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Found 2,717 results

  1. I found that you can bury yourself and float around the map to find resources. I made this video to show how it's done. May want to consider a suffocation mechanic to prevent this sort of thing in the future.
  2. Hello. I own the Steam version of Astroneer and am enjoying my experience. However, I am experiencing a bug where when I load my save game, my astronaut will not be tethered to the line and will suffocate. I can place a new tether and it will continue the line, however I still will not be connected to it. The line is colored as if to indicate it is receiving power and oxygen, but it is in fact not. Running back to base, I find that some tethers have disappeared, breaking the line from the base. So I guess this is a couple of bugs: 1) tethers disappear near base, and 2) a broken tether line still shows colored despite not delivering power / electricity, and finally 3) astronaut will not connect to this tether, so I assume if there was a strong weather event I would be blown away. Thank you devs for reading and congratulations on the game launch. On the whole I am having a great time.
  3. Astronaut

    Floating Contents

    The first time I started Astroneer I had no problems with this issue. Once I exited the game and started up the saved file, all my contents were floating just behind my character. It was simply fixed by replacing them to their previous slots. This is the Steam version using a mouse and keyboard and in a single player game.
  4. I can run the game in full screen or the default windowed mode on Windows 10 but I am unable to resize the screen. I run a 4K monitor and really would like to stream the game but it's a pain (with obvious drawbacks) to run in full screen and not have access to anything else without it being visible on streem. Not looking for a free resize if that would be an issue, but at least offer to set the windowed mode to specific window sizes (such as 1920x1080)
  5. When I have the game Fullscreen, and I have to alt-tab or click outside of the game it will crash. I would use windowed mode, but its hardly usable at its current state as it sits(unmovable) in the top-left corner of the screen. Only other programs I have running while playing are Steam and MSI Afterburner 4.3.0 Three times when I alt-tabbed to open Chrome to view the Wiki, it crashed. I tried it just alt-tabbing to the Desktop and same result. Specs: Windows 10 Pro x64 - Fully updated Mouse & Keyboard CPU = AMD FX-8350 GPU = Geforce 770 4GB RAM = 16GB
  6. Parble

    Broken Planet

    Mouse / Keyboard Steam I was walking around hunting for resources when an odd shape started rising above the horizon as it rose higher I realized it was a planet broken into 4 segments. Multiplayer with two other people one being the host.
  7. Microsoft Windows store Play Anywhere edition. (win10/XB1) Mouse and keyboard controlled built the truck, added 1 seat and storage (large triangle shaped storage) the truck goes out of control, speeding forward regardless if im in it or not. this seems to randomly happen but severely worsens when hitting a tether (which also has a massive FPS hit when tethered) Very similar to the FPS issues waffle had on his live stream on December 14 PS thank you for such a great game and the change to test and play early.
  8. the_monotonist

    SteamVR starts on launch

    I own a Vive and have SteamVR installed, and right when I launched Astroneer it automatically launched SteamVR even though there is no VR support right now.
  9. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  10. Seems like Tethering in my base is half broken and does not seem to work anymore. Anyone have this issue? Any known fixes?
  11. Basically I put a habitat on my rover, left the world and when I came back this happened: Guess that means 2 rovers less for me. Unfortunately the other one acted as trailer and didn't want to let his buddy leave this world alone. Having the habitat triggered at places where it's not supposed to surely leads to funny results.
  12. When placing terrain if you have it built up to one side of you and then you build some on the other side, it will cause you to fall through the world (RIP all my items.)
  13. Litho

    Inbox Full

    Hello, I have 1 conversation with 3 received messages in my forum inbox. I went to compose a message and it says my box is full and to delete convos... Is this a bug? If not, what is our conversation/message limit? more than 1 convo I hope :-D Anyone else with this issue?
  14. CCUGhostJrDK

    Forum login issue

    Whenever i press the sign in popup window it disappears quickly. It doesn't stay open. Am i the only one with the issue?
  15. Another Bug spotted. (Hirnsturz Twitch Stream). He put 2 Resin on a base knot to store it, but that forced the knot to expand to a platform. The original knot already had 3 connections and should not expand when you put resin on it. But it did and broke the powertransfer in the network. Video at 1h23m50s:
  16. So I just started playing the Astroneer Windows 10 game preview and instantly came across this bug! When I re-create terrain towards me horizontally it actually completely goes through me rather than pushing me along with it and I fall through the ground! so for example; If you create a nice little dirt tower with your Terrain tool, then stand next to it and start adding terrain onto the tower point black at the wall it'll consume you and you'll actually fall through the ground! This also works inside caves, if you add terrain below you and push yourself into the roof of a cave you'll be pushed through the cave roof as well!
  17. On Biffa's Let's Play, I spotted a duping bug. At 13:10 He is smelting aluminum ore but there is not enough space in the smelter to smelt all items. During the smelting he removed items to make space, but this delay in smelting made the aluminum ore stop processing before the whole nugget was sucked in. But the output is a full aluminum nugget. On the next smelt, the smelter is processing the rest of the aluminum ore nugget but also outputed a full aluminum nugget. If you exploit this, you can make 3 metal, out of 2 ores. Not that bad, but still a bug. Here is the video (just in case my explanation is too terrible):