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About Me

  1. I've been having some trouble lately moving my Astroneer around. There seems to remain an invisible piece of terrain upon flatting an area or by excavating, resulting in you character getting stuck in place when walking in that spot. I've made a video of this problem to illustrate this.
  2. Summary: - Steam - Halloween Event Bugged No Reward Description: Game is not registering sending last 16 Squasholine. Cannot receive reward or progress with event. Never entered creative mode. All materials gathered/created legitimately. Have been playing exclusively on a co-op game with my partner. Partner is the server host. Host counted as completing first event tier. Both Host and I were logged in and sent the rocket of Squasholine that should have completed the tier for both players. My game said I was still 16 Squasholine behind. Crafted 16 more Squasholine, display showed 16 on rocket, and sent rocket. 500 bytes deducted showed for Host, did not show for me. Display still shows I am short 16 Squasholine, no reward received. Would really like to continue this event. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18363 CPU: AMD FX 4170 Quad Core 4.20Ghz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 RAM: 16GB Hodge-podge Drive: 1TB WDC ATA Device
  3. I have all others achievements unlocked, but the EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery remains locked
  4. Since the event progress is saved on system era's end i allways create a alternate copy of my original save to do the event (so i can just roam around and deform a lot of terrain in this alternate copy without making my main save game laggy), i made very good progress in this backup, until i died in the last stage, 23 noxothane away from the final tier. I thus created another backup from my original save and continued from there on out, since i didn't manage to find back my rover (i was far away from my base and didn't have a beacon on me at the time). My idea was that since the progress is saved on system era's end i could just continue from where i was, gather the last 23 noxothane and finish the event. However when i send the rocket with 23 noxothane it doesn't register and doesn't contribute to my overal progress, the noxothane (and 500 bytes) however do get consumed, what am i supposed to do? And no, my save wasn't in creative and never has been. i made an imgur album to prove how i was in survival, had 23 and when the rocket returned it didn't register: system era if you see this how can i fix this? or can you manually add my last 23 progress? i really don't want to start over the entire event or whatever, i just want the pumkin shelter i'll provide my save as well HALLOWEEN BACKUP 2$2020.11.08-13.02.57.savegame
  5. My last 23 noxothane doesn't register, i haven't been into creative on that save so i did it legitemately but i'm missing out on the reward Can you resolve this on your end and grant me the last points? As can be seen in the video everything is done legitimately. For further info see my previous post:
  6. So I wanted to change my setting so Tab is your terrain tool but every time I hit Tab to save it as a keybind it doesnt recognize it, if I press tab anywhere else it does work even if press it in game it works.
  7. Summary: 1.16.60 - Steam - Printer sound doesn't stop in multiplayer Description: The sound for a printer didn't stop after the print finished, but only for the guest in a 2-player game (happened when I was the host and when I was the guest). The sound effect never ended. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.16.60 Specifications: (both PC's that we play on are the same) OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 2004 | Build 19041.572 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 Super 4GB RAM: 2x16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 Drive: Crucial P2 NVMe M.2 SSD, 500GB -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. A player in my party joined us after we started the BOO even after we submitted our first batch of squasholine (qty 8). After we reached our goal of 160, his count remained at 152 despite submitting additional squasholine items. We've tried restarting his game, rebooting his computer, and having the host (me) restart the game. We're using the Windows PC platform using keyboard & mouse and occasional xbox controllers. Anybody else seeing this issue? He's upset because he want the visor and the pumpkin shelter.
  9. The main menu track callled Starting Scene (and only this track) plays all the time when I'm in a astroneer world and doesnt stop even if another track is also playing. There are no steps to recreate this, It just happens everytime I play the game. I am playing the pc Steam version
  10. Just noticed this one today and it's the one bug that irks me. I will set down any item, be it mineral or packaged item, and it will disappear from game. This happens when I leave the area or space travel. Just wanted to report it in hopes an update could fix it.
  11. If you enter a tractor while sliding your character stays in the sliding pose.
  12. I love to collect the different probe's with winches, but when I "collected" the voyager 2 probe all the sounds got heavily deep fried. even if you leave the planet the sounds will still be fried, please fix.
