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Found 563 results

  1. so I was playing with my friend and we started to fling objects around we grabbed the medium rover and started flinging it around we flung it so badly it flew into space how an astroneer can carry such a rover
  2. The black terrain used on the initial starting base can be destroyed by first creating terrain using the terrain tool, then removing it. It deletes a bit of it when you can't delete it normally. DEVS PLS SOLVE!!!!
  3. Hi, I’m an xbox user and even have the xbox one x and this game is SO much fun to play with my friends but here are a list of bug I have encountered and don’t know how to exactly fix (i.e hard reset game too) -BEING A HOST 1.) After a period of time my of gettin multiple items for my base past 6-9 base area (items that can fit and function on a medium plat from and up) -Getting aroun 60fps before my friends join down to what seems to be 20 and lowers depending on how much we’ve discovered. Gets so bad at times it even crashes. 2.) Research centers, something new I haven’t see where the blue hologram that goes around the object of interest turns red. (4 were on my base on at the time). Then all of them are not able to research anything. - CO-OP PARTNERS 1.) Visual problem with terra when on the the radiation planet being that it split into 4 pieces and those pieces are faced out ward from the core. The. the revert back to normal when landing back on terra. 2.) When a partner in late game research tries to 3D print items onto buggies and platforms they will not show up and the printing process will not continue. The host then becomes the only one who can see and print items. The printed items are the only able to be moved and placed by host and in parter tries to manipulate object by placing it on surface it has a chance of breaking apart. Example: Medium wind turbine top falls off at a 90 degree angle from the base. 3.) The debris when being carried has a chance of falling through the ground. Example: broken medium platform twitched out of my characters hands and then phased through the dirt. (This is a host and Partner issues.) Last thing. Duplication glitch of using the ammonium to make fuel but then can be pulled out of the processing area be for all containers are filled and then can be reused. (4 ammonium can make as much fuel as a player wants to for their space shuttle.) Hope this is of some help and gives some idea of what happens in my game.
  4. Astro Boi

    Big "cursor" Bug

    (sorry for the black video displayers, i dont know how to remove them) I was trying to make tethers and when i placed 1 compound in my now full backpack (thanks to the compound) i tried to switch the crafting recipe that appears below your backpack but when i clicked on the arrows it automatically got me out of the backpack hub and back to the third person normal view, then i realized that the "cursor" was bugged and wouldn't let me pick up any item or interact with anything whatsoever. I tried to fix the bug by entering the shelter/base house but i didn't fix anything, im going to restart the game and if the bug isn't fixed with that i'll update this post or create a new one. Here are some details: 1. Im playing on pc with a keyboard and mouse 2. I have the steam version 3. I dont exactly know how to recreate this bug but all i know is that i had my backpack full when it occurred. I can only interact with mediums fabricators but i can't put items on them. Here's some video footage: ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 04_07_2018 10_50_21.mp4 ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 03_07_2018 12_44_50 (2).mp4 ASTRONEER Cursor bug.mp4
  5. An_on

    Interaction issues

    occasionally, I stop being able to move things, nor selecting to move. I can still do some interactions, like start smelting and look in my backpack, but I can't, say, move that piece of laterite to the smelter from my b-pack
  6. Hello. Recently I encountered five bugs. 1. Dead astronaut about appearance ,,Slenderman'' (Picture 1) 2. Teleport on another planet. (No picture) 3. Two ferries in themselves. (Picture 2) 4. Rover in the base. (Picture 3) 5. Two astronauts in themselves. (Picture 4) I admit it is very funny, but after time, problematic. I am waiting for reapirs.
  7. Hello. I play this game on pc. Today i started play to game I started to game in capsule When i got out to the capsule my astronaut is started to swim in the ground But when i jump my man was go to the deeper I love this game and this funny bugs Keep Going
  8. I have a video of this happening. The ground had a split in it(which happens a lot) and my rover fell through the crack. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (2).mp4
  9. GabrielShears

    Games not saving

    Every new game i start once i've progressed a bit then save the game, coming out either to main menu or desktop. There are no save files on the main menu. Unsure how to solve this? This has been an issue for me for approx a year now and all updates make no difference. Playing on PC
  10. As I was going around, I noticed that the different chunks wouldn't mesh together every now and then.
  11. I was exploring my planet (purple and blue with green mountains and icy areas as well) and I went back to base saved and went to desktop. The next day I launched and opened that world and I found a few chunk voids, I call them. A image should be attached.
  12. MysteriousShibe

    Small Rover clips through world.

