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Found 2,725 results

  1. This is a VERY VERY VERY hard bug.. see this... oof lags...
  2. Ronald Lowry

    Game Not Saving

    After saving the game my progress was deleted. Mouse and Keyboard Microsoft Store Windows 10 Slightly Above average specs Just came back from a trip to another planet. Saved the game 3-4 times over the period of 1.5 hours. Game crashed and I was put back in my shuttle on a different planet where I started. All of my saves were done on the starting shelter on Sylva. Similar bug happened again and I lost another hour of progress.
  3. RheniumGames

    Terrain Glitch

    My friend and I are on a multiplayer game and the terrain is re-forming and glitching for them. I don't know if this has been covered on the forums before, but is there any way to fix it? I have attached a badly edited image to show what I mean. I am playing on software version
  4. A bug with these modules if they are on the same platform (extra large platform C). If there is no space for a canister of gas, it is placed in the outlet slot of chemical lab, and this canister cannot be reached until you start production of something. Video shows what I mean.
  5. Discovered whats causing the force closing/crash it is the Chemistry Lab if you start to make something then save and quit then return and continue to synthesize that same material it causes the crash It also produces half of a material which you have to remove then put terrain over then remove the terrain to delete the object causing the crash it is also happening when making Hydrazine had to just burnt it out in the jetpack to get rid of the item as it just kept crashing while trying to resume the process (picture of it happening to Steel below) NOTE: Console Xbox One S
  6. thats pertygood

    Xbox one crash when saving game

    It very unforunate that when I spend my time playing astroneer and making progress in the game I know I have wasted my time because whenever I try to save my game with any vehicle or shuttle or even save menu in the game, it just crashes to the xbox home menu. And all time spent is lost. Wont play this game on xbox till it's fixed, so upsetting.
  7. I was digging underground and trying to make a slide to the center of the earth when I decided to come back up. I had my zebra ball in a divot near where I was digging. I got up and may have dug a bit too close to my zebra ball, resulting in it disappearing off of the face of the earth. I was excited to move my zebra ball to a new cave shrine and post all about it on Reddit, but all I could think of when I re-surfaced with my ball nowhere to be found was Ze-bruh. Please help, it disappeared 3 days ago and I check all the surrounding mountains and underground to no avail. I need to find my lord and savior, my Zebro. I will be forever sad without this rare find that I found on the opposite end of the planet in the mountains before I even had a rover. Rest in peace, Zebra.
  8. Title says it all, any help? xbox one? saves file looks to be about 250mb, put to much time in to restart again feel like uninstalling it Cleared cache & restarted, uninstalled, re-installed, still crashs every 5 min Was fine in this state last night (picture), now have ALOT less but keeps crashing
  9. When leaving a co-op partner on planet while i goto another planet causes really bad lag & the person on the planet is left with a dodgy terrain tool & to sort it out so i can land he has to leave (Due to severity of the lag) Anyone else have the same issue? Prior to update game force closes itself rather alot when shuttle is launching/landing
  10. Markku Mc Grath

    Xbox one crash

    Hello, I have been playing the game, basically since start, and it has been a lot of fun. Really like the game. But now the game crashes aloooot, like really a lot. I am able to play like 4-5 minutes and the it crashes, mostly when I enter a vehicle, but sometimes even when opening the backpack. I have visited all planets and fixed all gateways etc and there might be a lot of items spread around the world's. If that would be the problem? It might not crash if I created a new save but I don't want to start over again. Any fixes on this? Regards
  11. raiden nelson

