night that has rendered my specific save that I had 30 hours on, a brick. Every time I press launch on this save, it loads for a few seconds and the the game crashes without an error log or anything from steam. I looked through the steam logs and found that it couldn't find shaders. However that might be unrelated because any other save works fine. I've tried re-installing and running as administrator. I've also tried switching to an experimental build. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Greetings, I'm running a PC w/ Win10 using Steam. Every time I leave the game and this is either through "Exit to Desktop" directly from within the game, or "Exit to Menu" followed by "Exit to Desktop", and go to play it again, (for instance say I took a 20 min lunch break) there is an issue with the program still running. It says "An error occurred while updating Astroneer (app running)". To solve this issue at my end I'm having to exit Steam entirely, and reboot the game afterwards, which is a hassle, but solves the issue. Hope you guys fix it
  3. Greetings again. I'm running a PC with Win10 and playing through Steam. The bug: If I try to launch directly through Steam where it gives you the option to play "Astroneer" or "Astroneer Windowed", both are windowed anyway. If I use the icon that Steam provides me upon installation, it's still windowed. The worst of it is when your mouse leaves the screen by accident and offers up other items or menus from clicking off the game. I hope this helps.
  4. JamFam

    Multiplayer Crashes

    Whenever me and my friends try to play multiplayer, we never go longer than a half an hour before someone crashes(all of us are on pc). Anyone else having this issue, and @system era, anything about a fix coming in? We love the game and want to continue playing, thanks!
  5. Version 0.3.101900 Console: XBox One I'm not sure what exactly triggers it but, when I enter my vehicle (medium rover) and start to drive, and go over a small hill, my car will start to fly. It becomes uncontrollable and just keeps it's momentum from when it was on the ground. It only happened to me twice, one being when there was another rover attached behind it, the second time because a single rover. The second bug happened later on and is primary to the game. I never had this problem before. I went to search for compound and found one. At this site I tried to dig up the compound but nothing happened. Then I tried digging next/away from the compound... Still nothing. Then I went back to my base, and tried to dig there. It worked. It seemed like there was an area around the compound that was un-diggable. This happened for only compound as I was able to obtain other resources such as power, copper, etc. On another note, when I enter my car and start driving, I will occasionally crash. This probably has something to do with the quality of my Xbox. Any suggestions on what I should try to fix it? It's stopped my progress on my main save since I cannot get compound. Thank you!
  6. My first few hours of multiplayer Astroneer (2-player) were crash-free, if not bug-free (post-196). Resuming the game resulted in one crash after another - for me, the second player - in the span of 1 hour. The game would close to a 'bug report screen' - I've sent every report. None of the crashes involved a consistent trigger to my knowledge. One possibility would be the environment not loading in caves. The cave surfaces were there, but no plants, stalagmites, etc. At the same time were other bugs like researchables getting stuck in the air or 'bugging out', and even not being able to click on them (even when I was just carrying it and dropped it). On one occasion, I was puzzling over a researchable that I couldn't pick up, and I walked through it - like phased through it, and crashed soon after. Another time I was turning to run away from green gas and crashed. Also, I don't recover my inventory items when I reenter the game - I have to find my body most of the time. And, one time my stuff was just laying around at our base, but I had crashed off somewhere else. I hope that helps.
  7. Xbox One- The game crashes when I'm in multiplayer and also it is very laggy in multiplayer. When I'm the rover I also lose control over the vehicle and lose gravity and fly off into space.
  8. Awilson666

    Multiplayer crash

    When playing alone on my XBOX 1 the game runs very smooth and with very little problems, but once another player joins they lander ends up underground and the second player has to start by finding their way out of the caves. The game also seems to run at half speed and crashes a lot. The longest time we have gone without a crash is 90 minutes, but it usually no more then every 30 minutes. We deal with it but we did lose the large rover tech discovery because it crashed before I could save. The problem is very annoying as it a constant event. I understand it is still in pre-alpha, but the sooner this is fixed the more enjoyable it will be. But thank you for creating such a great game.
  9. Shield 84

