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Found 2,725 results

  1. So uh.. this happened. I just teleported from Desolo to Glacio to grab some iron and discovered this at the east node. No idea how it happened. This is on Windows 10.
  2. Look at this! I found a this bug! Previously, this did not happen! There is a my base near this chamber. Because I want activate a chamber. But I can't do that in this state. In my memory, this didn't happen at least before the latest update(Holiday Update). Since the last update, some strange bugs have occurred. The first is this bug. And secondly, some terrain is transformed at will. (e.g. Cave, Modified terrain by player, etc.) In addition, there are nowadays bugs where the same object is created in the same location every time you update. Like this bug. (e.g. Gateway Chamber, Wreckage, Research Objects, EXO things, etc.) (This bugs make scares me... Because very risky.)
  3. Shaving Cream

    Duplication Glitch

    If you have an item in the inventory printer when you die you don't lose it, and your corpse also has the item. Before Death: After Death: Corpse:
  4. Look what happens if you leave Astroneer up and wait six hours. It's sort of a memory leak kinda thing. It starts out looking perfect, and then gradually goes out of true over time. The least amount of time where I've noticed this was six hours. I'll start checking how bad this gets over time. Each graphical piece works perfectly and smoothly. To fix it, log out and then back in. I've been completely closing the game.
  5. Is there any update or more information for the double gateway bug on Glacio? I'm using a save from before the creative update but I REALLY don't want to start again, I've spent a huge amount to time building my bases etc.. Has anyone confirmed that this doesn't happen with a new save? is there any way to edit a new save so I have my bytes and resources at least? I see many people asking about this, but no solutions or anything.. ver PC Win10
  6. Started a new game then saved. Now most of the time it won't even load to the menu. DxDiag.txt
  7. On a trip from Sylva to Desolo, I made an error and flew back to Sylva before I landed and then headed back to Desolo for a second time without landing. The solid-fuel thruster allowed me to do this, but then stranded me on Desolo as I had not visited yet and the thruster broke. So I went Sylva -> Desolo -(without landing)-> Sylva -(without landing)-> Desolo -> A bad time I believe this is a bug since the solid-fuel thruster is supposed to make 1 round trip but allowed 3 paths.
  8. I'm on Windows 10, my friend is on her Xbox ONE. When either of us try to join each others games, we both get an error message saying "Session not found". We are both on the software version PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! we've tried MULTIPLE possible solutions. none worked. i see that other have been having this issue as well and NONE of you respond. RESPOND TO YOUR COMMUNITY
  9. ColdPotato68

    Failed to join session

    I'm on Windows 10, my friend is on Xbox, when either of us try to join each other, we get an error message saying "Session not found". Playing on Also, I've tried a bunch of methods that I've found, and none worked.
  10. Helioid

    Ps4 Crashed

    Not much info about this, but when me and my friends are playing on ps4, the host crashes quite frequently, probably roughly every 1-2 hours, causing large rollbacks to do no saves.
  11. I cannot seem to re-keybind the 'TAB' key in game! I would love to use it for something again... Anyone else run into this? Has this been addressed by SystemEra?
  12. Playing multiplayer with a friend on PC, I'm hosting. Not sure if this bug is repeatable with a controller, because it takes quick reactions to pull off. Was pulling a platform after finding out the winch will pull anything it's attached to without a vehicle. Accidentally attached the winch to the T2 slot on the platform and it began to spin and fly into the distance. Long story short, had to make another winch and platform. Image shows the model for a platform and winch frozen in the clouds on Glacio.
  13. Windows 10, PC, Steam, Keyboard and mouse. I've activated 4 of the gateways on Glacio, and they did the usual animation and I can see the odd stone and travel to other nodes. However, on activating 4 nodes, 2 stay dim, even though I can interact with the odd stone and travel to activated nodes, but then cant travel back because it thinks that node is dim. Again, I can travel FROM the dim node, so the gateway is active. 3 other side notes: - On the broken gateways, I can still see the vertical blue line traveling up from the gateway as if it's INactive, but I can see the odd stone as f it was active. - When I reload the save, if I approach a broken gateway, as I approach it looks as it it is NOT active, and I can see the pillars and the power sockets, but when I get close enough, it changes to the active gateway with the odd stone. - One of the gateways that is broken, it looks as if there are 2 gateways stacked on top of each other? The architecture of the structure looks strange, unlike the others. Can I reload planets? I've almost got the achievement, I don't really want to start again if there is a risk of this happening again. Thanks
  14. Summary: - Windows 10 Store - Windows Desktop Cursor replacing In-Game Cursor Description: After an update that came through today, the windows desktop cursor has replaced my in-game cursor. It used to be a little white dot but now it is the pointer that you get when using a Windows computer. I am playing on the Windows Store version and the same thing happened to my girlfriend's game too when she updated on the Windows Store. I downloaded and ran the game on my laptop and the cursor has been replaced on that computer as well. It looks like a pretty consistent bug with the new update. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: My Desktop OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1909 | Build 18363.476 CPU: Intel i7 9700k 4.8 Hz GPU: RTX 2070 Super RAM: 16 GB Drive: Samsung 970 Evo 500GB Girlfriend's Desktop OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1909 | Build 18363.476 CPU: Intel i7 6600k 4.0 Hz GPU: RTX 2060 RAM: 16 GB Drive: 256 GB SSD My Laptop (I have to double check this one) OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1909 | Build 18363.476 CPU: Intel i5 GPU: Nvidia 200M RAM: 16 GB Drive: 256 GB SSD

