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Found 2,717 results

  1. My inventory sometimes acts like a normal storage to my friend
  2. Summary: - Steam - Sensors get unusable after putting them in the inventory in multiplayer(only non-host)  Description: If the host or non-host put any sensor in the inventory the segement hook disappear for the non-host, if the host use the segment hook it appears for the non host Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number:
  3. stalkerphoenix

    Extra Large Shredder Bug Report

    We're playing with one of my mates Astroneer and suddenly he put the large resource canister (it had about 50 aluminium and it didnt drop them so we decided to take it down for a couple of scraps -also a bug-). Suddenly, it started dropping all those red things around which made us quit and rejoin. Once we rejoined, they were still there. Can anyone help? I'm sorry if I post my bug in a the wrong place, I'm new around here. Also, give a tip about my FPS dropping while my friend got 120. We have the same specs (a fine computer). Thanks everyone!
  4. Summary: 1.13 Automation update - Steam - Crash when using packager on auto extractor Description: after finishing up a resource harvest, i was packing things up to move to another resource location, when trying to deploy a packager on the auto extractor, the game crashed and returned to desktop Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | Version 1903 | OS build 18362.900 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 6GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 1200Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB unreal-v0-2020.06.25-20.22.42.dmp
  5. If you are in the shop and join with an invite (Xbox) the store will stay there, but you can still do anything normally
  6. Have a canister on top of thumper and set to dispense, you get a mess of supplies.
  7. if i leave the area and come back and drive up to my auto-arms they no longer work i have to get out of my truck and turn them all off and on again constantly
  8. Terrain Analyzer is weird. Color is reset to default color(Light grey) when I load saved game. I have set the Terrain Analyzers colors(e.g. dark grey, snow color, green, etc.). But when I close the game and run, load the saved game, all Terrain Analyzers color is changed to default color.
  9. The Automation Arm's Korean translate is incorrect. Look at this. I'm Korean so I know what is problem. The Automation Arm is a Robotic Arm right? Robotic Arm's Korean translate is: 로봇 팔 "팔" is meaning "Arm". So Automation Arm's Korean translate is: 자동화 팔 or 자동 팔 Please fix it. This "Arm" is Robotic Arm. Not a weapon "Arm". ("무장" is translate to "Arm" too. But "무장" is meaning "(Weapon) Armed". So this translate is wrong.)
  10. Auto Arms will pick up small fabricators, even when the only part of the fabricator in the pickup area is the fabricating head. This makes it impossible to automate collection of tier 2 items. Playing on PC/Desktop through Steam. Windows 10
  11. Solyphonous

    Chemistry Lab Visual Bug

    Every time I use the chemistry lab the item it is producing does not move with the rest of the animation - it always stays in the "done" position, as seen below.
  12. Have been playing with friends on new dedicated server got achievements "journey to the center of the thing", "Exo Dynamics Outreach Advocate", "interplanetary Road trip" but "Exo Dynamics Outreach Participant" and "Let me Borrow this just a second" won't trigger. is this a known issue, or is there something I'm missing?
  13. By setting this configuration and tweaking a bit with the cables, this bug is created whereby the buildings are as if they are not consuming energy.
  14. Furkistain

    Wanderers Way Bug

    There is a problem at my game today I was playin astroneer and I find and activated 4 of the satellite and 2 of them yesterday but my game crashed and after I opended my game and activated the 7th sattelite but wanderer did’t apear and when I go to my base I realised that I havent got to suit colors then I reopened my game and it said that I need to activate Atrox again and I did and I only got the Atrox color and 2 more but I haven’t got 4 wanderer suit colors and wanderer suit and I don’t know what happend so please help me.
  15. PedroAsani

