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Found 2,717 results

  1. Matěj Turčín

    Thats game is brooken or what?

    When I turn on the game I see only this and I can't do anything.
  2. I've played on the same save since 1.0, and I've noticed a few bugs as the save aged. But this bug messed up a few of my bases, the terrain on all of the planets reformed to how they initially generated. The new terrain is rocky and unnatural, I had to dig out a few things, but most notably my Vesania base. I'm a steam player and this happened when I loaded into my save. I'll add more photos if it's necessary.
  3. jayjaysawesome836

    Lost all of my skins

    SO I ran my steam in offline mode, and had none of my skins ( still had the achievements) and then all of my base's batteries were empty. Restarted computer and steam in online mode, no results. Was playing multiplayer earlier. WiFi suddenly cut out (my fault) and friend disconnected, may be part of issue.
  4. I have both the "Galactic Boogaloo" and "...And Beyond" trophy's on the PS4 platform, but the galactic customizations (including the dance) are not unlocking. Also having an issue with "The Wanderer's Way" achievement, Glacio Pioneer 1 is not unlocking. Even though all historical probes were found, I did not see the wanderer though the last rift.
  5. Summary: The backpack and small battery packs would gain or lose power at fast speeds and spam the notification that it was doing so. Description: My smelting furnace was on at the time and wasn't smelting anything, but the problem occurred even after turning it off. I had three full small batteries on my backpack, full backpack power, and three power cells on my terrain tool. Once I reconnected to my tethers it started and didn't stop until I removed all three small batteries from my backpack. Happens even after all power cells were used up. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.10.9 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home - Build 18363.657 - Version 1909 CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 960M RAM: 16,0 GB DDR3 Drive: Not sure?
  6. I noticed that the cubes generated by the Leveling Block go in the wrong direction and are angled. In contrast, the screenshot in the announcement for the update shows it going upright, which I assume it's supposed to do. What's shown in the picture below was made entirely with the Leveling Block (notice how it's crooked compared with the player's viewpoint):
  7. Unable to power the last gate on Glacio due to all of them being doubled up. The last one is just at that right depth inside the other that it prevents the connection from the truck to power it. What can be done to fix it?
  8. Hi all, My co-op partner was traveling from Novus to Sylva, and her game crashed (i.e. it blackscreened shortly after she clicked on Sylva). After booting back up, she joined my game but could only see and access the start menu from her end. I know she's in my game because she gets a notification that she's lost connection when I've ended the session. We've tried restarting Steam and both PCs to no avail. Is there an alternative fix to this? I'm going to try and duplicate the save to see if anything changes. Thank you!
  9. So I flew off to tundra to try and get the tundra outfit. All ready to go. I experienced some small bugs along the way such as medium batteries havng their yellow bar outside of the actual battery itself but nothing mayor until I noticed the gateways I had activated 6-7 weren't activated. Only 2 gateways ever showed up, always the origin point gateway (the one I was at) and the one I had activated before that (I think).
  10. I have a large rover which I plugged into a gateway on Sylva. I had a RTG and a full medium battery on the rover. The gatway starts to unlock (pink bars going down), and I can see the battery on the rover depleting. The issue is the medium battery never gets used so the gatway won't unlock, it stays fully charged the whole time. Why does the medium battery not get delepeleted and unlock the gateway? im on Update 1.9.8
  11. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  12. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  13. Tomvs


