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Found 145 results

  1. Running 0.2.10125.0. I have 2 small solar panels on a truck. When climbing into the truck, the game automatically pulled 1 of the small solar panels into my backpack. The other 1 could not be pulled in (backpack is full), so the game reset it back to the truck and then starts the cycle again. this happens constantly until I climb out of the truck and then the small solar panel falls to the ground. I repeated several times with the same result.
  2. My suggestion is for the backpack to have 6 additional points of attachment for tier 1 items. These attachment points could only handle batteries and oxygen tanks however; three for each. I think this would be helpful because that means these widgets would no longer take up space in the backpack those freeing up slots for resources and other items. Also, considering that there are already two slots for power widgets, I think it makes sense to add slots for batteries and oxygen tanks. Lastly, the function would be the same as the slots for the power widgets where, once crafted, the items would go directly into the slots with the added feature that only three oxygen tanks and three batteries could be placed in these slots. I've tried looking through the forums and don't really see a thread that covers this. I looked at the most frequent suggestions thread that's pinned and it wasn't on there either, and I looked at the google doc. There was something on the google doc that was similar but not quite what I was thinking. If you want to direct me somewhere that has this already suggested please do so.
  3. Just a button you can press to automatically place a selected item in your backpack. I know I know, this probably isn't a huge issue on PC but I feel it would greatly improve the gameplay on xbox.
  4. Why? My impression of this game at its current stage, is that it is too easy. Sure that may change soon with the addition of destructible structures, hostile mobs etc... but nonetheless I would like to contribute my idea to lengthen the game and add something which is a real challenge to build and unlocks some really cool tech. My vision for a particle accelerator: What does it do? Currently our real life particle accelerators can be used to create super heavy elements. I intend for the use of a particle accelerator in Astro to be exactly this. A particle accelerator does this by accelerating lighter elements and colliding them together to form an aggregate. For example, 4 copper nuclei (4x29) could be collided to form the super heavy ununhexium nucleus (116) though this is highly unlikely since the neutrons and protons are not in the right ratio. If some heavier resources such as uranium were added, then they could be used instead and would be more realistic. Ununhexium nuclei are also highly unstable and will explode in a blink of an eye. But heck, this is the future, anything can happen right? High amounts of energy are required to accelerate the particles, so with all the given info, the input and output of the particle accelerator would be: Inputs 4 copper 32 bars of energy Output 1 Ununhexium To further increase difficulty, the highly unstable ununhexium can be made to EXPLODE after some amount of time! This puts pressure on the player to have crafting options at the ready when ununhexium is created. How does it get built? This is the hard part. Currently our particle accelerators are HUGE. But by the year 2500, I'd imagine we have perfected the technology and are able to create one in much smaller space. But it is still going to be larger than any structure in the game so far and require multiple components to function. I imagine it as being of a synchrotron design. A particle accelerator module rests on a level 2 platform, and resin tubes extend out from either side of it to form a large ring covering much of the area in front of it. Getting inside this ring to use the interface might be an issue, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it (pun intended). The module costs 2 titanium, and each ring section costs 1 resin. So if the accelerator had 14 ring sections, then the entire thing would cost 2 titanium and 14 resin. Also of note is that the particle accelerator should be a perfect circle in the plane of the accelerator module. This means that the resin tubes cannot go up and down surfaces as the tubes for platforms do, and that the player will likely have to terraform a little to construct the accelerator. Once all this is done, the module charges up like any other, copper inputs are provided, and bam just press the button and all 4 copper resources get smashed into one ununhexium! An image is attached with a diagram of the accelerator Practical applications of ununhexium So all these are just ideas I have for what the product of particle accelerators can be used for. I did not consult any validated scientific sources for this, these are simply crazy ideas that I have for an element we have only glimpsed. Gravity paint This is an attachment for your deform tool. Once the deform tool has gravity paint attached, it no longer edits terrain. Instead, it sprays a fine layer of gravity paint which basically makes whatever terrain it is applied on warp the gravitational force so that it is towards the plane of the terrain. This means that you can walk up vertical cliffs with gravity paint, the roofs of caves, through twisting spirals, whatever. Upside down bases can be built with gravity paint. Tracks can run directly through inhospitable mountain ranges, treacherous caves, because no matter what you're trying to pass through, you can walk over it with gravity paint. Now for some specifics: Cost: 2 ununhexium Space: 1 backpack slot Use: Each gravity paint capsule covers 1 km^2 Created in: Printer Undo time A little one-use gadget that reverses time a few seconds or so in case of unfavorable outcomes such as dying, driving vehicle into ditch, accidentally crafting a rare resource etc... I should be clear here that this thing does not cause you to time travel, starting another timeline, but rather clips the end of your current timeline, so its like you just undid every thing you just did. The undo time effect only works for you and your vehicle. This means that undo time will affect: Your astroneer/vehicle's movement Anything you crafted recently in your backpack Anything you just did with your deform tool Anything that you moved in/out of backpack. Undo time will not affect Other players. The environment (unless it has been altered with deform tool or drill) Modules, so if say you crafted accidentally a battery in the printer you cannot undo time to get your lithium back Cost: 1 ununhexium Space: 1 backpack slot Use: Single use item activated by a hotkey Created in: Backpack printer And yes OK I admit I totally got 'inspired' by tracer's recall ability. Wormhole By using a huge amount of energy a temporary rift in the space time continuum can be created allowing you to travel instantaneously to any other location in space. The wormhole is a module placed on a level 2 platform. The rift lasts for a limited time and can fit vehicles. If more than one wormhole module is connected, then the destination must be chosen. Power is only drained from the wormhole that is used to initiate the rift. Cost: 2 ununhexium Space: Level 2 platform Use: Can be used indefinitely, requires huge amounts of power TL;DR Large particle accelerator which requires huge amounts of resources to create and operate produces unstable resource that unlocks a range of highly advanced technologies including but not limited to defying gravity, reversing time, and teleporting. Thanks for reading guys
  5. I was Trying to get to my floating bugged truck but When I tried to craft tethers but I started to make a beacon. When It finished It didn't come out. I tried to blow it up that didn't go well, I tried to kill myself that didn't work either, finally I tried to force close the game (Using Task Manager) Still didn't work. Please fix this bug or tell me how to fix this!
  6. Summary: 119 - Steam - Tank doesn't refill, is labeled as "tethers." Description: After playing for a couple hours, my tank stopped refilling. When I booted up the game today, the issue persisted, but now the tank was labled "tethers." I'm not entirely sure how to replicate the bug. I have a new, functioning, tank, and will update if the same thing happens. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 CPU: Intel i5-4690K @4GHz GPU: EVGA GTX 970 4GB RAM: Muskin 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: WD Green WD20EZRX 2TB
  7. Hey There, 1) What's the problem?
  8. EXPERIMENTAL PATCH 122 through steam on PC. Whilst my brother was hosting a session that i joined his game crashed. However upon rejoining his game i found that my backpack items were missing! After looking around frantically for the whereabouts of said items i found that some of them had clipped through the terrain and ended up directly below where i was standing when the crash occurred. I can only assume that the rest have gone deeper. Not wanting to write a topic based on a crash i also tested this whilst the host game was running. Same thing happens. Hope this post helps in some way.
  9. I made some research concepts that I thought would be pretty cool. Basically, we are able to upgrade our Suit, Backpack, and Terrain Tool through research, and then select one upgrade per category to enable based on the scenario. Each upgrade has pros and cons when compared to the other upgrade option counterparts. For example: - I could upgrade my Backpack to have a toxic filter (pro), but the oxygen tank capacity is decreased (con). - If I'm doing heavy exploring with no tethers, I could opt for a larger tank with more oxygen to roam more before needing to return to base (pro), but my move speed is decreased (con). Enjoy!
  10. had a few issues in Multiplayer to do with backpack / crafting Resource harvesting when backpack is full (not host on multiplayer) the resource plops onto the ground and only the host can pick it up. Sometimes when harvesting, you cannot collect a specific resource (not previously harvested) and you will collect but no resource is gathered (harvesting tool jammed?). When crafting with a full backpack, say making filters, if your backpack is full, but WITH a compound being stored in the backpack, instead of being swapped with a replacement compound (to refill the mini Printer) the newly made filters will plop off onto the floor (only able to be picked up by host) and then the replacement compound refills the printer. this will probably apply to all manufactured parts.
  11. vadimchup

