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Found 295 results

  1. R.E.D. [GER]

    some game ideas

    It would be cool, if u can add... ... a tutorial, 'cuz the beginning of the game is ... well ... quiet ... in my first hours i dont know what should i do, or how i can build and so on ... if a duststorm arrives and you will be safe in your habitat, it would be cool, if u can close the door, 'cuz it's stormy outside. ... a something to put out the light on your flashlight or backpack (why is it shining, when the sun is shining?) ... when u can reset or destroy constructed buildings iam sorry for my bad english. R.E.D.
  2. raihanrahmaans

    Vehicle bay

    Why i can't change vehicle in the vehicle bay/ i can't build other vehicle except medium rover in the vehicle bay?? fast responds please
  3. Hi Guys, I might need some help on this one. All your knowledge is appreciated. So, about 2 months ago i spoke to a friend about Astroneer and he ended up also buying the game on Steam. We played during the whole Saturday besides some occasional crashes that were occurring. No problem though, as they were previously reported (ex: picking up research) and I was already expecting this as the game is still in development. All went relatively smooth until we decided to stop for the day. Later on, I started to play Borderlands 2 with another friend and this is when I noticed something was wrong. For the first time in years (966 hours played) I was not able to join a session. When I do join, i have lag spikes building up until connection is lost. Usually between 1 to 5 minutes. For the last 2 months I have been around installing/uninstalling my Steam account and the games to the point that today I only have Borderlands 2 and still have the same. When it comes to troubleshooting I have done a lot apart from formatting, which is planned for the next days if I cannot understand the root cause. I even did a hard reset to my router/modem and changed my IP via router settings. I also released/renew/flushdns the new IP. No need to mention about scans (Malwarebytes and Avast Free). Please understand that my machine was working normally, as it was formatted about 3 months ago due to Lavasoft software issues. All my programs and games were fully working after format. Weeks later, from the moment I enjoyed Astroneer multiplayer with a friend, then the above happened. I do believe something may have corrupted my Steam account, files or connectivity as it is only conflicting with online multiplayer on Steam and only started after the various crashes while on multiplayer on Astroneer. I tried to find other resources and troubleshooting for Steam (fully reinstalled) but I am running out of options. I also noticed that since then, every time I try to join a game via Steam chat or open a Steam game from the the Steam icon on the task bar, I have a pop up window asking to confirm if I want to open the game (instead of just launching it) to which leads me to the conclusion of a possible corruption on the permissions for Steam folders. Maybe someone else have reported it with another game after playing Astroneer? I cannot find anything related or similar to this anywhere on the internet or on the forums. I could contact Steam but this originated after several hours of Astroneer with a friend. I am sorry for the long description and lack of system info as this is one thing that happened from one moment to another. I am just trying to describe the chain of events I went (and still am) going through, since that so far, I only ended up understanding less and less to the point of posting this request for help. Thank you all in advance for any information! - Serge
  4. Jujudestcez061