    So I was casually stream some Astroneer, then suddenly I drove backwards in a small rover and clipped through the world, after getting out, I had quickly floated to the surface, though gone flying and died when I hit the ground. Here is a twitch clip.
  13. Islapacreeper

    Crashing Bug

    I was playing with some headphones on for a few hours. Then, my head started to hurt so I took them off and unplugged them from my computer. Unfortunately, my game froze and crashed immediately after unplugging the headphones from the port. What's also unfortunate is that I didn't save in a while so I lost 2 hours of progress... whoops! I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my computer running the game because the crash happened as soon as I unplugged my headphones. Plus, I've never had issues like this in the past, with any game really. My only hope is that this gets fixed speedily. Specs: Steam: Mouse and Keyboard
  14. Muckyducky1

    Multiple bug reports

    First of all I adore this game and I want it to keep progressing so I thought I'd report these bugs. If they don't get reported then they won't get fixed. A - After 5 hours played on co-op game rover wheels and suspension have stopped moving for other player when host is driving (it's the same if the other player is driving and the host is passenger or watching) but this doesn't happen with the small rover, just the others (medium and large). B - When friend joins host after disconnecting, any excavated holes have flora and debris floating over them. C - Thruster noise and research sample noise staying present for coop player even though thruster is off and research sample is not near player. D - Co-op player seeing world tears or chunk rips and if rover is driven over them, it falls through the world. E - Occasionally Co-op player is unable to interact with inventory, save the auxiliary slots. F - Batteries attached to rovers not charging the rover but still allow the rover to move. This causes sound of rover to be absent. G - Debris and flora in caves not despawning after being broken or detached from ground ( it also respawns for co-op player after he/she rejoins the host). H - Green aura around minerals as game hint staying present for co-op player even though mineral has been completely excavated.
  15. I was walking back to my base after I parked up my rovers and I was going to make fuel for my spacecraft, than all of a sudden I would hover inside the ground and then randomly I would get launched into the sky and would be killed. This happened with me using Mouse and keyboard, and playing the steam edition. I don't know if there is really any steps to repeat this process all I did was jump from the ground to the black ground around the habitat and it started this bug. Video link here:
  16. Holograms do not show up in the research catalog, making unlocking platforms a game of Russian roulette and finding specific gear very frustrating. While not game breaking it is devilishly inconvinent, and can easily frustrate players new to the game.
  17. after i left the game once there were lines on my world on the terrain
  18. I play on Steam (PC version) and have a separate Microsoft Xbox and PC version. The PC version is visually different. The following are Steam plays ver. 1) Can not interact with Medium Printer. 2 different saves( 01 & 02), a total of 3 medium printers. No prompt for Q. Holding Q has no effect. 2) Save 00 2 medium rovers are not accessible Holding E brings up the terrain tool. They worked and then they became accessible. Placing and removing the seat didn't fix the issue. 3) Save 01 Holding E to enter the habitat places me ----the camera -- under the habitat with compound, 2 green gas bags and a lost small fabricator. I tried having Steam validate save files and they found no problems. I have played this game since last year. Flying, flipping and rolling over rovers was the only issue. Suggestion: Factorio uses the ENTER key to enter trains, cars and tanks. That's all it does. It always works and is fast. No holding. I have nearly died trying to enter the habitat. The terrain tool keeps initializing. AUTOSAVE_0_2018.05.05-16.15.28.sav AUTOSAVE_1_2018.05.05-13.39.22.sav AUTOSAVE_2_2018.05.06-00.13.52.sav
  19. I am a guest on a friend's game. The two of us have only ever played together, and his computer hosts. Whenever I join/rejoin the game all non-soil modifications seem to not be communicated to my computer. Attached screenshots. Steps we took: Player 1 starts game, invites player 2. Players build spaceship, travel to Exotic planet. Players dig around in cave, harvest stuff, build things. Players exit astroneer. Player 1 gets on and invites player 2. Players spawn on exotic planet. Player 1 sees all changes and world as it was before exit, player 2 sees boulders, stalactites, plants, minerals, resources, etc. that were previously removed. 50% of the time these interfere with movement. Always interfere with sight. Vacuum tool doesn't register them.
  20. whenever I exit the medium rover with it jumps around uncontrollably. Even with two rovers attached the jumping occurs.
  21. Cj Bronite