    TOOLS for exploring

    1.CELLS. Improvement of backpack by additional slots (I think 2 slots will be enough). 2. JETPACK. It can be placed on backpack instead of solar panels or on the new cells of backpack plased on the buttom of backpack. 3. LADDER. If we will use jetpack, ladder insn't need. But in the start of game, ladder can help to get down in the caves. 4. FLASHLIGHT. I want to turn in off on my helmet at the daytime. The similar fo vehicle. 5. FLYING DRONE. For prospect. It can require separate platform. Drone can be features by binocles with zoom for better prospect. 6. SIGNED beacons. It will be so usefull if we can give a name to our beacons. For example: "aluminum" or "cuprum" etc.
  12. This has happened to me a few times now. I'm in a cave, digging up the deposits on the ground. It's a large deposit, so I have to dig down more than normal. Suddenly there's no ground beneath me anymore, just a big drop into another cave underneath. The fall kills me, losing me everything I had in my backpack. Ground-penetrating Radar uses high-frequency radio waves to build up a picture of what's beneath the surface. This is a technology that exists today, used for mapping out anything that's underground, all without even having to dig for it. My suggestion is that our Astroneer should be able to craft some kind of early warning system based on GPR. This device (insert suitable suggestion for a name here) could be acquired via research, then built via the backpack's micro-3D printer. The GPR would be placed into his backpack and would emit both an audible and visual alert when there is a void or cave directly beneath them. If placed on a vehicle it could be used to help the player detect where there is a cave near the surface, tipping the, off to a possible nearby enterance. If anyone is interested in learning more about Ground-penetrating Radar, here's its entry on Wikipedia:
  13. Ghostwolf93

