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Found 2,725 results

  1. The sticky terrain bug, where astroneer character is constantly getting stuck on clear terrain, is back. It seemed to get better a couple of updates ago, but now after Creative update, it is back worse than ever. it is really noticeable on Atrox and Glacio. It seems to me that the character is set a few pixels too low, such that the character is actually moving through terrain. Constant jumping is needed to be able to "walk" forward.
  2. Clown Toes Joe

    Wander's Way Bug

    This is a bug I came across well doing the wander's way goal / path, If you put the scanner into the probe and run away lets say to escape a plant on Atrox the game still consumes the scanner, but does not reward you with the respective pallet / suit. I would show a video but the max file limit is to low.
  3. Moorg

    Save error on ps4

    After many hrs of playing, I now get error "an error has occurred. (CE-30028_3)". Any ideas? Haven't closed game since this started. Afraid to...
  4. Hello System Era. First I want to say I really love Astroneer and have clocked a lot of hours so far. Thank you so much for your wonderful creative work! I'm playing just a few days after the creative mode patch was installed. Just started to activate the alien beacons (teleporters) that exist around each planet. Activated the ones on Sylva and Vesania with no issues. Now on Glacio I've run into duplicates of the alien beacons. I believe i've encountered two so far. First one was subtle because it was almost overlapping. Second one was really obvious. Posting screenshot here. No idea what caused it. Although all of these planets I had existing bases on before the patch. Let me know if you would like any more information. Good luck and be well
  5. MiddleNate

    Atmospheric Condeser

    I don't know if this is ps4-specific, but when using the atmospheric condenser I am unable to click the X to stop it making a gas. the only way it actually stops is with the packager or by letting all the storage slots on the platform fill up
  6. AchilleusPro

    Bugs for Tutorial

    Whilst doing the tutorial i happen to come across a bug which gave me difficulty when opening up the thrusters when i highlight it. And same goes with the small printer, i count open us the user interface to craft the thrusters at first. i tried putting the items on first and when i had the item in my backpack, both failed to give me any indication to open. And the full backpack thing is annoying when you are trying to pick up items on the floor
  7. While in multiplayer, the game starts to go into a slow motion state after a while. The gameplay, audio, and everything else slow down. My host isnt affected.
  8. SoMe InGrEdIeNtS

    PS4 Corrupted save data

    seems this a common issue other ps4 players are facing, the entire save file is becoming corrupted and DELETING itself. no this isn't a "clear your cache" or "initialise you ps4" situation, there is a major issue with saving and possibly vehicle save points. also a noteworthy 15+ hours hecking down the drain.
  9. Have only tried with existing save. (Atrox, in this case) Random bits of terrain have appeared in mid-air together with debris, mixed in with existing base structures. Unplugging base structures and moving them out of the way makes no difference to debris - stays hanging in mid-air. Debris items can be highlighted by the cursor, but they can’t be selected and moved. Tried using tool to remove any embedded terrain - nothing there. As mentioned, also random chunks of terrain just floating in mid-air. They *can* be removed.
  10. Allgamermarc

    Planet symbols wrong

    Summary: Steam - Core Pyramids Error Description: When I went looking for cores I found out that all the planets had the core symbols of sylva, this included Vesania, Desolo, and Atrox Platform: Steam
  11. Summary: i was just going up withe the tool when i found i was somehow going to another planet and made a bridge to there Description: just going up with the creative tool and somehow i got out of bounds by flying creative tool and max everthing Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  12. Summary: Description: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: i duno CPU: i duno GPU: i duno RAM: i duno Drive: i duno
  13. Ethuun

    out of bounds

    so there is this bug were it makes me go out of bounds and when I make the creative tool go up and click and stay like that it makes me go out of bounds Mouse/keyboard Steam
  14. IDuzTheGamez

    Space Bug

    Just a Heads Up that this bug i experienced made it so that i was unable to use my save afterwards, here's what happened, i flew a rover into space in a creative mode save, using hydrazine thrusters on the back of a large rover, I exited the vehicle and was stuck in place while my rover flew off without me, i am now stuck in place and toggling creative mode or flight dont fix anything, i've even tried restarting my game, luckily i was messing around on a copy of my world so i did not lose anything.
  15. DGMADE

