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Found 100 results

  1. More Crane Modules Pretty Self-Explanatory A Claw, An item scanner, a terrain builder Let me Know your Ideas in the comments
  2. I made a truck and placed a 1-seat, winch and crane on it. When I went to drive the truck, it immediately does a front flip and ejects me from the drivers seat. This occurs every time. I can get into the crane operators seat and operate the crane fine. I also cannot remove the 1-seat module.
  3. I have been testing the crane and after searching the forum I don't see a post regarding this. I haven't been able to catch what it is that causes this to happen yet but here is a video of a couple times where the crane destroys the resources I am mining. I am still trying to find a consistent way to duplicate this. At first I just thought that the resources were being mushed from the angle of the crane in relation to the trailer I was pulling but it happened even when I detached the trailer as well. It almost seems like as you mine sometimes you start to pick up different things at the same time, usually when mining ore for example there are plants that give you power or oxygen on the ground by the node and you pick up some of that but not enough to make a full container so as you continue to mine things it builds up and over time it spews it all out? That's a far fetched guess but that is all I have on how to duplicate that. Also I wish that the resources mined would automatically go into an open slot of the trailer instead of just shooting it out of the crane and unto the ground.
  4. A new item that can be attached to the front or back of a truck (both if you have two) that when activated lowers down to lift the wheels off the ground an prevents you from sliding. Especially useful when using the crane so you don't slide away from, or worse, into whatever hole you are digging. You see these IRL on heavy equipment such as backhoes. Crafting can be similar to the winch, perhaps use iron instead of or in combination with titanium.
  5. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  6. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  7. SLOlizardMAN27

    Immovable shuttles and cranes

    Build a shuttle, explored a new planet, and came back and the shuttle will not move ever from my vehicle bay and I wanted to make a crane so I built one and it build right on top of the shuttle so I explore a new planet and come back and the crane is gone. I cant move the shuttle anyways so I built a new vehicle bay and it has no blueprint for a crane.
  8. Manosman


    Can anyone get the crane to properly work and what is it for if we have a terrain molding tool anyways?
  9. So first idk if this has been brought up before or not but I couldnt find in recent stuff. When I was mining with a rover with a crane on it and the drill head attached. It mined perfectly but when I went back to fill the hole so I dont fall in it. The hole would only fill the sides and not the middle. Might be a bug idk. Thanks for your time.
  10. Made a shuttle in the vehicle bay, then after making a single seat made a crane as well to go on top. Crane did not attach properly and could not move from the shuttle (was sat at a weird angle). Launched into the atmosphere and the crane flew off somewhere never to be seen again (quite a site!) Would suggest removing crane from the crafting options on the shuttle until fixed unless this is a single case issue. Have not attempted to replicate the issue.
  11. mouse/keyboard, steam. I put a seat on the arm of the crane, and found when I got in, the crane's arm extended and I was able to control the crane.
  12. Sad Brother

    Crane ideas

    I think Crane should behave differently, based on connected tool: 1.Bore (as now) - touch pointed surface, Left Click to activate; 2.Winch - hold it at highest position above pointed, Left Click to lift, Right Click to lower, Space to attach/detach; 3.Solar,Wind,Seat - farthest position in pointed direction or just highest position available; (to get energy or view around) 4.Empty - try to attach pointed double-slot-object. 5. Thruster - hold it, directed at pointed direction (?) , use Shift to start applying "wind" force to any object and Crane itself. (anything more useful here?); 6. ...
  13. During my trip around the world (see this post for its final fate ) I came across a situation where the crane/drillhead behaved completely unexpectedly. I was drilling a compound deposit in a mountain side that had organics on the outside and (as I noticed during drilling) a tunnel running on the inside with energy deposits along the "outer" tunnel wall. The drillhead could not decide what it was supposed to be producing and constantly dropped partial resource bits onto the ground. Of those bits, I could touch/move the energy bits (though they were unusable), the compound & organics bits were non-interactable. See screenshot 1 & screenshot 2 for an illustration of the problem. Seems with three resources and only two output slots the crane constantly tries to free up one slots for the freshest drilled resource, and mostly never has time to grab a full stack.
  14. My brother and I are really liking this game, however there are a few things that has come to our attention. The joining player cannot easily use vehicles, specifically trucks. If you hit a minor bump in the road it flies off into space every once in awhile. Also multiplayer has an issue with keeping in sync on other planets. This was exacerbated after the recent patch or after James joined my game in progress it is hard to tell. This last bug occurs in single player as well . Sometimes after using the crane to mine it creates partial resources which cannot be easily dealt with. If it gets into your inventory you have to go to printer or something that uses the resource and shift click it in there. Then when you make it so that it switches to another print design the resource has nowhere to go and flies off onto the ground. There is no other way to get it out of your inventory.
  15. Some lights for operating crane/drill head. I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!! P.S excellent work with the game, i am addicted... seriously.... need to start holding meetings....
  16. LifetSavert911

    My Crane Is Stuck!