    Emergency Shelter

    For use when there's a sandstorm on the way and you can't get to safety in time. Created with the Backpack's 3D Printer. Consumes 1 Compound. When made, it floats up above your Astroneer, then rapidly fabricates a grey, dome-shaped shelter over you. Whilst inside your Astroneer is protected from the debris of the sandstorm, plus your Astroneer does not consume oxygen (the shelter has its own in-built filter system. The shelter lasts for about the length of time the sandstorm lasts, although it can be left at any time by pressing any button. Once left, the shelter self-destructs, making this a single-use, consumable item.
  14. Grapplehoeker

    119 Backpack full - not full

    Only the middle 4 backpack slots became unallocatable, generating the 'Backpack full' error message on every attempt to slot an item. Screenshot from Steam:
  15. beirirangu

    Resources glitches

    The game's been pretty clean, with exception to the low frame-rate (which I hear is going to be addressed very soon) , but I've noticed a couple of things that didn't seem right, particularly with resources 1. For starters, I smelted a piece of aluminum early on in the game, but no matter what I do, I can't pick it up from the smelter: whenever I click on it, it picks up the storage unit on the other side (pic included) 2. Sometimes I collect power resources that simply don't work, no matter what I do or where I put them: I've tried my backpack, base modules, all my vehicles (two trucks and a rover), but they still won't give me ANY power 3. After I died from the slide feature (I built a steep incline to reach a crash site in the side of a mountain, and when I tried to get back down, I slid until a lone edge made me fly uncontrollably to the bottom) but the point is that my backpack somehow wasn't where I died, it was in my base, literally right next to my spawn (habitat module) , but I didn't realize that's where it was until after I got back from where I died, and after I picked up all the resources I dropped, which were just floating there, as small and organized as they would've been in the backpack (I wish I took a pic of it) 4. And lastly, After the most recent "119" update, I somehow got a small part of compound in my backpack... I couldn't interact with it in any way except to have it go into the building function thing (like the backpack printer and the base modules) to make it try and build things (which it never does) , though I did finally manage to drop it onto the ground by having it in one of the habitat building slots and then filling in the empty slots before switching to a module that doesn't use compound (included in the bottom of the pic) Astroneer Bug.bmp
  16. SLOlizardMAN27

    Tether pickup

    I just picked up all my tethers because they were causing me incredible lag and just like when you make a new set of tethers there are 11 total 4 on the top 3 in the middle and 4 on the bottom in the backpack. but when I add a 12th tether it gets erased from existence. There is not a new set of 1 tethers created in an empty slot in my backpack. I can take out the set already in my backpack and the 12th tether will create a new set with one tether in it. but that defeats the purpose. I should be able to put them all in my bag and be able to get any of them back.
  17. Mitchel Contreras

    5 ideas that could improve gameplay

    - A suit modification station that allows you to alter your suit's attributes. Things along the lines of a lighter suit that allows higher jumping and less fall damage, but increases damage from collisions and other sources. Or perhaps the alternate with a heavy suit. Then an addition on the left side of the backpack that allows you to easily see which modification you have on. You would also be required to visit the station to change modifications. - A blend feature for the terraforming gun that allows you to naturalize terrain so that ramps or nicely angled ground is more achievable. Perhaps make the visual for it an empty or completely filled circle. - Allow the extensions of the base to manipulated or more easily controlled. For manipulation, permit them to be raised or lowered with the reach of the wires, allowing the ground to be lowered or raised within a certain distance of them. To visually support this, metal legs or stands could extend from the bottom of the platform to the ground. - A research journal that keeps track of known research. Just a quick reference to see what you can build, what it takes, where it's built, and if you have built it and used it for what it's used for, a small description of what that research/item does. By having only learned research in it, it makes adding more research in the future easier. (Plus, what kind of astronaut/engineer wouldn't have journals?) - A feature for the terraforming gun that removes only surface materials. It's understandable that those materials are gathered by "mining" them, but perhaps, conceptually, it would be a lower power setting on the gun that doesn't alter the ground, but is enough to remove items on the top such as organic material and loose deposits of oxygen and power. It could possibly even take less power to use this mode.
  18. “It’s the dumbest thing that the backpack flies up into your face,” says Liechty with a laugh. Why not zoom in on the backpack; instead of having the backpack fly into the players face?
  19. Megatron