    Very Stable Game

    Xbox 1. Great news, played for 7 hours straight. Went far under ground. Across a huge amount of planet. Just had my first ever crash. This game rocks!
  10. The tool on the X1 will randomly stop working and will not fix itself.
  11. Bryan Hedrick

    Continual Game Crashes

    So I shelved this game for quite some time now because the glitches are to the point I no longer enjoy the game. However, with the more recent patch and additions to the terrain tool I thought, "what the hell." Well my first session allowed for about two hours of gaming before the first crash occurred. This type of crash isn't new to me, but the manner in which it happened is. See before when my game crashed it would happen after multiple hours of play time, consecutive or not, but would occur when I was getting in to a habitat or vehicle, forcing the game to save. I always figured the act of saving the game is what would cause it to crash. And when I say crash I mean the game freezing up, the system makes this annoying buzz, and then dashboard. So now it is happening just because. It has happened when doing nothing, it has happened while running, or exiting a vehicle. The first crash happened after several hours of game play. Tried again later that day and got in about an hour of play before it crashed. Now I'm about 15 min of game play before it crashes. This is the same game server, I'm not starting a new game each time. So once again this game has become worthless to me since I can't play it longer than 15 minutes or I could always start over with a new game after dumping hours of my time in to another server. Either way the game is getting shelved again and I don't know if I will ever pick it back up at this rate.
  12. crsunlimited

    Tether Suggestion

    Instead of making tethers more of a permanent build lifeline, can you make them where they are a temporary refill? That way you carry so many with you like a stim pack that gives you full oxygen, and/or power. They would be a one time use, and may help with memory clutter that the lifeline system seems to be experiencing.
  13. KP McGee

    Give me a compass

    Yo this game is fun and i am dying to see the other planets. Super peaved that both shuttles i have built can not fly off this starter planet even though i have filled them with purple drank. But the biggest problem i have is that there is NO COMPASS in this game. I could find my way around so much easier with any sort of compass just literally ANYTHING telling me a static direction. Instead i have been driving this truck and rover combo around this retarded planet for 4 hours looking for my home. Wow 4 hours what a noob. No you sister slamming jabroni, I'm not a noob. When i drive away from my base and the sun is rising to my right i know i'm going north. So to get home i either go south or so far north i lap the world and see my base... seems simple doesn't it? Would be if the sun rises in the same forking direction everytime. To make matters even worse getting disconnected or the server drops, the game crashing or whatever the issue is EVERY 30-45 minutes! You have to be kidding me right?!? No i'm not. How in the hell am i suppose to find my way home if i am constantly being disconnected and resuming in random spots where i got in and out of my truck. Give me a COMPASS and all of this cockameymie nonsense could be avoided. Granted all of this could have been avoided if i deleted the save and started over. Would be exactly where i was by now. But it's the principal of the matter at this point. While typing this entire thing out i have noticed the sun has risen in 3 totally different directions and i haven't crashed once while not moving. I know the second i take off and get halfway into the sunset i'll crash again and this just infuriates me. So one more time on an absolutely needed idea/ suggestion hows about a COMPASS. Otherwise i'm gonna have to break out a paper and pen and map this world out by hand. Ragin
  14. Hello I'm having random crashes , patches of terrain where I fall in but there is no hole? , vehicles will randomly disappear from my space station when I turn around , game will not save previous data , but will save the empty resources spots where I previously grabbed resources on my last save, and random freezing where I can do nothing as the system freezes and loops that awful skipping sound , anyone else experiencing this (XBOX ONE S) or only me ?? I've lost out on a lot of saves (lost data) , many rare resources , and lots of valuable building time and effort ... UPDATE 1/26/17 : both profile saves that I had (2) have dissapeared! Both profiles that I had saved with much time and effort involved and put forth , have been lost? Turned my system on to play and yes both profile saves have magically disappeared/deleted anyone else experience this problem ? How can this issue be fixed?
  15. Exile Child


