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Found 5 results

  1. Just curious will you ever sell the merch pack you gave to the youtubers or even just the bag as it looks very good from what I have seen and I would love to have it
  2. Once i set down in my car, game crashed and after restatting i saw this
  3. If the player opens their model's bag too close to a vehicle or loose item on the ground, then it either gets deleted from the game or sent off flying. I believe this is due to the bag being physically taken off of the player's back in order to examine its contents, which pushes anything in the way out of it. I have had to close my game many times without saving in order to recover my convoy at least three times now, and once to collect items I "borrowed" from a corpse. The first bug I encountered, however, was that, occasionally, when entering a vehicle it would literally collapse, jammi
  4. Hi, I have found an bag playing game on pc, playing on controler and mouse. I was travalming on mu space ship to the nearest moon (firs time travel) and this happend. After all this I can go out but get in I can't. Please fix it. Thank you
  5. stopped working my world. No one can not join my world. I can not get out of the capsule. keys are inactive. Help pls