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Found 34 results

  1. I flew to another planet and built off of my shuttle. I then noticed that I messed up and couldn't build anymore. I flew back home then to another planet and couldn't build off of my shuttle. Why?
  2. Overview When attempting to build tethers, or anything requiring Compound, a bugged Compound keeps taking the resource slot. The bugged Compound appears to be only 1 "part" (Fig 1) in size as opposed to the full 30 or so "parts" that make up an entire Compound resource. I can't grab/move the bugged Compound (i.e. I can't replace the bugged one with a normal one). Fig. 2 shows a different object that requires a different resource and the bugged Compound in a normal slot. Environment PC/Steam Steps to reproduce Not full proof as I'm not entirely sure how it happened. Dug out Compound using the drill and stored it on the back of my truck. Took the Compound off the back and had it my inventory. Went to create tethers with no bugged Compound present. Accidentally grabbed and removed Compound from the resource slot for building dropping it on the floor. Picked up the Compound again and the bugged Compound appeared in backpack. Fig 1. Attempting to build Tethers with bugged compound Fig 2. Building something else.
  3. Ever wanted to settle a base in a new area with the space shuttle? I AM SORRY BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE. Quote "Did you already use the space shuttle?" (Quote is at the end of the page) When I went to a other location with the space shuttle, saw I that you'r very limited with exploring. Because the only thing you had was a space shuttle. You need to get oxygin. if you could build a new base you could also get: power, printer, vechicle builder, etc, etc. I really want to see that you can build (a) new base(s). I would like if you can mayby sent like an new space shuttle in. or cut of the top of the space shuttle then you get a sort of big battery Mayby something like this? ------------------------------------>>>>
  4. Hi there. Once I had gotten to a pretty good point in my original landing zone, and built a shuttle, i decided to go ahead and launch out to somewhere new. When I landed, no Compound spawned anywhere close to me. After about an hour and a half of fumbling in the caves and failing to find my ship when i got out, I ended up letting myself die from O^2 loss to respawn back at my ship. I said "screw this, let's go somewhere else", and proceeded to launch again, leaving behind one unfinished platform structure at the 2nd location (the platform was constructed, 3 resin paid, but nothing was built upon it because I couldn't find any compound to make a smelter with). When I landed again in my third location and fourth location, though I was able to find some compound, I wasn't able to extend a platform tube from the shuttle at all, making that playthrough completely borked. Now maybe I'm not understanding a critical part of being able to build stuff, but it felt like it was either a hard borked bug, or a purposely designed part of the game. I wasn't able to select the tube part of the shuttle at all, my guy would just point at it sometimes. I even tried to flatten the ground around it, and nothing worked. Am I missing something or is this just broken? On Windows 7 64bit, through Steam, mouse and keyboard.
  5. Français Objet / Artisanat / Construction Des nouveaux objet pour : - crée une basse ou centre spatial - complexe (hangar, pour fusée, véhicule, etc...) - crée de nouveaux modules ainsi que des plateforme pour pouvoir les (déplacer ou les positionner, supprimer ou régler, la hauteur etc...) - crée des mur, fenêtre, porte, zone de confort ou l'on peux dormir sauvegarder et modifier notre avatar enlever ou changer de combinaison ou la personnaliser (couleur casque armure etc...) - crée une zone de stockage ou des (coffres personnelles ou armoire, coffre partager, hangar a véhicule etc...) - la possibilité de crée plusieurs complexe. Carte / sauvegarde - avoir plus de planète ou système - voyager dans l'espace / chercher des ressources sur des astéroïdes - le temps jours nuit moins rapide (trop rapide en ce moment même) - crée un menu de sauvegarde pour éviter de supprimer ou remplacer une sauvegarde par erreur (avoir des miniature) - crée une salle ou un module de sauvegarde et de chargement dans le jeux - avoir une plus grande variété ainsi que des objectif ou mission autres / outil de terrain / inventaire - ajouts de pnj qui donneront des quêtes ou des marchant - avoir un inventaire autre que le sac - pouvoir mieux s'organiser dans l'inventaire le gérer - avoir la possibilités de réglée la sensibilités de l'outil de terrain - avoir des petit propulseur sur le sac pour faire des saut ou ce sortir d'un mauvais endroit Anglais Object / Craft / Build New objects for: - creates a bass or space center - complex (hangar, for rocket, vehicle, etc ...) - create new modules as well as platforms to be able to (move or position, delete or adjust, height etc ...) - create wall, window, door, zone of comfort or one can sleep to save and modify our avatar to remove or to change of combination or to customize it (color helmet armor etc ...) - creates a storage area or (personal boxes or wardrobe, shared safe, hangar a vehicle etc ...) - the possibility of creating several complex. Card / backup - have more planet or system - travel in space / search for resources on asteroids - the day time night less fast (too fast at this very moment) - creates a backup menu to avoid deleting or overwriting a backup by mistake (having thumbnails) - creates a room or a module of backup and loading in the games - have a greater variety and purpose or mission Others / field tool / inventory - additions of pnj that will give quests or marching - have an inventory other than the bag - be able to better organize in the inventory manage it - have the possibility to adjust the sensitivities of the field tool - have small thrusters on the bag to make a jump or get out of a wrong place
  6. I've accidently built platforms too close close to each other, now it does not supply power to either platforms and seems to have clipped into one another(rendering empty slots unusable).
  7. Estrobeda

    Vehicle build bug

    The title is bad I know, I dont know what to call this bug but if you have suggestions please tell me Anyway for the actual bug, when you build on vehicles at least I can build objects on objects when building with the vehicle bay. This means that my truck has both storage and a crane at the same spot as shown on the picture. Its hard for me to explain but if you drive the vehicle to the vehicle bay, then you will get build options even if the slot is already taken. I wanted to see if it would allow me to actually build anything and it did, it placed the crane within the storage box. I can recreate the bug with any vehicle by simply driving them to a vehicle bay.
  8. ricky5panish

    more in depth crafting

    i believe the crafting and building could be more in depth, such as having to use components that you'd craft to build base parts (e.g. springs, metal sheets, wheels, etc.). i know it takes time to implement a new system, but it's so easy to build up and get to the (end game) even if the building required more than one type of resource it would add to the survival aspect and extend the game play.
  9. Rumpelstiltskin

    Tether dragging

    Adding a tether drag feature would be fantastic imo. For instance while having a single tether out ready to be placed, hold leftALT and run with left click held down, automatically placing a tether once you reach the max link distance. This would really help with establishing multiple exploration lines quickly.