    So I've noticed that the XBOX ONE Astroneer Game Preview crashes a lot when you have lets say 3 or more vehicles, or just 4 players. The game needs to be updated to where it can handle its own components if possible. The PC game works just fine so far.
  16. cheesemak

    Xbox 1

    Xbox 1 FPS is getting really bad. have played about 15 hrs . Even if I close the game and restart slow. also as on Friday 1/20/17 the game is crashing and making really loud noises. Really like game but getting frustrated.
  17. I am playing on an Xbox One (with a controller). There is a [beneficial] bug right now where you can still grab items (Right Trigger) while you are dying. When you respawn, you are still holding this item. This is a beneficial bug to the user, but it should still be excluded from any further versions, as it makes for an easy way to grab 'hard-to-get' research items. A few other bugs we have found in the game: - After dying from falling, you seem to respawn falling again, which results in two deaths (back to back). This is no good for a few reasons, but the main one that I have found is that your first death marker disappears, so you lose the location of where you dropped your backpack. - Landing 2 spaceships on the same bubble/location on a planet results in them landing on top of each other. When this happens, you cannot build out an extension because it always wants to point back to the other ship (which is sitting in the same footprint as the other one). I think that the game should prohibit you from landing 2 ships in the same bubble when visiting a new planet. Also, when coming back home, the ship should remember where it was launched from, and return to that bay. - Winch: I am sure you had a lot of complaints about the winch. The elasticity of the extension causes issues, and I have also had instances of multiple (10+) winch extensions existing, and locking on to different items (typically the ground). There doesn't seem to be a way to clear out your grasp on these glitches winch extensions, from what I have seen. - Vehicles and structures seem to randomly disappear on the client side (non-hosts) sometimes. Same with altered terrain. - Not really a bug, but something to report/suggest: I think that the trading post and fuel center need to be re-thought. There will be a lot of abuse as far as creating bunch of fuel (for free) and trading it for rare/super rare material. - Sometimes the storage lays flat when attached to a structure, and sometimes it stands up. This should be fixed to either stay flat or lay down... not both. - The vehicles seem to be too light. They need some weight to them. On the home planet, they act as if there is no gravity with their movement. Also, the astroneer seems to be just as fast as the vehicles. I think that either (a) sprint should be limited/lessened with the astroneer, or (b) the vehicles should move a little faster (+0.25% would be fine). Just fast enough to make it beneficial to explore in a vehicle. That being said, I thoroughly enjoy the game and I really cannot wait until we start seeing more updates for this. Please keep at it!!
  18. brandon mcdonald

    Cant join friends

    When I join a friends the game crashes when a friend tries to join me he goes back to the main menu
  19. Luis Javier Alvarez Santoyo

    FRAME RATE PROBLEM and Backpack

    The frame rate satrts getting slower, at first everything runs perfectly but after a while is starts getting slow, it crashes, while saving the game just stops. It´s a good game but it has a lot of prblems with the frame rate.
  20. Some bugs I have dealt with which is on the xbox one version is when I am doing multiplayer with 2 players is I only get about ten frames per seconed. With 3 players my frames go down to about 4 frames a seconed, and four it cant even handle and results in a crash. Also one of my friends nobody can join for some reasons. Also every once in a while a crash happens when I get in a vehicle. One more bug is my vehicles keep going threw the ground except the shuttle. Right now it is some where in the ground. If you fix these problems and add some more stuff this will be the best game ever!
  21. Just an idea for we bug reporters: can someone compile a list of known bugs so when we check before posting our particular issue? I've seen loads of people posting about falling through the terrain, half empty stacks stuck in inventory, flying trucks, etc. Many games in alpha does that and I think it really helps to prevent less repeated posts. Example: bug: item is stuck on backpack, storage cause: after drilling, half finished stacks will get stuck wherever they get in reproductible: yes workaround: none
  22. FireDemon

