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Found 2,717 results

  1. I have been unable to get the "Can I Borrow This" achievement. I have researched in another 'neer's game multiple times but cannot get the achievement to unlock. It is the last achievement I need before the mastery "unlock everything" achievement, and it is driving me crazy! The two 'neer's games I have joined have assured me that they never played on creative mode, and I've even been able to unlock other achievements while playing in their game. Please help!
  2. The video speaks by itself, and every time this happens i have to dig out the tractor because its on the actual dirt, idk if this is a known issue or not, i just started to play... test bug astro.mp4
  3. Since yesterday, my resource canisters have not been displaying their contents properly, as seen in the image below: After enabling the output on the canister, waiting for one resource unit to be output and then disabling the output, it once again displays the content correctly, as seen below. This resets every time I load my save. Anyone have an idea how to fix this so that my canisters display their contents again and I don't have to reset each canister every time I load my game?
  4. i was looking for other nodes in my ship and when i found a spot to land by one. it was in some mountains and my ship ended up landing INSIDE the mountains.
  5. Summary: - Steam - Items from canisters are bugging Description: I play on the keyboard and mouse. Steam. I was at the core of Novus collecting Astronium. (Everything happened on a dedicated server created by myself, I never had any problems with the server). I suffered a bug in the gravity of the core of Novus, after that I was thrown through the wall, ending up in an unknown cave, right after that I started dying from lack of oxygen, just before dying I left the server and closed the game (I was very stressed by what happened). Today when I tried to enter the server again I was simply disconnected (I already checked the internet, IP and other possible causes). Unfortunately I didn't get any photos or videos of what happened. Platform: Steam Version:  Version: - Steam Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 Build 18362.959 CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 (Quadcore, 3.0GHz) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB, 256-Bits, GDDR5 RAM: 2x 16GB DDR4 3200mhz CL16 Drive: Seagate HD ST3500312CS 500GB
  6. The hat "Hydration Deflector" is obstructing the facelight on my Astroneer when running or standing on an incline. It's quite annoying considering it's a paid item. Is this some sort of unintended interaction? I can't use the item I paid for because of how annoying it is. Thanks.
  7. Description: In currently used save file, the game crashes to desktop whenever an action is taken that causes the game to save, such as entering a rover or habitat. This bug doesn't occur on a fresh save. I can't post crash logs as this version auto uploads them or whatever and there is no log folder stored on my PC by Astroneer. Platform: Windows 10 Store (or Xbox store if that's the same thing) Version / Build Number: Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18363) (18362.19h1_release.190318-1202) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Card name: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT DxDiag.txt
  8. Hello there, When the Auto Arm pauses for like a minute because it has nothing to do anymore it won't pick up ressources again when needed. It just stops working and turns off although it still looks like its active. However, I can't tell whether this bug existed form the beginning on or came with a further patch.
  9. Coolkjc05

    Bug: Glitched Resource

    I was trying to make an auto machine and I put a medium resource canister (Graphite) into it and as I do that I disable output and at the same time the auto arm grabs the resource and stopped it mid way and now I can’t grab it nor can the arms grab the resource. Edit: It also Glitched the resource canister by filling it with not a full resource
  10. I was trying to make an auto machine and put the button on the platform and put the target pin to the platform and something happened and it’s just got stuck repeating even in my own inv or without an outside source.
  11. so whenever i try to join my friends co-op, it don't work. my firewall is fine (private public,) and it only do be happening on 1 world.we've only been on the coop for around 12 hours, and it do be workin' before. just now its broken. we are also both using STEAM. Plz help.
  12. We tried to fire the fireworks manually, we used Button Repeater, but it didn't work. Steam, V.
  13. Cosmoaut

