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Found 19 results

  1. Astroneer Backup Hi everyone! I decided to make this backup tool for Astroneer after seeing all the posts about corrupted or unplayable saves, which I've also dealt with. I'm still new to development, so this is by far the biggest project I've worked on. Let me know what you think, and feel free to provide any constructive criticisms or bug reports. Download Astroneer Backup Version 1.2 EXE Clean Scan PS1 Clean Scan Made by Xech Written for Astroneer on Steam - Authored April 2019 What does this do? This tool backs up Astroneer saves while Ast
  2. Hey folks! If you are looking for a chill group of pll to chat with, help or get helped, or just share screen shots of the stuff you are proud of then come on in! We currently have open recruitment and if you are 18+ and love gamin astroneer this is a great spot. Really happy with the small group that has come together already and we have saved ourselves a lot of time by sharing info with each other. We are now on discord so follow the link to check us out!
  3. Astro can be very solo, but sometimes we dream big and a few extra hands turn a grind into a quick reality. When the idea pops into your head to try and build a ramp between terra and barren (not actually possible) or to erase barren from existence altogether you might find it slow going. That's the idea of making the EASY clan for astroneer. Those of us who love this game REALLY love this game but end game content can be a bit non-existent. I have run clans before and I thought maybe we could keep things fresh with some clan activites once we grind out a few sweet bases and are looking f
  4. Hey folks! So we picked up a few members from the last post and it has been great being able to chat directly with folks who are working on the same things as you and sharing anything we figure out along the way. There is a lot left to finish and a few things left to figure out but it sure speeds it up when you can get answers live. A lot of folks like to run astro solo, as i do unless someone needs direct help, but one of my favourite things is sharing pics and clips of what i am up to in game and seeing other folks stuff. We use an app called BAND to chat outside of the game,
  5. Hey folks! If you are getting geared up for astroneer and are looking for a more relaxed and Live environment, it is here! The forums here are amazing and very well organized and i could never try to replace them, so i am not! The astroneer BAND is more of a place to just have casual chats with fellow astroneers, make some consistent friends, and ask for advice or explanations about playing the game or stepping it up a notch to make something fancy. I have been playing astroneer over 2 years now and have done all the regular advanced stuff like fully functioning bases on every plane
  6. Hello there good sirs and madams, im called Jack. And me and friend of my recently got into the Astroneer and are always looking for more bro-quality people to join. i currently have a kindred server, i made it for me and my friends that i met over the years thru dota and warframe and such, direct invites only no public joining, they are all people i befriended first then added so no one is flammable :DD Anyway, please do join, afraid i cannot bake cookies, but we do have kebabs!
  7. This a thread made for those who want to voice things they'd like to be added to the game. people should freely voice their opinion whilst being humble and understanding. Post how you feel about the game and what you'd like to see as a players. additionally sate what you like about the game and possible improvements needed. you can also state which platform you're on and how ypu've found you experience so far. DO NOT give out any personal details such as your real name, location and so forth.
  8. Howdy! It would be really neat if we could have a custom flag in game. Many games have done this in the past. Either as a game feature or a Mod function. A simple graphic added to a directory in game or uploaded to the game itself. Have a specific format and size as requirements. The flag could have a designated spot on the buggy/ships/base/suit. By default there could be some basic or simple flags. Not sure how easy it would be to get it to work multiplayer, but that would be cool. An ability to "plant" the flag would also be super sweet (think I saw we could, but may have be
  9. I rarely play games in anything but English (because quality of Russian localization tends to be abysmal), but since Astroneer decided to launch in Russian the first time around that poor excuse of a machine translation has been nagging me, begging to be fixed. So, community-sourced translation. Usually it's done as such: developers create a project on github, upload original strings file and an example of a translated strings file, list languages they're interested in (via folder structure or creating blank files) and assign a couple volunteer moderators per language. After that things p
  10. Hello all! I made this thread for players to exchange ideas for other players to do! This thread isn't for coming up with and sharing gameplay ideas that you would wan't the devs to implement. This thread is so players will always have something to try when they load into the game. An example of the kind of ideas I'm speaking about is like the giant interplanetary bridge some people have created. The bridge is just a man made growth that extends into space that you can travel on. If the thread doesn't die, which it has a huge chance of doing, you can come here for fun gameplay idea
  11. Check out this facebook page for astroneer. All are welcome!
  12. WELCOME I Decided to do a Giveaway Since I have been Addicted to this Game, 1 Copy 1 Winner, Please Do NOT enter the Giveaway if YOU already OWN the game, AS IT IS AGAINS'T The RULES AND TERMS of the Website! If you are trying to join it and Win it for a Friend Encourage them to Enter And Register Them Self!
  13. Everyone knows that series of balls that gives you a couple of items, or the space wreck . Well if you need a place to store something out side your normal base area , you can park say tethers , a solar panel maby some compound or filters out there in case you are running low and out that way. Winds won't blow them away and you usally can see them from a distance. At the enterance to a cave park some of the same things in a small cave house with a beacon on it.
  14. Everyone knows that series of balls that gives you a couple of items, or the space wreck . Well if you need a place to store something out side your normal base area , you can park say tethers , a solar panel maby some compound or filters out there in case you are running low and out that way. Winds won't blow them away and you usally can see them from a distance. At the enterance to a cave park some of the same things in a small cave house with a beacon on it.
  15. Hey guys, me and some fellow players started a new community in the Community type app: Amino, so we created the Astroneer Amino! If you want to check it out, click here>> . This will be a place where players can come and share the experiences and interact more! We will be making events, post helpful content and much more Thanks for your attention!
  16. Hey all! Just saying Hi to all my fellow Astroneers! Super excited to see this community grow as the game develops. Been lurking on the forums waiting for them to go live. Hope everyone has managed to get through the week without going crazy waiting for release day! What are you plans once you get the game? I myself am buying 4 copies and will be gifting 3 to my friends. I know we will be playing all weekend, hopefully we can rush the tech tree by Sunday!
  17. So, what do you think? Of the game as a whole so far? Putting some of the more critical bugs aside, how has everyone's experience been so far? Having a blast? Are you liking the art style? I am just curious to what other people are feeling about Astroneers. I personally adore this game already. As of launch it is buggy, but the content so far is very solid. The art style is out of this world! Pun intended! So, what do YOU think?
  18. After looking around for a while, I dont think anyone has yet to make a discord server for this game, so i decided to do just that. It can server as a good place to show people your planet, showcase your bases, share ideas and tips and more. Here is the Link: (Note that the server isnt an official server by System Era, but fanmade) For people that are new to Discord: "Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. Discord was born out of our own frustrations with the voice and chat tools we all use while playing games. It’
  19. Above is a link to our facebook community! I hope you guys join :-)