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Found 8 results

  1. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now, and I didn't have a problem joining a friend's world until about two days ago. At first, when I tried joining, I'd get an "invalid session" message. But now, I get the "joining host" message and see the loading screen for a minute or two before getting sent back to the main menu. Once that happens, previously joinable games appear as "Not Joinable." We're all on PC, using the same OS (Win 10), and our games are four people or less. No one has a problem joining a game that I host. I just can't join anyone else's game. 😕 Anyone else have this issue or know a workaround?

    We love Crash 4ever

    Well, the game has work for 10-15 minutes, after which the pc with the whole game turned off.....I love this game and i don't lose this =( I sent the e-mail with the logs and the DxDiag's file at the support for the solve of problem!
  3. cox_nox

    Steam player need

    hello add me on steam to play co op
  4. CoOp client players cannot build on non terran planets! Every time my friends and I have played co op the client players can never see or place deployable items on planets other than terran. They cannot deploy tethers or interact with a deployed habitat. Ships and resources are visible. Tethers disappear when placed and no modules can be seen, extended, or interacted with from the deployed habitat. All of these objects that are invisible to the client players are actually still visible to the host player. This bug makes co-op quite frustrating. An amazing game, nonetheless...just less playable. Thanks!
  5. Wesuleesu

    Multiplayer Lag Glitch

    I was in my friend's server (he was the host and he has pretty fast internet, about 200Mb/s download speed but I am unsure about the upload speed), so it was just the two of us. My internet is meh (about 20Mb/s average download speed, 5.54Mb/s). I experience teleporting glitches while I am driving, but he does not. Once, my rover went crazy and the vehicle and I teleported pretty far from base. Oh, and to the sky . The rover stayed stuck in space while I fell back down, but I didn't die for some reason. It took a while to get that rover back. (my friend building up) (me falling down)
  6. I can't join my friend on his world, when I accept his invite nothing happens and I stay in the main menu screen. When I join a different friend everything works fine. Plz help.
  7. I went afk in a one seated spaceship. When i were gone my m8 decided that he needed to put a 3 seater on it. so he removed the one seater with me in it, wich resulted in me not being able to exit the seat and it was not possible for any of the players to pickup the seat unit i were placed in. we then exited the game in hopes of that fixing it. but nope. the relunch of the game just resulted in me floating around in space alone in my oneseater, only the one seater with no engine. it was not possible for me to see any landing spots on any of the planets. nor could i tap out of the vehicle. i hope this is one of the more nasty bugs. because this results in the whole save being unusable, with me just floating around in space. This was done on a win 10 machine. (keyboard and mouse) in 4 man multiplayer.
  8. Silentparasite

    WIn 10 -- Steam

    Is the game going to be like the new COD? And I dont mean in gameplay, but in MP. Where you cannot play Co Op / MP with a friend if they have a Steam copy and you have Windows 10?