    I am new to the game so I did something to see what would happen. I created a shuttle and then tried to create a crane. After I created the crane, it was having collision issues. I took of the habitat and the crane fell off the shuttle. Now, the crane is in the ground upside down next to my vehicle bay. There is a tether attachment like for vehicles or the habitat and I can use this. I cannot get my crane out of the ground and therefore cannot use it. Any way to fix this? If not, at least it will be a known bug. Thank you.
  17. I built a truck with a crane on the back and added a one-seat and storage to the front. I proceeded to mine some copper (malachite). The copper ore filled the two slots on the crane and then put one on the storage. I went to retrieve the copper ore from storage but was unable to retrieve it. No matter what I did or tried, I could not select the copper to remove it. Any attempt to try to retrieve it only selected the entire storage.
  18. WhiteChocolate

    Partially formed resource nodes

    While using the crane with drill on a truck with a driver seat and a storage unit, if a given resource doesn't fill a full 'node' it then seems to become stale or otherwise waiting for more of that type of resource whereby if you are harvesting two or more resource types but only have one slot left open, one of the partially formed nodes will be ejected from crane and then become un-usable. It was shortly after this happened that I noticed I had a partial node of composite on my backpack that I could not remove and could not replace with a full composite node rendering me unable to print anything requiring composite. Windows Steam client, mouse+keyboard
  19. Ever since my friends introduced me to this game I have been almost addicted to it, Astroneer is almost what I would call a masterpiece. Since this title is so good, it feels like a shame that I have to point this out. There are still a good amount of glitches, which is totally acceptable because it is still in an alpha faze. The main glitch that I have found is that whenever a non-host person spawns into the game, they will sometimes fall through the ground. This is not a huge problem since it doesn't break the game but it can be annoying. Traveling to another planet can also have the same results with some people. Everyone who is not the driver of a vehicle will see the vehicle glitch around instead of driving smoothly, also the crane will cause sever glitches for all non-host players. The frame rate can slightly decrease for the host player once other players load in or there is a certain amount of progress made in the game.
  20. Hi I had built a shuttle, but didn't know what to do with it so I didn't try it out immediately. Later, I discovered the technology for a crane and was curious what the crane would be good for. SO I built a crane, which was kinda built on top or inside the shuttle. Hoping to get rid of this problem, I got in the shuttle (it was the only option I had) and took off. However, the crane was kinda stuck on my shuttle, but "fell off" during take off. I tried to find the crane, but there was no indicator around my base, so either it completely vanished, or it was too distant. It's a pity, because afterwards I could not build another crane, for whatever reason Maybe there should either be a failsafe that does not allow us to build any kind of vehicle while there is another one "docked" at the vehicle bay, or make it so that the "old" vehicle gets moved when building a new one.
  21. Cranes seem to cause an issue with resource stacking. When you are mining a material with a drill head the resource begins stacking on an available storage spot, once the stack is full it moves on. In most cases this is fine. However, in cases with stacks not being completed, due to lack of resource to mine, the stack remains on the spot and can't be moved or removed causing issues with losing spots to store items
  22. These were all on terran unless stated. patch When hooking up a train of rovers (in this case 3 with cabins on the ends and 1 big solar panel and 1 big windvane on the outer cars), performance gets .5 second hickups every 3 seconds I felt a clear performance drop from around 60 to 20 when at the same time I saw either the tundra planet very close, or a quarter slice of terran itself maybe (known bug) When you put a thether in the backpack by clicking on the dude, it dissapears Vehicals cannot drive on the moon (barren) bcs low grav.. Maybe intentional. But truck just bounces and saltos. Crane can be built without a vehical present. It then just sits there. You cant pick it up but you can bump it with terrain or a vehical. When smelter doesn't have enough free slots (max 5), it destroys your thing. I managed to 'lock' the trade platform. I had it filled up with 'natural'. I think I logged out while it was in the air. Result is I couldn't click the things in it and launch button was missing. You can see the tooltips for things on other planets flying in the sky of the planet you are on. Planets don't seem to orbit the sun, but sortof float around randomly instead. Maybe intentional. With a lot of changes to a planet and/or a lot of tethers, things just freak out. I made a 'stairway to heaven' of about 50 tethers long with a habitat on top. Saved it. Came back: floating habitat with a long string of tethers but none of the changes I made were visible. Also couldn't exit habitat with TAB rendering this savegame useless. (which is fine, my new base is better) I'm currently in a 'seed' where I seem to have twice as much resources as in the previous one, but hardly any copper and no lithium. I did found a cave the size of a small country filled with compound though. PS : thanks for this awesome game!
  23. Admir1 Nelson

    Crane/Drill improvement

    So I had to build a crane to see how it works and what sort of things you can do with it. As far as I can tell. It's useless. I can mine faster using my terrain tool then with that. My idea for the crane with the drill bit is that it pulls what ever your mining, compound, resin etc. straight out the whole vain. So instead of destroying the whole wall, floor, ceiling You would just punch a whole and mine it all front that pocket. Obviously it couldn't be instantaneous but if it's not faster then what's the point?
  24. theR3volution

    Crane Attachment To Rover

    If I move my existing rover with 1-Seat under the vehicle bay, I get the option to add the crane. If flips the arm of the vehicle bay printer over and attempts to place the crane on the rover without success and drops it on the ground where I can no longer move it.
  25. From my understanding, the two storage slots on the side of the crane/drill setup are supposed to act like our terrain tool. Meaning: they aren't usable storage but instead a visual hint of what ore was previously/is currently being mined or something along those lines. That said, you shouldn't be able to manipulate that stack until it's complete or not interact with it at all, and recently mined ore would go to that spot before "switching" to a empty storage slot upon competition. The bug in question happens when you have empty extra crafted storage attached to the same truck/rover the crane is currently on, and is about to mine something for the first time. Instead of filling that side slot on the crane first, it instantly takes a slot on the 3D printed storage and therefore "stucks" there if left incomplete. Not only that, but attempting to use it on a smelter (by moving the 3D printed storage to the smelter station) will then either create an incomplete smelted ingot, which is also unmovable, or stuck the incomplete ore on the smelting interface. Img 1: incomplete stack of copper "stuck" on crafted storage Img 2: proof side-storage slots are working fine Img 3: half smelted aluminum stuck on storage; incomplete stack of copper stuck on smelter. Playing on steam live patch