    Backpack UI

    Hello, I am not sure if someone already brought this up but it seems to me there could be a better way of displaying the backpack when you access it. When I am trying to unload the backpack it always seems to be in the way. I have gotten used to turning the screen to get it out of the way but I think it would be better if it always popped into one of the corners of the screen so you could see what you were looking at and move things around.
  20. Corbin Trosclair

    battery and tank backpack slots

    add like 2 or 4 exra slots on the side of the backpack for just batteries and oxygen tanks.
  21. Can you please make it so that when you craft something can it please get put to the bottom of the backpack? I know it can put things on your shoulder mount automatically, and that's good, but if it could prioritize crafted items to your shoulder mounts, the to the bottom of your backpack, that would help. It's helpful because the trading station takes from the TOP of your backpack, and although I always put non-tradeable items on the bottom of my backpack so that I can just click on the trading station to quickly trade or manage inventory, it would just make the game a little more seamless if it managed the backpack like this by default. I don't imagine it's a large change, and I think it's even better than "locking slots" or other suggestions I've heard. With these changes, you go out, gather resources, if you pick up a battery or anything, it's added to the bottom of your backpack, and when you get home, pop everything onto the trading station, before transplanting onto storage. If you want to make things REALLY nice. Make it so that ctrl-clicking a storage rack takes from the top of the backpack, so I don't have to use the trading station as an intermediary. Perhaps alt-click empties your entire backpack? I'd like this because in the rare instance it puts something I shouldn't have emptied onto the rack, I can shift-click that item back into my bag. I also didn't suggest shift-clicking on a storage rack, because if there's already something on the storage rack, and you want it in your backpack, shift-clicking puts it in. I'd hate for a miss of a click to cause my entire backpack to empty. I hope these suggestions are helpful. I don't think they'd be too hard to implement. (I could do it if you like.... ) Ciao for now!
  22. Docktor Dicking

    Backpack - no auto regen.

    It is a nice addition that the backpack will regenerate slowly but i think it would be better if the backpack does not do that, or that there will be an option to set it off. This will give more value to having a solar panel on your backpack or keeping a generator with you at all time to generate energy when needed. Whenever you are in a cave and run out of energy the lights will also go off, this will make it a bit harder to stay out for long without a decent supply of energy and give more purpose to those small utilities you can add to your backpack. Also would it be nice to be able to upgrade the backpack with a few slots or upgrade the battery/Oxygen without consuming bag space. If they implement food/drink desires i would also suggest that they make somesort of belt or piece of equipment to store some food/drink for on the go so the backpack will be for resources and stuff. Its just an idea/suggestion. Not sure if it is a good idea though.
  23. Hey guys, great job so far, love the game! Thanks for giving the community a chance to decide how the game should develop in the future. However, there is one thing I'd like to mention: the small oxygen storage. SPOILER! As far as I know, you're only able to get oxygen by creating filters, running around in your base or vehicle, but as soon as you want to explore a cave to farm minerals like copper, you have to use the oxygen "lying around" or generate it throught filters and their time of usage and the number of filters you can hold at the same time is limited by the number of slots that you're able to fill your backpack with. The actual solution is crafting more and more filters to survive in caves, but there isn't just enought material to live a long time. My idea: There should be an option to upgrade you're charakters skills/his backpack, for example to run faster, jump higher or (and what's essentially) to craft better stuff. A list of possible upgrades could look like that: Movement Skill: Upgrade 1: 10% faster movement; jump 15% higher; Upgrade 2: 15% and 25% ... "Long Breath" Skill: You're able to hold more oxygen in your backpack at a time and filters are more stable. "That shocks" Skill: Batteries can hold more power. "More Space" Skill: Your backpack is now able to hold 10 [12;14] items at a time. There should be a menu or a device that you have to build to upgrade your skills. You also need specific minerals to upgrade specific skills e. g. 4 [6;8] Oxygen and a filter to upgrade your "Long Breathe" skill. There are many possibilities how this concept ´could be implemented, if you guys have better ideas or corrections, I'd love to here them. I only have played the game for about 5-6 hours and mybe there already is such an option and I just haven't seen it so far, but yet I haven't found a solution to solve the problem I explained earlier. Cya soon
  24. Running (Shift) while picking up placed tethers causes the tethers to disappear, never to be seen again. System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel i7 6700K Geforce GTX 1060 16GB Ram Steam
  25. ZenHeadshot

    Backpack Battery

    When using the smooth terrain tool with a backpack battery attached, i noticed that even though i have more energy, they both seem to deplete at the same rate every so often, and once the small battery is depleted, my normal energy reserves deplete at 2x the rate. It has been difficult to consistently reproduce, so far i have narrowed it down to the circumstances that you cant have anything actively charging you on your backpack or via tether.