    Trade platform

    Trade platform on xbox one not showing activate button. (In the picture it's night and there is no power but even in day the trade platform won't work.) Version
  22. I'm sorry if some are already mentioned. I did a search on the main things that bug me and didn't see anything specific. So please forgive. 1. Rover wheels stick to the ground sometimes as you're driving off. This was mentioned I know. 2. Trying to get into the seat or crane, sometimes takes several attempts or have to remove seat/reattach. I've found that I need to remove the seat and re attach it then press e to enter right after or it won't work. Repeat process till it finally lets me in. The crane isn't as bad, luckily because you can't remove it. Why are some items unmovable? 3. When drilling for dirt. I have lots of canisters on my rovers, but when filling them up, they have to be attached to the rover with the crane/drill or the rover attached right behind to fill automatically. If I have a 3rd rover attached with canisters, they do not fill and the drill acts as if all are full, so have to move the medium storages around or disconnect the rovers and attach the empty, etc etc.. 4. Sliding, this is most annoying, especially when I'm trying to drill and I'm a 1% incline and start to slide. If I'm in the vehicle stopped it should stick to where I'm stopped at. It just slides off into oblivion until you jump out or lodge it against a wall or rock so it won't slide off. Also driving it around, it tends to slide all over the darn place. This is most annoying because I'm driving straight and my trailer is sliding off in to holes and down ridges as if the tires are made of plastic and the ground is made of concrete. Simply put, it slides around too much! 5. Power, they are gutless, get caught on everything, just eh, need more power, more torque. 6. Can't attach more than I think 3 rovers to the back of the front rover, so 4 total, if I have a mobile base, I'd want everything I have in my base and 4 doesn't give enough space for all the goodies. Larger chains would be nice. Rovers wheel movement could also be set for each rover attached to give it more grip and power? So have 2 rovers turned on and the wheels work for 2, or if you had 6 on a chain, you could set all 6 to on and every rover would give you traction and help pull push along. Just a thought. 7. Just remembered this, when exiting the rovers, I get ejected under the rover usually and end up stuck a lot of times. It would be nice if there was a way to determine the eject point. Like maybe hold down E and then click where you'd like to be ejected to? Thanks for listening, if anything more happens with the rovers I'll update, but I think that's all I've noticed. Really like the game, good work!
  23. While playing (offline) I'll save multiple times either by going into the main pod or by going into vehicles. The game says "Saving" in green at the bottom. After a few seconds of waiting I exit out of the game by going to the main screen, pressing the 'A' button to get through the information, messages etc. Later on when I go back to load the same save it loads back up as something old (something from a few days prior) Meaning I lost all the progress I made, and the game didn't save. It seems to be off and on. The save I was using was only about a week old (I made a new one for the update) and it saved most of my progress up until I unlocked the large rover. As of now anything I do doesn't get saved.
  24. Just a small thing but I was playing with my friend and I couldn't research any tethers even though i had the right amount of bytes however after getting 1 more it was fine. Not a big deal but worth bring it up! Playing on Steam version