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Found 44 results

  1. I know that Astroneer has Controller Support, but does it work with a PS4 controller?
  2. My friend and I are really big fans of the game. Yesterday we were talking about how to improve the construction tool in order to make it more flexible. For example, colons. - Select the angle you want to start to build. When holding control key you can select a plain but sometimes you want the perfect plain and it spent a lot of time to find it. - Build direction. Building structures are forced to move our little astronaut to change the view. I want to build horizontally without moving my character. - Functionality. Is not easier to make some kinds of shapes like specially curves. Imagine you can select different tools to build different kind of shapes with it. - Flexibility. Obviously having a pointing controller/device allows you to control much better your creative skills. that's why we use drawing tablet systems. - Immersion. To feel like ur grabbing a real vacuum pistol. Should be amazing tho. Wii Motion Plus Controller is the solution. I've used it before on the PC like a mouse but never tried with the motion functionality. It belongs to Nintendo, yeah. But the idea is great no? let me know ^_^ please.
  3. First, thank you for reading this post and i'll try to be as concise as possible. I play on the steam version of this game on pc. My main control system is a wired xbox 360 controller. i have 3 that all work with all my other games and work with astroneer to an extent. I have noticed that occasionally my player will stop being allowed to move forward during normal gameplay (i haven't discovered any particular event that triggers this). My player can still move side to side. If i back off of the left stick and then reapply he will gain the ability to move forward again but only for a short while. I love this game so much that when i play i simply tap the stick forward and then let off and so on to get to that next resource but its cumbersome and takes some of the enjoyment out. If you have any questions for me regarding this bug please let me know. I havent been able to find anything online about other people suffering from this issue which worries me slightly. Hope its resolved in future updates. Thank you devs for being so active and making such a beautiful wallpaper generator
  4. Hints/useful features for Console/Controller fans that you might not know: Pressing "X" on your controller while you pick something up ("Right Trigger") acts like Shift Click, it's just as useful as the keyboard shortcut. Pressing the "Right Stick" will toggle between 3 zoom settings. Useful if you need to zoom out to push the "take-off" button on shuttles or spaceships and for keeping the camera close in tight caves All findings tested on both Xbox One and Xbox One controller on Windows Store-PC version.
  5. Its get very squirrely carrying a research item with the xbox one controller on PC. Please make this better. Really hard to control.
  6. First off I love this game and I am having a blast with it. My idea is just an improvement to the use of the camera with the controller. I bought the game on Xbox one and am also playing on pc, but with each system I'm playing with an Xbox one controller. I use an inverted camera on the right stick. and for the most part the settings in game work fine for me. However, when you hold the left trigger down to activate cursor mode when navigating the backpack or selecting something in the environment, the use of the right stick goes back to the default settings while the trigger is being held. (i.e.. up is up and down is down) Now I honestly don't mind it when it does this, because in my head the cursor becomes a mouse cursor and it works well. Where my problem comes from is when you have the deformation tool out and you hold down the left trigger to zoom in and do a little fine tuning with the tool, the camera stays inverted. I know this is a weird gripe but I do so much management with the backpack and selecting items with it, that it feels proper that the left trigger should always restore the orientation of the cursor to default even when the tool is out. Basically I think that when you hold down the left trigger on the controller the setting for the right stick should be universally applied throughout. Thanks tldr: The left trigger on the controller should always restore the orientation of the right stick to default (up is up and down is down) no matter what tools are being used or not by the character.
  7. I've noticed that the game is somehow tied to 62Hz. Whenever you play with KB/M, the frame rate fluctuates tremendously, but using a console controller smooths the rate to 62. So I decided to start playing with a controller (PS4 remote with Input Mapper software). Anyhoo, while I started complaining about the degree of muscle control needed to simultaneously use the analog R2 trigger and aim with the analog R3 stick when farming terrain, I noticed that the Circle button (B on Xbone) is unused during gameplay. So I bring forth an interesting question in the title of this post. My knee-jerk response for what B should do is help with camera reposition while using the Terrain Tool. I hate having to put away the tool to reposition my camera. An idea would be to make the B button as a variable use button, so every action in-game has its own purpose for B. In this case, B for repositioning the camera only while Terrain Tool is active. What are your thoughts on what B should be used for? P.S. It would be nice to have native support for multiple brand controllers, Devs. Thanks for your wonderful game. I hope it gets better as it ages.
  8. StifflerXIII

    Xbox One Controller Issue?