    Bug listing

    The following list describes the bugs and glitches me and my friend have encountered in our co-op world. Between the chunck borders the ground is tearing appart. When exiting a truck (with 2 extra attached explorers) the truck launched into the air and got stuck floating their and still is there to date. When spawning, my friend spawned through the planet and fell into a cave. When exiting our other truck, both him and the truck we're glitched underground in a cave. When leaving the planet with either a shuttle and spaceship the craft landed in space, he could take off but nothing happened. When trying to exit the craft from space it crashed both our games. Keystrokes don't register almost the whole time for me, I have to press 'A' or 'E' at least 5+ times to enter my backpack or start mining. Also a remark on the game; After some time very bad fps for the both of us, especially me as host. I'm getting around 20fps now when close to my base and 30fps outside of it. At the start of the new world I got 60fps stable and now not anymore. (I'm running with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, 4th Gen Quad Core i7 equiped with 16GB of RAM on my gaming laptop, wich handles high end games no problem, except for this one) I know that in the early alpha state most of these things aren't gonna get fixed quick but the listing above is a real problem, especially the low fps makes the game hard to play. I really love this game but this needs to be adressed and fixed before planning on adding so many new things. "You can't build a house, if you're ground isn't stable."
  23. (This is all from Xbox One Gameplay while in Co-op) - When digging out the large crashed rubble of space junk it starts freaking out all over the place in the middle of the air. - Cursor not showing up properly in the backpack, only when at specific camera angle it will show up. - Game Crashes when the host leaves. - While in a cave deep under ground during a storm the character acts as if he is on the surface. (Slow walking, hunched over) - When the game crashes and you load back into the world, backpack items are floating in the air as well as items on the players backpacks are floating behind them a few feet. Other than that we haven't really ran into anything else. Keep up the awesome work you guys! Really excited where this game will go
  24. Hello System Era and other Astroneers! My friend and I recently picked this game up and we were instantly hooked. We spent a lot of time playing the game and then, having encountered a lot of wonky issues, we decided to try to break it! I was hosting on my PC on the Steam version of the game. The client is also my roommate and we're on a LAN connection. My specs are: CPU: Intel 4690k OC'd to 4.4GHz GPU: AMD Radeon Fury X RAM: 16 GB Game installed on an SSD (Client's system is nearly identical) Our findings are as follows: Trucks/rovers act erratically Once a truck has been equipped with a Storage or a Crane, the truck seems to randomly decide to fly off into space or into the core of the planet Trucks not equipped with Storage or Crane can be linked up to 3 before any performance impact is found (minor stuttering) but linking up 4 will inflict long stutters and freezing on the host. Client is visually unaffected by the host stuttering but the game does not update for them until the host is finished stuttering. During stutters, GPU and CPU usage drops way down (GPU to 0, CPU to 30% on all cores - game normally runs at 100% GPU and 70-90% CPU). Rovers can be linked up to 6 before any performance impact is found. 7th linked rover causes very long freezing and stuttering (this disconnected the client). Once client was disconnected, host recovered and performance impact was minimal. Main steps to reproduce are to be in a multiplayer game and link up as many trucks/rovers as possible until performance issues are encountered. Rovers seem to work a lot better and more reliably than trucks on a purely technical level. There seems to be some sort of weight system for the vehicles? Placing research on trucks seems to cause some strange issues like them flying off into space. It almost seems like the weight of the research pushes them into the ground, causing collision issues. Tethers cause extreme performance impact on the host's system once enough are placed. Unsure of the exact amount, but after a couple hours of cave exploring my FPS had dropped from a solid 62 to less than 30. Another hour and it was down to a constant 11 FPS. Nodes created by expanding the base with Resin seem to cause similar performance impact once enough are created. Again, unsure of the exact amount needed before any performance impact. The game seems to crash for both host and client completely randomly. I've not been able to find a common connection between any of the crashes. Sometimes the client will crash and then shortly after the host will crash. Or the host will crash out of nowhere. I've been sure to send the crash log every time. I may think of some other things we found, but this is it for now. Thanks for making a great game and I can't wait to see these bugs squashed and the game improved!