    Game doesn't load

    I can start the game but after Hours of waiting it still doesn't loaded and i am still in the loadingscreen
  16. in a multiplayer game, all players use steam. Sometimes if we teleport to a monument and walk down the steps, you die. Seems like if you jump off you're fine.
  17. - Steam(I only know this version, but could be in others too) - Player passes through "Placed Constructions" I can walk Through every thing buildt, like medium and big Storage, fusible, the medium and big printers, research chamber, etc(these fotos are enough, right?), But the Plataforms i can't pass through. Steam(But like i have already said, this bug could be in others too) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 / v. 10.0.18362 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: HyperX FURY 8GB DDR4 2400MHz NON-ECC CL 15 DIMM Hard Drive: TOSHIBA DT01ACA100
  18. I have been getting back into the game recently playing while listening to podcasts and out of nowhere my Use key stops working I cannot long press interact (such as unpacking) or single press (such as getting in a buggy). I have tried binding it to a different key, restarting my PC, Restarting the game WITHOUT closing out of steam, restarting the game after closing down steam, alt-f4ing out of the game, alt-f4ing while interacting with something, alt-f4ing while holding the interact key without interacting with something, tried to start a new save, had a friend start a new save and I joined, joined an already existing world of my friends, finally I reinstalled it and did all of this again and nothing has worked.
  19. EndersTenders

    Smelting item texture bug

    When an item begins to smelt, the color gradient of the nugget flips axes. Only tested with a few ores.
  20. Ronald Lowry

    Satellite Spawning Bug

    Idk a bunch of satellites spawned near my base and my game turns into a slideshow whenever i look at them
  21. TheChris2009

    Can't beat it?

    Ok, so I’m on an Xbox one, and after inserting all truipths or whatever they’re called into the satellite and activating the odd stone, the cutscene happens like normal and the credits roll, then after the thank you scene it fades to back then BAM, game crashed. I keep the achievement and suit, but the same truiptch is missing, I’m back to my last save. I am running the latest version as of Nov 4, 2019 The specs of the Xbox one are as follows: Serial number: 006634273816 Console ID: 1d010b1d.f512d9ca.9eeb756d.33de8405.01 OS: 10.0.18363.7196 Xbox live device ID: FD008004355EBAE8 global device ID: 655405852370502
  22. After installing the "Groundwork Update" on XB1, the game consistently crashes in one of two ways. First, it consistently crashes upon saving that is triggered by entering a vehicle or habitat. Second, it sometimes (randomly) crashes mid game without warning. At crash there is a sudden loud audio hum, without an error message or anything, and it returns to the Xbox dashboard. All progress since the last save is lost. This has only occurred after installing the update (never happened to me before). My game save is probably large because I've been playing for months. So far I've tried clearing the Xbox cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, and neither has worked. I'm playing the game directly from the XB1 hard drive so my next try is to install the game to an external drive. But this is bad: It renders the game unplayable if you can't save progress.
  23. Summary: - Steam - Massive Memory Leak - Game Wont load old save file Version/Build number (Of ASTRONEER): Platform: Steam (Latest version as of Monday, November 04, 2019 10:41AM MST) Specifications: KEYBOARD AND MOUSE (I'm just writing these as the computer puts them excluding *Personal comments*) OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit OS, x64-based processor GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 570 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (*all I could find, It's two different sets of ram chips*) DRIVE: ST3320620AS ATA Device, 304619 MB (*note: This is a SATA drive and not the older kind of drive*) DESCRIPTION: Attempting to open my save file (Which i had not played for a short while, however I had played it when the Wanderer update had come out) the game appears to load it however the loading bar stops right after the "N" in the word "LOADING" at this point looking at memory usage the game appears to be using all of the remaining memory not already in use by other programs, The game never ends up loading and either crashes or freezes the computer at which point It has to be "force shut-down." I had seen that you ask for the "Crash Logs" in (C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Logs) however this appears to be empty regardless of "Show Hidden Files," I did however find something else that seemed potentially useful (C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\CrashReportClient) however looking through each file within it regardless of when they were dated always showed the same thing. So In the end I am unable to send you any crash logs as there are none to be found, However I do firmly believe this is caused by a memory Leak. Best I could do... Sorry for any Inconveniences.
  24. Timothy Bell

    Bugs in multiplayer

    Hi, Sometimes I can't see my friend in the coop list to join their game. Either I need to restart, or they need to, in order for me to see their session. It's pretty frustrating. In addition, often when removing terrain in my friend's game, the terrain will reappear randomly, preventing me from removing it. Only certain sections of terrain are behaving this way, it's sporadic but pretty frustrating. Very cool game! But these are two pretty serious bugs!