    So when i try to play on my xbox with my wireless (and my brand new controller that i just got for xmas) it seems to have a dead zone. I'll push all the way froward on either stick and it will just stop. BUT when i play with my 3rd party AfterGlow Controller it is totally fine. I don't get it, did some poking around and didnt turn up anything. Can anyone help?
  9. First.It's a good start, has a lot of potential, keep it up guys! I've tested the game with Steam Controller. Switching to controller should hide mouse-"point"-cursor. Now it's always on the screen. When you switch to selection, selection circle "cursor" when quit selection, remains on ground texture. Navigating menus with controller is impossible. Main menu element selectable, but cannot select sub-menus, buttons, switchboxes, textboxes, sliders, etc. On start screen, on astronaut selector, you can select with DPad only. It should left joy (and pad too, if it must for you devs ) When you pick up an object for researching, it's ok that object is feel like if it was heavy, and character moves will be much slower. This is ok. But movement with picked items is awful. It should be like character "towing" the object, when you start walking (what is most awful that turning is disabled when having an object) your character should walking forward, and camera should getting behind astronaut (like right now, it's ok) BUT then after a short while, picked researchable object should follow astronaut character, if you don't move the object. (mouse or right joy on controller) So object should "follow" the path astronaut walked on with a short distance. (if you not move the object). When object doesn't attached anything on, just "dropped at ground", when start walking again, object should get behind astronaut and comes up the "towing" behavior as described. Hope you understand. So in sum up: character movements should not change when you pick up an object (except weight modifier), and object should follow astronaut in the air at about "head's height".
  10. Xbox one controller on PC (using xbox one dongle, not bluetooth version), if it times out during game, can't reconnect it. It just flashes, have to exit game to reconnect controller then get back it. Xbox one controller, if you set it down for a few minutes of non-activity it will timeout to save power, but it won't reconnect during the game after it powers-down.
  11. When i play i like to play with invert controls. Only when i aim with LT will this work now. If i only use Right thumb control it does not. Plus when i try to look around with the right thumb stick only, there is like 2 second delay before it moves. Plus the cursor gets stuck on the ground all the time now. I have tried to switch on/off invert controls but Nothing helps.
  12. Research items are very difficult to move with the xbox joystick controller (on pc). Also when holding a research item, movement is impaired, such as can't climb as easily.
  13. XBox One: 0.2.10109.0 While using the controller, 1. Press the system menu button. 2. Use the controller d-pad or LS to navigate the cursor off of RESUME, then try to navigate back.
  14. Christian011969

    XBOX One controller handling

    first: the manual of the buttons is missing, after pushing "controller" in option menu I get the PC explanation. second: When pushing X-Button for mining-tool the fps decrease, and the controlling of the tool is very slow and complex. I saw the mining-tool working on PC version, here the the tool works exzellent. third: Where is the button for speed-running? I have only normal speed for running. On PC you can run very fast.
  15. AlwaysStoned954

    Console Players

    HELLO EVERYONE, I hope everyone is good. I first wanna start with saying thanks to System Era for creating such and interesting game for us to play! Big ups gentlemen and can't wait to see what coming. I made this topic to serve 1 purpose and that's to have a place where all us console gamers can have a place to discuss our problems, issues, share pictures and videos and jus to communicate openly about astroneer on console. I love this game and everything about it but with new games of course comes problems. I want us to use this forum for us and also the astroneer developers to be able to see our good and bad things that are going on with astroneer. I can see PC and Console are a little different with some of the bugs so injus wanted a place to separate them. Hope you guys enjoy the forum, make new friends and together make this game great!
  16. i Adapt therefore i am

    Mouse Cursor affecting controller game play

    Mouse cursor dot still active when using controller, so if the white dot is near the edge it constantly spins the camera even when your using a controller
  17. Ri99erz

    Xbox bug list

    Firstly, let me say I got the game yesterday and haven't enjoyed anything this much in a long time. Good work so far! I played the game for several hours in both single and multiplayer on the Xbox with both parties using the controller. A few issues that we came across: In multiplayer only the host can place working tethers. The second player can place them but they will not connect to base or existing tethers. Limits co-op play considerably. There are a lot of texture joining issues on the planet surface which allow in some cases the player to drop through or get stuck. Tether lines tend to break randomly after extending for a distance. The host has cursor control issues when in multiplayer trying to access inventory. (Fixed by holding LT to zoom/target initially before accessing backpack) Building terrain underneath your character often causes you to fall through it, especially if you collide with something above as you rise. Attempting to build a storage unit in the vehicle bay crashes the game. Loading a save game places your inventory items floating behind your backpack. Pickup and replace fixes. Massive FPS spikes seem to be caused by the camera trying to pan through terrain if you turn with the camera in a confined space. There is no way of deleting individual save games on the Xbox, and it's too easy to create a new launch by accident if you are scrolling through the pods. (Once the option of left disappears the focus automatically switches to launch so one extra button press...) When you die sometimes you respawn below the planet surface. Adding terrain beneath or near to your collected items will also cause them to drop through the surface. I know some of these issues are reported elsewhere but I thought I'd list all of the initial finds I came across in one post for convenience. Looking forward to the updates and to see what direction this game goes in! Ri99erz.
  18. UzuSue

    Inverted Y-axis

    When loading an old save the Y-Axis is back on normal, when I would like it to stay on the option I had selected previosly
  19. WeizenPacoV2

    Some Bugs I found so far

    So, first off, great Game! secondly, i bought this game for coop, and this is when the bugs i found occur. When youre the host, then your cursor disappears the moment your client joins the game, which makes the inventory management harder. Then, after a few structures have been built (like about half an hour play time), the hosts fps are dropping like crazy, going so far that you don´t have any moving pictures for a few seconds. then, lastly, a little bug that only happens as a client, you can´t correctly place any tethers, meaning you can put them down, but they won´t get a connection to other tethers or your home base. If you can fix these bugs, than it´s an awesome game, great work devs!