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Found 2 results

  1. I've been thinking about this idea for a while and thought i could share it to get some opinions and/or other similar suggestions. Whilst traveling to Glacio an idea popped into my head: Why not add comets into the game? Here's how this could work: One or multiple comets of different shapes and sizes which would visit the star system on a fixed schedule (preferably every 3+ Sylva days) These would then result in occasional meteor showers in different parts of nearby planets Of these meteor showers there would be a fairly rare chance of one of them managing to make it to the surface as meteorites (otherwise, it would be a cool light show!) The meteorites that crash would be researchable or contain valuable materials (e.g. Silicon, Iron... You get the idea.) You might be thinking, "What if the meteorites fell on my base?" or "What if these comets impacted the planet?!" or something related. Perhaps they could add meteor shields to prevent this from happening? Or they could program the comets to not impact the planets? I don't know. At this point i'm just looking for some ideas and/or opinions. Looking forward to this being added to the game sometime in the near future.
  2. Hello! I have some small ideas for the game that are really cool. 1. Wind Turbines should be at full capacity during a storm. Seems illogical to me to not have any wind during a storm.. right? 2. Interstellar travel. travel to other stars, discover new types of planets and you will be able to choose your star with.. 3. The Observatory you could build an observatory to observe other solar systems, and gain knowledge about them so how do we use the knowledge about other solar systems??.. 4. The Spaceship (idk find a cool name) When building it, it will be placed in orbit of your current planet, and when you wish to go to another solar system, go on to the spaceship and choose your observed solar system. (much like the shuttle but with the observatory) you can always go back if you wish. 5. Add Types of Sun Add red giants, add white dwarfs, add all the stars you could ever know. 6. Add Space Stations It will be nice to add space stations and observe other planets of the current solar system. and find out diffirent things about that planet! (Hostility, Storms , Minerals , and other stuff such as....) 7. Soil Density this will get annoying on some planets, the soil could be denser, harder to mine, you get more soil, but you mine slower. 8. Space Elevator it could be cool to build a space elevator to space stations. and could be a must for the spaceship. 9. Asteroid Belts and Comets. There should be asteroid belts with asteroids (duuh) with different minerals, colors, and density. Comets could be rare, temporary , with juicy, rare minerals. 10. Add Large Solars and Winds