    I cannot have the shuttle

    Hello, I have no shuttle in my Vehicle Bay, I do not find solutions to this problem. Have you a solution? Thanks you PS : Sorry for my English, I am French
  5. I posted in another thread that a health feature would be interesting.. so this suggestion will go along with it as if health were already in the game. I think a mid-to-endgame machine called the "Suit Upgrader" (or similar) would be a neat new system. The upgrades would require materials to be applied, and power of course - somewhat like a glorified Printer, but for the space suit. An Astroneer would only be able to apply, say, a maximum of 2 or 3 upgrades at a time - spread out over about 3 or 4 slots (Helmet, Backpack, Boots, etc). This could have a lot of possibilities because it is not limited to just a few things that can be made. Farther down the line, mods could add additional upgrades to the Upgrader. This machine would require a Tier 3 platform, buildable from 2 steel & 1 titanium and able to hold more Materials to build larger modules. Materials to build this module: 6x Steel, 2x Compound, 1x Resin, 1x Titanium, 2x Aluminum. Some of my ideas for upgrades are: Fall Boots - This upgrade would reduce the amount of health you lose/damage you take when falling from a height. Instead, power would be used. If you were falling from a long distance, and normally would lose about 10 points of health (or whatever system), you would only lose about 5 bars of power. This may have to be changed based off of what system health could/world be implemented in, but you get the point. Suggested materials: 2x Resin (to act as a shock absorber), 1x Steel (when it's added), 2x Aluminum, 1x Compound Jet Boots - An upgraded Fall Boots (only unlocked after getting Fall boots, and replaces them) This upgrade would require Hydrazine as fuel, and power would be used. If falling from a long distance, when you get closer to the ground, the jets activate, letting you down safely. If you have a Hydrazine tank in your backpack, and the boots internal tank is less than 50% full, it will draw from that tank. The tank can be refilled by the Suit Upgrader (the boots come fully fueled). The faster you are falling or the farther you have fallen, the more Hydrazine will be used and the earlier the jets will activate. However, there is a chance that when you touch the ground or if you run out of Hydrazine or Power, you will take damage - making these not too overpowered yet good at the same time. These boots can also give you a little boost if you press a certain key (settable in options) Materials: 1x Resin, 2x Steel, 3x Aluminum, 1x Copper, 2x Compound, 2x Canister Jet Pack - What is there more to say? This upgrade goes in the backpack slot, and as such modifies the way your backpack looks (and possibly functions). Like the Jet Boots, this provides thrust and is set to fire up on the same key as the Jet Boots, allowing you to have maximum speed by combining the two. This upgrade has a VERY heavy Hydrazine consumption, and will eat through a normal Hydrazine Canister in less than 30 seconds. This is why a better Hydrazine canister would be nice... Why not use a "Compressor"? It can compress Hydrazine into a Tank that's normally used for storing oxygen - this will allow you to have 3 times the amount of Hydrazine in one container! However, it also requires a Tier 3 Platform. The Jetpack does not have its own internal Hydrazine reservoir, so it must use traditional Canisters - but does draw on power a bit and that can be used for a couple seconds to get you to safety should you be high in the air and close to a place where you can land. This is fairly OP but could be nerfed by making it require 2 slots of Backpack space or use the two top slots. Materials: 1x Lithium, 3x Steel, 3x Aluminum, 2x Titanium, 2x Canister, 2x Compound Hover Pack - There are a couple key differences between this upgrade and the Jet Pack. The Hover Pack is not really meant to travel - so it's slower than the Jet Pack, even with the Jet Boots added. As you can probably tell, it hovers - and while hover takes up 30% less Hydrazine, allowing creative players to continue to build amazing things without having to cheat or use a glitch to fly. It does not reduce storage, and is less expensive to make. However, it doesn't handle all that well because once again, it's not really meant to move. Materials: 2x Lithium, 2x Canister, 1x Titanium, 2x Steel, 1x Aluminum, 1x Compound Advanced Filter - This helmet slot upgrade is quite useful. It provides a steady "oxygen trickle" by refining some of the gases on the planets of Astroneer into Oxygen - prolonging your off-tether adventures by 25%. However, it's only half as effective during a Sandstorm. It uses a bit of power, but not enough to really be noticed. Materials: 2x Filters (yes, filters), 1x Canister, 2x Aluminum, 1x Steel, 1x Power Cells
  6. BugReportsNews

    infinite crafting

    When i craft anything in my backpack (using compound) say i craft a small solar panel it will continue crafting until i take the compound out and when i crafted a one seat the printer kept on going up and up & up and up...and up never stopped but then when i exited to the main menu and went back the seat had been crafted "ODD" Please Fix (i dont know if it will happen again)
  7. So, I recently built a new pc, and wanted to play astroneer, I installed it (in case it helps, I am using steam) and seconds after I open it it comes up with the error "You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash." If my computer's specs, or my error log are needed, just ask.
  8. I'm having trouble with the terrain tool not displaying reticle and not functioning completely. The animation of him pulling out the tool is the same but then nothing happens. Im also having a big issue loading terrain as it comes into view. I'm often driving the rover and hit an object that isn't there. Only to see that it's a Boulder, etc. after it loads into view.
  9. My save file for Astroneer will not load. What should I do?
  10. I noticed that they fixed the Short Astroneer of a thing I've mentioned before. Their arms no longer clip into their legs! However for the fix for this they made their legs longer! And I preferred their legs the length they were, now it looks weird for the Astroneer when they run! Other than that piece I have to voice, I have an idea! What do you think about having the option as to what color you have on your suit? You can notice when playing friends that they have different colors, but the host is Always blue! Let us choose colors?(that aren't already taken by other players? As to keep the function of the color coded terrain markers and such.)
  11. YoungDeveloper

    Robotic Companion Ideas

    I want to start my suggestions of by saying that I already know that you guys are working on implementing pets, and I know that you guys know the game better than I do, but, as a fellow game designer, I would like to offer some suggestions for the implementation of pets. The game when played for extended duration's alone can begin to feel isolating, for me at least. The designers of Portal ran into this, and that was why they implemented the Companion Cube. I think something similar to that is due for this game. There could be some kind of simple robot that functions as a backpack extension. The robot could literally just run around on the oxygen lines, and that would make it easy to write AI for the robot. He could make cute sounds, and follow you around or, when you drive, he could roam around your base.
  12. Brad Owens

    help menus

    a help menu listing how to play the game. would help very much. such as menu how to create the differant lunar bases for the game. and suport menu so we the gamers can contact when the bug, error, or crash happens. makes it easyier for xbox one and pc.
  13. Futoro