    Multiplayer now unusable

    Since the 1.12 patch, our multiplayer game has become unusable, and my son is upset that all the progress we had made is ruined. He doesn't want to have to keep starting over with every patch. Our save file is only 4.9Mb, but he still gets disconnected from the host before he has even joined.
  16. All of a sudden astroneer started continually crashing on me within 20seconds of me joining our dedicated server. It started about 15 minutes ago when the game randomly crashed while I was in a cave on desolo. upon restarting and reentering our server I noticed that all the mods on my terrain tool were gone! everything in my backpack was still there though, so this pissed me off tremendously as I had drill mod 3 already, so now I could go and waste resources on that again. So I started to go back to the surface to do so, and while in the process of that, BOOM another crash. the kind of crash is weird too, it just shuts off like that. No error message or whatever, just BOOM back to desktop, no warning, no error message, nothing. since then I have tried joining over 7 times, all ending in me crashing either before it was even fully loaded in, or within 20 seconds of actually making it in. We have restarted the server, I have validated the game files 2 times already, nothing seems to work. all the while my friend is happily running around in the server no problem. This really pissed me off as we have been playing a lot all of last week, and have come very far already, dodging and weaving our way through what is already quite a buggy mess if I'm honest. We crashed in space, in a rocket, with the thing being stuck up there, and us respawning at base, vehicles falling through the ground, multiple lost inventories, countless random deaths at the teleporters, planet cores that suddenly stopped providing oxygen and the list goes on! But at least it was somewhat playable and enjoyable, now I can't even do that anymore. I see you guys have big plans on bringing more and more content into the game, but I'd rather see you guys sitting down to fix the countless problems first, before making the scope of the game even bigger than it already is. Sincerely, Someone who is trying really hard to enjoy your game
  17. Every time my friend gets in my game, he doesn't have anything he had in his terrain tool anymore. Please fix this for the next update.
  18. While on top of a gateway on Calidor, I randomly get killed while on full oxygen and power (I know that doesn't matter here, technically). No hostile plants nearby since I am on the top of the gateway (none are near the base of it either). This happened to me multiple times in a row. Please fix this game-breaking bug!
  19. Look at this below. This is my first problem. And my second problem is: The character just walking on the spot frequently with lag. I think this bug seems to reappear because of a more severe lag than before a recent hot-fix update. But the exact reason is that the developers know. Please fix this bug.
  20. KOR_APUcard

    Debris just disappeared?

    I found this bug. Debris just disappeared. But why? [Before] I'm just tried attach package to this because I want know "Can I package this?". Yeah, It can't be packaged. So I went to another planet to make Explosive Powder. But... When I went back and came back... It is just disappeared! WTF Why this is happening? Why the some debris just disappearing when it touched after? That's odd...
  21. redstonerti

    Small camera drone bug

    The aero cam covers half the research button. It's hitbox is way too big
  22. Hey! I've had Astroneer for quite some time and just recently picked it up again. I loaded up one of my old saves from last summer (2019) and ever since I've been experiencing some strange duplication bugs - not in terms of items or anything, but in terms of, well, larger things.. I've attached the picture to this post. Duplicate Gateway Engine Platform: STEAM Version: Latest Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64x CPU: Intel i7 8700k GPU: GTX 1070 6gb RAM: 16gb - don't know the type Drive: Hard Drive - magnetic; also don't know brand/type The bug isn't too big of a deal, but I thought you guys might want to know about it. Love the game and can't wait to see where it goes!
  23. Description: In multiplayer, when a client tries to send a rocket with EXO payload (for salvage initiative) all items of payload drop on the floor, no points are credited but 500 octets are taken from inventory. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: i7-4790k GPU: Geforce 1080 RAM: 16GB Drive: SSD
  24. Bonjour, Depuis quelque mois je ne parviens plus à démarrer mon jeu Astroneer, lorsque je le lance, la première partie du chargement se passe bien mais lors du chargement du système solaire la barre de chargement se bloque au milieu de sa progression et reste comme ça durant plusieurs heure sans que je ne puisse rien faire à part éteindre l'ordinateur de force, mais parfois le jeu se ferme quelque minutes après que l 'écran se soit figé. J'ai acheté Astroneer sur Steam en 2018 Lorsque le jeu était en early access, ma configuration est bonne pour la partie minimun, donc je ne vois pas d'où peut bien venir le problème. Je vous demande donc de m'aider s'il vous plaît, car je suis dans une situation difficile, je ne suis pas du genre à demander de l'aide au gens mais là je suis vraiment désespéré. Merci par avance. Cordialement.
  25. There is a bug when the small solars. When they are in your backpack, the solar panel head tends to float off the stand and not look like a normal small solar anymore. And when you take it out of your backpack, it still looks broken. The image is of one a took off my backpack. The panel head is so far away from the stand that it isn’t appearing on screen. It’s not that big of a deal but it is immensely annoying because it happens all the time with them.