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Found 2,717 results

  1. Hi guys, I've opened a hole beside my base and found a exists cave. The hole is big to permit I go down with my tractor. When I flatten the ground inside the existing cave, I got a BIG decrease fps rate. And I think that's possible because if I flatten the ground from the peak, I made a second ground and more poligons are created, and it added with existing polygons. I will try today, if I flatten the ground in lowest level of the relief and decrease polygons, if the FPS will be stabilized.
  2. Persistantham

    Terrain Tool Bug

    So there is a bug that continues to happen every time I play, after a short time playing the terrain tool gets stuck in digging mode. Trying to build terrain does nothing and neither does restarting the game. Anyone have a similar issue or a suggestion to help fix the issue.
  3. Mike Yodawski

    Bug with Packagers

    I believe I have discovered a bug with the packager items in the game. I only have the game on PC so I don't know if his bug appears in the console versions of the game. I had spent over 30 minutes on Glacio collecting and mining Titanite and Laterite. I had spent an extra 10 on getting back to my shuttle and then when I got back to my shuttle with my super miner (crane plus silo b with a ton of silo a's attached), the game black screened and then closed completely. When I reload the game, it loads me into Sylva, with nothing but the stuff I started my journey with. This has happened to me before on Desolo when I was trying to mine Wolframite. I don't know what is happening but it continues to crash when I put the packager on the crane to package it for transport. If the game saved when you entered and exited the crane, it would most likely not be a big issue. This is a small bug, but overall it has cost me around 3 hours of my own time.
  4. My astroneer is offline and i can't get any colors,costumes etc Please help
  5. My astroneer is offline and i can't get any colors,costumes etc Please help
  6. Temmy30403

    Levitating Node

    I can't post a screenshot (I'm on Xbox) but I encountered a strange bug. I was playing creative driving my buggy around on Sylva when I found one of the nodes, floating high up in the air. I was only able to get up to it because I was playing creative. If you want to see it, I uploaded the clip to my Xbox profile. (TeenTroller23) While this bug didn't inhibit my experience, I thought I should report it anyway.
  7. New here, apologies if already reported, I did search and didn't find quickly and this feels like it is new (as in, I swear this worked as expected until very recently) Bug: When filling in terrain via soil cannisters in my backpack they all drain simultaneously at the same rate as a single cannister. No matter how many cannisters are in my backpack they only output the same quantity of soil as a single cannister. Expected behavior: 1 cannister drains at a time until depleted, then the next, then next. Platform: PC / MS game pass (but I'll link to reports of people using PC/Steam below) Links to similar reports on Reddit (one has video evidence):
  8. DillyBar8

    Bug on Calidor

    Hi, i am currently trying to ignite all of the nodes on Calidor however when i went to light one, it activated and allowed me to travel from it, however i could not travel back to it. Once i traveled back by foot i noticed it wanted me to connect power to it again so i did. Now there are two dim nodes floating simultaneously, both not bright nodes. What should i do to fix this?
  9. Every since I updated my pc to the latest version, I haven't been able to save my game. Anyone got a fix to this?
  10. version: platform:pc pc specs: cpu=ryzen 5 2600, gpu= radeon rx 560, ram= 16gb. i recently bought the game and have really been enjoying it, i went to novus for some hematite for iron, and the extra lithium can usefull i thought, but i have been noticing that walking/running on novus is just really stuttery, it feels like you keep on running into walls, but there are none, on a selfmade flat plane you can walk just fine, but when walking over the naturally generated terrain you just keep on getting stuck on nothing. i haven't had this problem on sylva or vesania(the other planets that ive been on). maybe it is just a one time and this stuttery movement will be gone when i get back to novus another time, restarting the game doesn't change it, i also don't know if this happens on any other planets, but it is kinda annoying. love the game so far btw, great game. hope this can be fixed, or explained if its just a game mechanic i don't understand, but it really doesn't feel like the movement should be like that on novus.
  11. Hello. I'm not certain as to why this is the case, but it seems that Novus in particular has a serious problem with terrain shaping; at least I'm guessing that's what the issue is. This problem happens for me and a friend both in every mode. Creative, Survival, Singleplayer, and Co-op. Attached below is me replicating the issue in singleplayer in Creative Mode (just going to ignore the double lighting bug there.) I will include specs as well. There are no necessary steps to replicating this, simply being on the surface at all makes this occur. The same happens below ground. I have verified my game integrity and reinstalled, including wiping the AppData folder. This seems to be permanant and makes visiting Novus quite painful. *On DxDiag - Astroneer appears in the diagnostics section, but only on my results. I do not know the relevance of this but it seems worth noting. *tl;dr specs: We both use Win 10 x64, DirectX 12, have NVIDIA GTX 10's (1070 for me, 1080 for them,) AMD processors, and have ~16 GB of RAM. Thanks for checking 👍 strange.mp4 DxDiagMine.txt DxDiagFriend.txt
  12. Created a container but it does not work i.e. the soil is not going into it. I also noticed that the container in the initial training mission differs from that in a regular game in appearance. It is long and white completely in the shape of a cylinder. There is no container full indicator. View canister in training mission: Steam Version Windows 10 I can say about the tractor that after printing and deployment, it often flies into space, sometimes together with an astronaut. Build a planet rover is already scary)) Re-install and new launch game did not help.
  13. I created a exo request platform on Sylva and played with it enough to unlock all the cosmetic rewards and one care package. I then traveled to Atrox built a new base and a new exo request platform. Now every time I open the interface it tells me I have rewards to claim and when I send the rocket up it comes back loaded.
  14. Hey there peeps. After updating to the latest version available for me on Xbox One S there seems to be a presumably white circle peeking out from the top left corner of my screen at all times while playing. It will at various times change slightly in size. I'll add a couple photos to show. Sorry if they're blurry. They're direct screenshots from Xbox Upload. I've tried reinstalling and restarting but that doesn't seem to fix it. Any ideas why or how to fix this?
  15. Steam - 1.11.62 Keyboard + Mouse Windows 10 I am running multiple saves were all players in the game are affected by this. When carrying multiple canisters they would fill one by one with the basic rate (no problems there). When creating new terrain using the terrain tool with ctrl or alt, material is used from all containers carried at once (not 1 by 1) with the normal rate. It's only creating the terrain worth 1 canister of material but it will have used all your canisters in the process. Resulting in canister terrain tool usage rate multiplying by the amount of canisters the player carries but keeping the original terrain creation rate. Repo Steps: 1) Attach multiple canisters to backpack 2) Fill all canisters with material 3) Create terrain using the terrain tool (ctrl or alt) don't use all material. 4) Check backpack to see that all canisters have been used with an equal percentage instead of 1 by 1. Resulting in only a small amount of material used but this material is taken from all canisters instead of 1. From one Game Dev to another, thanks for the last update! You guys fixed an amazing amount of crashes in this last patch! Haven't had a single crash yet, also multiplayer performance has improved a lot! Thanks!
  16. KnavishPlum

