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Found 90 results

  1. In the few times I've gotten co-op to work, I haven't been able to connect tethers to my friends habitat, or to any of his other tethers. We were on xbox, and even on the same internet at the time.
  2. Colorful Lollipop

    Xbox Split Screen

    Adding split screen on xbox would be awesome. Could bring more sales, but ultimately it gives people who have one xbox a great experience with their family and friends. Also it could be split down middle or share whole view and have it zoom quite far out for vehicles.
  3. Before joining a co-op mode session it would be nice to see the current response time between client and server. Also showing a listing of current players on the server would be handy.
  4. In co-op as a guest, if I click the "conduit" ring when a rover's in range of a base structure, it creates a "ghost conduit." It won't disconnect nor disappear, and is visible to the host. Clicking multiple times creates multiple ghost conduits.
  5. When playing co-op as a guest, if you vacuum up some resource (such as compound), and you complete a stack but your backpack is full — the stack will pop out the back of your gun but it will be non-interactable. You can't pick it up or move it directly, nor put it onto your backpack; it becomes as a rock. I do not yet know whether the host can interact with stacks created this way, but possibly.
  6. Mouse/keyboard Steam I was trying to go on another planet in co-op, my friend being the host So, my friend was hosting the game and was on another planet, not the starting one. I was on the starting one when I joined his game. I've builded a shuttle, filled up with fuel and some resources and tried to fly away on another planet. At that point, being in the air i could not do anything else, the button to see the orbit with the other planets was not there, i couldn't land on the same planet where i was at all. Stuck in air. That happend twice, with the shuttle and the spaceship.
  7. Weyland


    Hello, I've set up a Steam Group for all of the PC players here. Looking forward to meeting y'all. Cheers, -Weyland
  8. While attempting to play multiple Co-Op games with a friend on Xbox One, after loading into the game the host would only be able to craft one item and then after returning to the backpack- would no longer be able to use the cursor to select anything in the backpack. Note the player can also see the cursor is behind/detached from the backpack. At this point the host can only pick up tethers and place them, while the client can do everything except place tethers that connect(host has to pick them up and place them again for them to connect). The issue occurred every time we successfully joined a game and occurred with both players as a host in multiple new games. My first guess would be my better internet was not playing nice with his. I did not see anything about this issue when searching the forum. If this hasn't been addressed or if you need more info i will gladly attempt a repro and get a screenshot/video with steps to reproduce asap. Oh and another note, I have not tried coop with anyone else yet. Thanks! Jake
  9. This game is absolutely amazing but there is one small problem. Multiplayer dedicated servers. I want to play with randoms and with my friends. Co-Op People always lag out or the host has bad internet or the hosts game crashes which happens a lot with this game. the ping is shit and only 4 players we need dedicated servers.
  10. When connected to another player's game, my game will shut down seemingly at random. An option to send error log appears. There doesn't seem to be any one thing that causes it. No such issue in single player.
  11. On joining a co-op game, when the landing pod gets close enough to the base that it loads in, the game crashes. The lander arrives on the host's screen, but I am not in it. Stuff: i7 4790k @4.7 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1060, game is installed on SSD, using Steam
  12. Started up game and tried to join a friend only to crash almost straight away. PC steam
  13. Weyland


    Post your steam url if you're interested in playing some co-op. Looking for mature players to do some co-op with on Steam. My contact info is: Can we get this put up as a sticky please?
  14. Every time I am the host, my friends keep crashing when playing in my game. We tried the other way around and it's the same, I constantly crash after 10-20 min when I am joining my friends game. PC/Steam.
  15. Hello, I'm Playing Astroneer on PC with Steam with my Logitech G910 Orion Spark. I just started playing with my friend and after we build about 10 to 12 buildings including Tethers and other Structures the Game crashed on my side (I joined in his game) and then I rejoined it crashed again after I walked some steps away from him so far that I can't see him anymore then the Game crashed again. I again tried to rejoin 3 Times but when I clicked on join game in steam I got loaded to the point where I could pick my astronaut but there I couldn't click anything, not the button to land and not the button to switch to another astronaut. So I was a bit confused. To reproduce the bug I think you can simply place over 10 to 12 Structures this for the first bug I mentioned. For the second bug, I think you can just join with Steam over and over again until you can't click anything. Greetings