    Freezing My Computer

    Everytime i close astroneer when i try to open it again, it always says "Running" even when its definitely not and so i am unable to start. I have found a solution to this but the problem is once i load the game up again i try to load my save and in the middle of loading it has frozen my computer both times. I've tried twice, one i restart my pc i can load it fine. Until i close the game again...
  14. As i got this bug i was unable to exit out of the selection menu and had to hard crash the game to be able to log in again
  15. I managed to activated 4 out of 7 planets and was heading to last two chambers on Glacio for completion sake and was with my rover terraforming my path. My whole PC froze and had to force restart. Keep in mind my savegame had around 15 MB. After re-entering game I was respawned at Sylva in the middle of nowhere with nothing in my backpack. Had to turn on creative mode to see if I can at least find my shelter or any of my farms. I found out I had 0 bytes(had about 17k leftover after getting everything) but with all unlocked. Noticed I couldn't respawn at my last shelter, probably because I don't have a shelter anymore. Restarted my game. Save file is 10MB...I spawn right where I left off in middle of Sylva. Found a pyramid chamber but it was not powered up, even though I powered all 6 & the core...I am just giving up at this point. 130 hours gone just like that. Not to mention the game crashes REALLY often, even though I chose to ignore it because I love the game. Now I am genuinely upset and hate this so bad... Having all that progress deleted like it was nothing just isn't fun. I even had a working nanocarbon alloy farm and farms for everything else needed. I will not start over, I just wish there is a way to get my save back or hopefully stuff like this doesn't happen to others. I will include some screenshots. If you need to see my achievements, I think you can see them from my profile since it is linked with Steam. Any kind of help is appreciated.
  16. War_Wolf997

    Arid Suit bugged

    I found a major bug that I've been trying to fix but no luck. I've awakened Calidor but didn't get the Arid suit nor the Calidor pallet. I have the trophy but it's still locked. I've tried to unlock it on my friends server, awakened Calidor and still no luck. I'm out of ideas...
  17. Klen

    Weird crash site

    I found this crash site, I was wondering if this is as intended
  18. Summary: (See image) The Sensor on the left is set to full/not full. The goal of the setup is as follows: If the platform on the left isn't full => enable output on the canister so that the arm can take resources Else: Turn off the output of the canister so that other arms could add items. Platform: Steam, multiplayer
  19. Going to any other planet causes the holograms of for instance carbon and teathers to bounce around wildly. this happens on any other planet other than sylva.
  20. Me and my friend were about to scrap a medium resorce canister in a n XL-scraper. As soon as i put it in the Scrapper started to spew out thousands of tinny items. (they look to me like small holding slots) It crashed both our games a few seconds after it started but luckly we could still access the world (we have since burried them deep underground and that explains the hole in the screenshop) We have scrapped many resorce canisters before in the scrapper so we think it had something to do with the canister still had one piece of heminite still in it I'm reporting this bc on a server with losts of players someone could do this and crash everybody's game PS: Sorry for the bad grammer
  21. noctalartifact


    Playing on Steam with a mouse and keyboard. I am unable to finish the game and get the "And Beyond" achievement because I placed a shelter on the center of the platform, which is now completely blocking it and I am unable to move, package, or delete the shelter. I cannot progress.
  22. While using the Arid suit, the "TAKE A PICTURE" emote's holographic camera is positioned incorrectly, and can even be seen in the photo (see attached screenshots). I noticed this only happens with the Arid suit (I checked every suit), it also happened to me 100% of the time. I assume it is supposed to look like this (other suit used): Thanks for your support and for the awesome game!
  23. Hola buenos dias, tardes o noches Al momento de iniciar astroneer (xbox) comienza y todo va bien hasta que llega el momento de carga, se queda ala mitad la barra (antes de cargando el sistema solar)y cuando carga al completo, me saca del juego sin motivos, no me da ningún error y es algo frustrante estar casi una hora diaria entrando y saliendo del juego hasta que cargue Esto quita las ganas de jugar este maravilloso juego : '(
  24. Hello! I've been having this issue since yesterday, it happens that every time I try to join my friend's CO-OP game, I get stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, but this is not all, when the white bar of "Loading Solar System" reaches its limit, my friend is able to see that my character appears and can also see I can make emotes but not move, in my case I'm not able to see it because I still stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, even on some occasions I can hear the sound of the game and the sound my character makes when is making emotes (I press the emote buttons just to make sure my friend can see I can join to his game but also I'm completly stuck in the loading screen). I waited on the loading screen "Loading the Solar System" for about 5-7 minutes and at the end it said "Failed to Connect to Host". I tried EVERYTHING, reinstalling Astroneer and Steam, adjusting the Firewall, removing the loading screen videos from the "Movies" folder, restarting my PC obviously, trying to join CO-OP through Steam invite and directly into Astroneer CO-OP "Join Game" option. It should be noted that just before this error happened, my astroneer crashed and next to this the computer froze, then I restarted the PC and tried to join to my friends game and this error just started to happen. Please HELP!!:c