    Debris duplicating endlessly

    I play this game off the windows store using mouse and keyboard. I was on my way back from Desolo after been stuck there for quick some time and when I got back I decided to go into my mine and I saw what you see in the youtube video. From what I can see it looks like there's more than one
  16. Summary We have noticed during extended plays that the non-host is not able to click the red button to begin research however the host player remains able to activate it. I believe a relog from the host player is needed to remedy the situation. I'll attach a video when it happens again. Specifications Both Windows 10 LAN We click fast We double-click
  17. coonacool

    Multiplayer frame rate

    me and my mate are playing this game on ps4 and when ever he joins my world the game turns really framy to the point of unplayable can someone plz fix this issue
  18. First, to note these bugs may have already been fixed. When I was playing astroneer in a multiplayer game. My buggy went straight through one layer of the ground and I almost died to it. It may have been because I hit the ground diagonal, which is very difficult to do. Also the other bug made it so I couldn't exit my buggy so I had to exit the game and restart a lot because this happened multiple times in a row. Weird thing though my character model was regestired outside the rover and I could still access my backpack but not exit the vehicle. If anyone else has experienced these bugs, please also let System Area know about them so they can fix them.
  19. (Not sure if this has been posted anywhere after the Creative Update, if so please don't crucify me) The other day I was playing Astroneer before the Creative Update rolled out (playing it on PC via Xbox Play Anywhere) and everything worked and ran as it should. I was working on my base and decided to clear a good chunk of a mountain out to make space. However, after the Creative Update, when I went to load my save back up, I noticed immediately that, very large portions of the mountain were back, even cutting through some Platforms and other devices. Some hostile plants even respawned in the regenerated terrain. Once I cleared everything I noticed that there's still non-rendered terrain floating in the air. I am unaware of how to fix this myself, and after some time of clearing space to only have it regenerate, and leaving phantom fragments behind, is a bit annoying. I'm not sure if this affects the Steam version, but as of right now via Xbox Play Anywhere for PC, it seems to have an issue. Any thoughts for remedy? Here's a video showing what I mean.
  20. I just watched the ending cinematic on the Windows 10 version and I noticed that the portal my avatar walks into was missing. I was not able to replicate it. Everything was normal the next time through. Still a cool ending though!
  21. chuyodios

    What I can do?

    I have only 1 day since I bought astroneer in steam, but when I finished downloading it I started the game and the entry of the system image began, but when it starts to load on the planets spinning nothing happens so it takes more than 1 hour and I haven't been able to play anything and I've done everything and I don't know, what can I do?
  22. Rovers are sinking into terrain, both natural and placed terrain, when host goes outside draw distance. In pic here, the terrain was painted but not altered otherwise. Thanks
  23. I really have no idea how this happened. I drilled into the core of Calidor with my large rover only to discover that all of the purple spiral pillars pointing to the core are missing. All the other planets I have visited in this save have their pillars. The input sections that tell you what resource to put in to activate the gateway engine is blank as well. This is on the Windows 10 edition.
  24. tevin loynes

    core locked

    hi everyone im looking for some answer on what to do im on glacio and dug to the core I powered the gates on the surface but the core is locked and all my stuff is pretty much stuck down there along with my self idk what to do hopefully someone has some info thanks
  25. I came back to the game when the creative mode update was added. So I imedetly started experimenting with all the new objects and how they worked. So I spawned a large rover, a RTG, a Drill, a paver, and a few soil containers. Well i attempted to drill into the side of a moutian on a flat plain. Immedetly i noticed the vehicle was struggling to move, and at multiple points just stopped moving all together. The best way to describe it is like the vehicle got stuck and couldnt move. But the second you stop drilling the vehicle acts as it should, but start drilling again and the vehicle rappidly loses momentum and becomes unresposive to commands. This appers to only affect Xbox, maybe PS4, But doesnt happen on PC. This issue ruins the idea and concept of using these mining rigs in the game, because there basically un usable.