  13. My game runs well on low settings, I'm on a light laptop. I was able to do everything well while on Sylva, I was able to travel to the space station. But when I tried to travel to desolo my game froze while I was in the small shuttle and I had to restart the game. Upon restart I was back on Sylva next to my shuttle. This has happened every time I have tried to go to other planets.
  14. The sticky terrain bug, where astroneer character is constantly getting stuck on clear terrain, is back. It seemed to get better a couple of updates ago, but now after Creative update, it is back worse than ever. it is really noticeable on Atrox and Glacio. It seems to me that the character is set a few pixels too low, such that the character is actually moving through terrain. Constant jumping is needed to be able to "walk" forward.
  15. ofthen i always see this bug on colidor. and novus too maybe , no remember.
  16. Title says it all. When you drive a tractor/trailer all of the items in your backpack will become invisible. You can probably reproduce this by just driving a tractor/trailer yourself. This is just a visual bug. Thank you.
  17. I want to finish my Steam achievements but cannot. I've played in Adventure mode only, never Creative. I got "EXO Dynamics Outreach Advocate" in single player Adventure mode long before I joined a server. On a public server I got "Interplanetary Road Trip" easily with the owner. It simply won't give me "EXO Outreach Participant". Nor will it give me "Let me Borrow This Just a Second." despite crafting a research module and using it, with repeated attempts after disconnect reconnect or trying on another server. I've tried on two public servers listed in Astroneer's discord including KP's Universe Steam server for 12 hours (it's offline now) and Ginapedia Nitrado server for 2 hours today. These are the last 2 achievements I need to get "EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery." Frustrating! Steam ID 76561198343833824, Astroneer v1.14.74.0 OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 [Version 10.0.19041.508] CPU Intel i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz, MSI Mobo GPU EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra RAM G.Skill TridentZ Series, DDR4, 32GB x2, 3200 MHz Drive: Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe Thank you for your time.
  18. I had almost completed the game but it teleported me here and now i cant do anything ASTRONEER 2020-08-30 14-45-44.mp4
  19. I play Astroneer from Steam, and my game wont launch. I press play, and it comes up with a pic of the Astroneer game, then launches, and I go through a loading screen with planets rotating, then it starts to load what looks like an alien planet in some kind of forest, then pauses and crashes then Steam acts like the game was never launched. Plz help I want to play this amazing game.
  20. Self explanatory. Whenever I use a medium printer once, for the rest of that time I spent in that one loaded instance of the save, the printer sound will never stop, even if the printer is removed or destroyed.
  21. when the soil centrifuge is set to auto and is making ammonium, after a while it will stop working completely and will need to be replaced with a new one. PC steam, mouse and keyboard
  22. My vehicle got stuck in a ditch so i tried creating ground underneath it but all this did was burry my vehicle in the terrain causing it to fall out of the map. could you please look into this as soon as possible?
  23. Windows 10 - Mouse + Keyboard - Steam - Happens everywhere every time I open backpack. When I open my backpack, the hologram for the item that I can craft is shaking. It shakes until I start crafting it or until I press one of the two arrows to change hologram. The same thing happens to the hologram for the material/resource that is needed to craft the item if I don't have it. But it just shakes for about a second until it stops. But when it stops it is located somewhere around the place where it should be.
  24. I keep logging in to games to find items missing from my backpack. This happens when I'm on multiplayer games hosted by others or on a game by myself. I've lost soil canisters (all 4 that were on my terrain tool and in my backpack), drill mods, and (multiple times) my hydrazine jet pack (with fuel). I don't ever find these items lying around anywhere - they're just gone.
  25. Today, I used a diamond to unlock the geometric triptych for the Glacio gateway engine but neither the Steam achievement nor the in-game suit unlocked. I tried restarting the game but that also didn't help. I have three gateways unlocked on the planet and had been traveling back and forth between them just fine. The interior gateway also is operating fine, in terms of its teleporting function. There is just no achievement or suit that is unlocking.