    Yo, guys! I have ingame stuttering after 10-15 minutes from the start of the game- first 10 minutes everythings perfect. Any suggestions how can i solve this problem? Processor: Ryzen 5 2600 Video: Geforce GTX 980 TI RAM: 16 GB Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk b 450
  14. Encountered a re-occurring bug after the quality of life update. The long term low framerate seems to be replaced with the game occasionally freezing for around 20 - 60 seconds depending on depth and planet. I was playing with one other player.
  15. Pretty long time all went well. But suddenly when i was driving with a tractor when odd rabid power spending started. I returned to my base. I took all of my items out but still. I restarted the game what fixed it for now but figured to still report this. energy bug.mp4
  16. So I haven't seen this happen on the other 3 planets I've been to(Sylva, desolo, vesania) except novus. I will be walking on novus and ill notice massive frame drops or my character just runs in place as if a wall is blocking him. I don't know what could be happening. Sorry if you have been getting this constantly and are working on it. Sincerely, Blue Video:
  17. hi guys recently started playing Astroneer on my ps4 & ive awoken slyva, desolo & vesania & i got all the cosmetics from awakening all those planets but last night i awoken glacio & i got the trophy on my ps4 but the tundra suit & palette are still locked. if anyone could please help me out it would be appreciated
  18. Hello Dev Team and Astroneers, After the recent update ( 1.9.8 ) i have noticed a constant bug. I've created a new world, played for while and i have decided that it is time to go and see another planet. I have printed the following: Small Shuttle, Landing Pad, 1st Thruster. Near the platform with the shuttle on, i have a Buggy, with no seat and a solar panel on the left side of it. After i have placed the shuttle / landing pad everytime i pass by my buggy my game freezes / crashes. To keep in mind that i have taken off the seat of the buggy with the Packer, maybe it helps on finding the error. I saw that many people complain about this and said they've experienced this from the recent update ( 1.9.8 ). Please do something, this is an amazing game, i have worked a lot on my world and i do not want to lose my progress, love the game! P.S. The 1.9.8 update that was suposed to free you mostly of the lag on console while playing multiplayer / singleplayer has no effect, is the same thing, feels like nothing has changed. Thank you for your time spent in reading this. XBOX ONE DIGITAL EDITION
  19. I don't want to make this a rant post but long story short I lost hours of progress on one planet because I tried to unfold a medium storage on a large shuttle. When I rebooted the game to see where it left me after it crashed I was on the previous planet preparing for what I just completed. There are no crash logs from what I could find and nothing to recreate it to confirm if its a bug or not. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future? Is autosaving a part of the roadmap?
  20. While I was riding on a tractor with 2 trailers I was receiving energy from my small wind turbines. The trailer battery charge icon appeared overhead a lot times as with the sound affect while I was riding. Computer, Version Astroneer Bug 1.mp4
  21. Bonjour , je souhaite faire par d'un problème survenu lors d'un de mes session de jeu autours des " Gateway Chambers ". En effet l'un d'entre eux sur glacio a été activer mais n'est pas accessible d'utilisation ni n'apparait comme activé sur la carte .Hors je ne peut le réactiver puisque la manip pour le faire a déjà été exécute . De plus sur cette même planète plusieurs des Gateway Chambers sont dédoublé sur la même position. Je me retrouve alors bloquer sur une partie "bugger" ou ma progression été très avancée. Je vous contacte donc pour savoir si il existe une solution pour tout de même pouvoir continuer cette partie puisque les Gateway Chambers dédoubler semble fonctionné comme un seul et correctement , mais l’élément me bloquant est celui qui ne veut pas fonctionné après activation.( pas de screen concluant inclut de ce problème car il m'est difficile de retournée a cette position pendant la création de ce message) Merci de votre lecture et possiblement votre réponse :).
  22. I was playing on vesania, ready to head back to sylva when i decided to package a research chamber that had a partially researched item from one of the research aids. I pressed pack and the game immediately crashed. I will test this on other planets in a minute and reply to this thread with the results. Also thank you for making, and continuing to support this game, it's one of my favorites : )
  23. @SES_Adam @SES_joe Large rovers still lose their momentum while using a drill &/or paver on Xbox after the holiday update. I thought this was fixed after trying it in creative mode, but it's still broken for adventure mode.
  24. I wanted to record the whole game, but after 10 hours, the archive was lost. I am very embarrassed to leave only some videos. I can't continue recording, so I can only play again. But how can I guarantee that I won't encounter this problem again? Fix it so I can keep recording. This is worse than losing your car full video is
  25. So I'm running around on Calidor, and you know the little rocks all over the terrain. The tiny cube rocks, the same color as the ground. I keep getting stuck on those and it is really annoying. It pauses my running for like a second, more or less. Sometimes, I don't even see a rock! Unless there are even tinier rocks or they are like 95% in the ground, yet I still hit their hitboxes. I'm unsure if it happens on other planets