    Multiplayer issue

    Xbox One / Version 189 / Online modus Everytime the game crashes I lose all my Items. But thats just when I'm playing online and I'm not the host. The Items just fall to the ground so I could get them back but thats extremly annoying when I'm far away from the sporn point. I have the same problem when I leave the game by my self but in this case I could atleast stuck my Items into a storage. It would be very helpful when the game could remember me and give me my items back when I join the game. Great Game by the way.
  14. MelonGraffers

    Improved customisation idea

    I think the best way to implement the customisation system would be to add a "Don't Starve Together" kind of system. If you're unfamiliar with this system, it's pretty much you play the game as you do but every now and then a little present symbol appears in the top left corner of your screen. When you click on it it unlocks a a new piece of vanity for you to equip across all your saves. If you changed the way it works a little so instead of just randomly getting them you could find suits on like other planets in crashed ships or something that would be perfect because this would promote exploration by a ten-fold because who doesn't want new space suits? I understand one of the major drawbacks would be your character artists would have a lot of work ahead of them, so to combat this I present you with another idea: The ability to find different colour palettes to equip on your suits. This in combination with extra suits would bring a unique feel to your own astroneer and make him feel a lot more personal to you. Keep up the good work! ~ Melon
  15. Mauricio Escobar

    I can not open Astroneer

    Hi I would like to help me solve this problem, I bought the game on Steam and when I run it with Steam it does not open and when I go to the folder of the game and I try to run with the original laucher throws me a warning of an error
  16. ThePixelTyphoon

    Astroneer Update and Ideas Board

    The purpose of this board is to make a clear list of suggestions for Astroneer®, you are to only post game ideas and add on to other ideas, no harassing others ideas or posting unrelated content. Doing so will remove you from the discussion.
  17. TylerDynamite

    The Ability to Move Stations

    So you know when you first spawn into a world and you randomly start at a point. It may be an area you like. It may not be an area you like. What if you accidentally build a station in the wrong area/position and you want to move it? You cant.... sadly And for my OCD people out there! What if your station is crooked and/or out of place and it really bothers you. well you're stuck with that. I would love to see the ability to re-arrange stations and habits after positioning them down. It would allow Astroneer's like ourselves to build our base in an area we really like and it would allow us to fix any mistakes we might of placed by accident. Agree or disagree?
  18. Hunter Lynk

    Rover Empty Fuel bug

    So I was playing Astroneer, driving my rover around and when I hit a bump, my rover started floating into the sky and didn't come down. On a new world, I made a large world and fear it will happen again. I ran out of fuel and hit a bump and it started floating again, I hopped out and when it left the rendering distance it froze the rover and it fell when I got closer.
  19. Hello Astronauts, After +/- 30 hours of playing, I have come across various bugs in the game - and some of them are fun... I am sure the same happened to you... share with us those funny moments ;-) Let me start with my "wtf-moment": Yesterday I crafted a large shuttle on top of a "roof-base" I created earlier. I loaded the shuttle with all kind of stuff, solar panel, aluminum, habitat, rosin, etc. It was ready to start, but before launching I spent another 2 hours exploring a cave. When I came back, the whole shuttle was missing. I searched all my bases but it was gone. (not funny yet...) Today I have played a lot of Astroneer (5 hours), just as I wanted to go to bed I looked back to my base and guess what I found... Right, the shuttle. Can you find it in the picture?
  20. Hi all, I have been live-streaming on Twitch for around a year now, mostly doing creative work for game design and RPGs. is my channel. I highly enjoy Astroneer, which I call "my space zen garden." I recently made a Youtube playlist of my archived sessions so far, many of which I share some of my ideas on what sorts of things I would like to build/sculpt, and some ideas for the game in general. I am not a great analyzer of bugs, but when I see something I notice in the play session, I point it out. I would like to put this out there for both the developers and the players/fans alike. I welcome fellow players, those who would like to accomplish some of the goals I spoke about, to join in on sessions of my own, or joining others building fun bases and concepts. But really, I often make a lot of comments about development ideas that I would implement into the game. Loving it so far, SES crew! Also, since this is my first post: Hello! I am Will, xido, or xidoraven ("zee-doh," "zi-duh," or "zhye-doh" are all perfectly fine pronunciations - it's fine, it's not a real word). I enjoy Astroneer enough to purchase it in Pre-Alpha stage to try it out and contribute to its future success. It's very relaxing and enjoyable from the perspective of someone who is not usually into actively playing video games of any sort. Because of this, it has helped me to expand outside my usual hobbies, and enjoy a new downtime activity, as well as adding some video games to my show lineup. So far, this has been exclusively limited to two games: Astroneer (by SES), and Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition (by Harebrained Schemes). That might change, but probably not for a long time to come. For now, I consider myself a committed Astroneer player and tester. Lastly, thanks to the creators and development team at SES for the great work so far, and best of luck to the future progress. Also, I sent you an email with my resume. Just putting it out there. Best wishes to all! -Will
  21. Dear developers, dear moderators. @SES_Adam, @SES_Zabir In the login screen of Astroneer you say, that this is a Pre-alpha of the game and that you would appreciate some feedback in the forum. Well, I like the game so here is my feedback for you. Before I tell you how I felt during my 10 hours (11 if you count the demo) in the beautiful world of Astroneer, let me introduce myself. Table of Feedback: Description of the game Publicity Forum The Demo The Game Story & Immersion Exploration Controls Multiplayer Saving game files Conclusion 1: Description of the game. 2: Info’s & Publicity 3: Forum 4: The Demo 5: The Game 5.1: Story & Immersion 5.2: Exploration 5.3: Controls 5.4: Multiplayer 6: Saving game files 7: Conclusion PLEASE NOTE: As I stated above, I only spent a few hours in this game and I love the exploration aspect. So if I got something wrong here or did not realize some mechanics yet, please do NOT teach me better. I want to find out by myself. I will open other threads in this forum. Expect there is a way to save game files on console. If so, please let me know. I might have done a few typos. If you find any, keep it. Feedback after 10 hours (give or take) of playing on my XBOX One. Date: 24th May 2017 Pre-alpha build: 0.3.10158.0
  22. HeartBeatx