    All cosmetics have been reset

    All cosmetics have been reset to if i started a new game, even my retro skin (that came with the pre-alpha) is gone, anybody know whats going on
  12. Hello all, A friend and I have had an issue with the game for quite some time now. Being the laid back (lazy) person that I am, I figured that I would wait for a fix to come without my intervention, because surely, more motivated people must have reported this issue by now. We've run into a syncing issue between PC and Xbox. I'm hosting the game on PC, and a friend is joining through Xbox. While digging down through any planet, eventually, a place will come that I can terraform (remove) material, but the material reappears for the person on the Xbox. I experimented by opening a save that I created on the PC, with the issue, on an Xbox, and I found that the areas with the issue were now full of material. I removed the material on the Xbox, saved, and reopened on my pc, and the areas that I "fixed" on the Xbox were full of material. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it appears to have something to do with how the Xbox and PC version of the game interpret data. If this issue has already been reported, forgive me, It's late, and this has been on the to-do list for a while.
  13. Found this a while ago, maybe about 1-2 weeks ago when I was playing Astroneer with my friend, he and I were lost, and I had just pulled my large rover out of a pit using the winch. Thinking that it would automatically disconnect, I put it on my rover, and then the rover flew away... funny to watch but a waste of a large rover, winch, and an RTG, please fix, thanks! (P.S: I only recently found out there was a forum for Astroneer, so thats why my posts were very fast)
  14. Whenever you package a "Research Chamber" while it is researching something (on Xbox one, at least), your game crashes, I just wanted to address this, maybe for a simple fix just make it impossible to package while in use or delete the research item, I found this on purpose as I wanted to know what would happen, thanks!
  15. j p

    Lost shuttle

    Was playing a coop session with a feiend when their internet crash while in a shuttle flying back to the start planet. Just loaded that friend back in and the shuttle is still in space. Really need the gear on it.
  16. The centrifuge was stuck and i couldnt use it, until i packed it again.
  17. jlarry999

    Sticky research bytes?!

    I've noticed that when I doing research(collecting bytes), that the byte counter sticks, & remains stuck! But, I've found that if I go & do 8-9 or so research samples(small research), the counter un-sticks! However, when I start a new set of research, the counter sticks again! I've probably lost several thousand bytes, from the counter, not counting them! I don't care about the lost bytes! Just please fix the 'issue'! P.S. I use my "Research Train' for byte collecting! See added image!
  18. GabiKleebi02

    Found 2 bugs

    The first bug is that when you use bluetooth earphones and play Astroneer and you disconnect the earphones it sometimes happens that the game closes without any error message or anything else. The second bug is that when you produced an item in the chemistry lab and you leave the game, the item is shown when you enter the game later but you can not grab the item.
  19. LeonKop

    Bugfixes please!

    Hi, I think the buggy multiplayer is a known problem but please stop at first with bringing new content, instead: new bugfixes and performance fixes for the multipayer/coop. There are so many bugs. I have big problem with the performance and still some items disappear or the game crashes while I´m flying and then I´m respawning on Sylva. That´s not cool! Please fix. I love the game but this is very annoying! Greetings, Leon (some examples are below)
  20. I unlocked the achievement 'Novus awakened' while playing offline and it did not unlock, it's been over 2 days now while I was online and it still didn't unlock. I even re-did it online later and still nothing. Can you help me?
  21. System: Win 10 - Steam - Keyboard/mouse - I was making some ammonium earlier today and while moving items around on some connected storage, I some how added an ammonium to where the finished resource comes out. It then glitched and put the finished ammonium onto the storage. However it then split part of the ammonium onto every available space of storage. Now I have 2 storages that are useless because it's got part of an ammonium on it, and I can't remove it. I also can't move the ammonium that is missing chunks. I attached a picture to hopefully explain this a bit better. I don't want to test if I can replicate it, as I don't want to go creating storages that are now useless. I moved the ammonium just as the soil centrifuge was spinning up. In the picture below the ammonium on the platform with the soil centrifuge is missing parts to it. The parts are on the medium storage next to it. I can't move any of the missing chunks, and can't move the ammonium with the missing chunks.
  22. Cant really show a picture as i cant really demostrate it
  23. When I use the research chamber to research Astronium (or any other material) it no longer gives me bytes, this already happened a while back, but since I researched Astronium (and other stuff) for about 2.3 million bytes worth, it did not bother me as much. I though I let you know that this is still a problem also in the Wanderer Update. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1903 | Build 18362.295 (US Version with German Keyboard) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 3,00 GHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 8GB OC RAM: 64 GB Corsair Vengeance Drive: 4TB WDC WD40E31X-00HY4A0 Astroneer - Research no longer gives Bytes.mp4