    Cannot Join Friends World?

    Hello, I recently got back into Astroneer with two friends, one is on PC and I and the third friend are on Xbox. We have been joining and playing mostly fine with some issues such related to gameplay and connecting, but after the recent update (, but now we can't connect at all. The PC friend is the host, when I try to join, I am told the session does not exist or is invalid. What is weird is that he can join me on my world though. It seems like it could be related to cross-play, but it only seems to be an issue if the Xbox is connecting to a PC and not the other way around. Thanks!
  17. I was playing in my friend multiplayer game and I took a large shuttle using a solid fuel thruster to Glacio to collect iron and argon, so I filled my shuttle with 3 medium storages of iron and 1 with argon canisters. So I took off form Glacio and when I went into space I couldn't leave the orbit of Glacio, so I was stuck as no rings were showing on the planet so I had to leave the game and when I joined back I loaded as if it was the first time joining and not the large shuttle with all of the resources on it is stuck in space. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so are we able to give it recognition so that System Era can try and fix this annoying bug that causes a loss of a lot of time.
  18. I have just reinstalled Astroneer and created a new Savegame from scratch. I built a EXO-request-platform, but no rocket shows up. The screen says "No mission available. Inactive". Additionally the game doesn't close successfully, it keeps running in the background until I forcefully close it via steam. Also the ingame name has been changed to my Laptop name followed by some alphanumeric stuff. OS: Win 10 Platform: Steam
  19. ToxicBebop

    Suitless sadness

    I have unlocked the PS4 trophies for awakening Sylva, Desolo, and Calidor but I can only use the cosmetics awarded for the "Desolo Awakened" trophy. I have tried making another save file and getting to the center of Sylva again but that still didn't unlock the suit, I also tried Deleting then reinstalling the game too. Is there a fix or workaround for this?
  20. So I came across multiple crashed ships all in one spot, probably hundreds and every time I go near them it creates insane lag, less than 1fps. I tried to blow them up with dynamite one by one but the lag is so strong it just locks up my computer, please help.
  21. Whenever I build an exo request platform I just get the old one? I had never built one before as I wasn't playing around the last timed events. I'm just getting the single slot version from the previous update. I scrapped it several times and built a new one, tried repackaging and unpacking to.

    Emote bug

    Why henlo there,i've come across a weird emote bug after the scrap event,ive noticed that the emotes of all suits are all the same(we all know that most suits have different and unique animations with "wave" or "jump of joy" and other emotes)well,after the update,they are all the same with all suits(even with exotic suit"breaking" emote,its helmet doesnt stay stationary)i use emotes alot,and this bug kinda removes the suit's "personality".
  23. For some reason whenever I open my game the game is just a grey screen. I cannot do anything about it. I hear the System Era start up chime and that is on a black screen. Then grey screen appears and it gets stuck on that. When I open the game the Astroneer photo thing is there, but then its just black after with the start up chime. I downloaded it on the Microsoft store and I have it on my Xbox One. With Xbox play anywhere the progress is synced with my pc and Xbox One Astroneer. I just cannot play on my pc because of this. I really like this game so please fix this issue or tell me how to fix it manually! I downloaded it off the Microsoft store so its harder to get into the folders, or at least I had trouble with it. Please fix! I really want to play on my old world! System Specs- Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 8 gigabytes of ddr3 ram, 5400 rpm hard drive, Intel i-5 4690 @3.5 ghz, Windows 10
  24. During the salvage initiative event you are supposed to be able to put medium debris bundles and the displaced cargo on the exo rocket, but it is not allowing me to. Without that function the displaced cargo is useless and I have to blow everything up into small debris that are worth less recovery points. Please fix soon.
  25. Just_That_Jacob

    Medium Battery Visual Bug

    I Filled a large storage silo B with some small silos, medium generators, wind turbines, and some medium batteries, and put the whole silo B on a large shuttle. When i got back home and took the silo off, i found the batteries looking like this. As I rotate them, the power bars rotate with a hoola hoop motion. The only way I could fix it was to package the battery and reopen it. Hope this helps!