    Flying using just a seat

    Hey there I have found a bug on pc where if you pick up a seat and enter it at the same time you can control the seat with your mouse as if you have picked it up but you are also sitting in it so its really easy to travel around very quickly. I have only tested this on pc and with a 1-seater seat and it works in both multi- and singleplayer It is very consistent once you get the hang of it but it might take a few tries at first -Rasmus "HeartBeatx"
  23. So, I'll keep this short and to the point. I have astroneer for Xbox one and play anywhere. I mostly play it on my gaming laptop. Here lately astroneer isn't wanting to save properly. Example, I can play for hours and when I decide to quit I jump into my habitat, let it save, and then quit. Then I go back and instead of it showing my save file it gives me a save file that was 2 hours ago or something similar. So, I've been doing all kinds of things. Jumping in and out of the habitat, log out of Xbox live and back in, cut the internet off and back on. Turn my laptop off and back on, or even going to the main menu after saving and waiting. Nothing I do seems to make it actually save when I want it too, or load the proper save file. It's becoming very frustrating when I keep having to rebuild my base on planet exotic. As for tonight, I played for about 3 hours. I quit at about 10:20pm. Saved it and everything. I took a 30 minute break and come back. It quickly loads up and there it is, but instead of saying: Load May 20, 2017......10:20pm it shows me a save file that says: Load May 20, 2017.......8:48:31pm I've tried everything to get this game to save or load my save properly. I hate having to do 2+ hours of trying to set my new base up and then having to rebuild. It's basically pointless to even play the game anymore. So, yes, my laptop is up to date, my internet is fast "38 Mbs", the gave is up to date with version 0.3.10157.0 Any help?????
  24. This game really has me bugged. I can load a save file, play for many hours, jump into a habitat, truck, spaceship, etc and let it save. Then quit like normal. When I go back to play apparently the what ever amount of hours I played are lost because it's still showing the same load file. Example, I started this morning on a Load file that had May 23 10:02am. I played for an hour and saved in my habitat and spaceship. I quit and went to the main menu. It should have had a load file May 23 at 11:06am, but instead it showed me the save file for May 23 at 10:02am. It doesn't mater what I do, how many times I save, or how long I wait before I quit, this game won't save my progress when I want it to. I've counted and so far I've lost 14 or 16 hours because of this save problem. Until it gets fixed I'm just going to have to quit playing. I don't have any other choice and apparently it's not a big problem because I've asked help before and got no where. Oh well, there goes $$$ down the drain.
  25. Love the game so far! I have found a rather hilarious bug though, I saw one post that was similar: I was standing in the area where the research vessel would spawn upon being built, and therefore it built itself around me and trapped me inside. This happened as soon as I put the resin into the extension, and the research building spawned (the research vessel still took compound, and spawned and functioned normally as far as I could test) Lots of moving and jumping and still no escape. All for a good laugh, hope this helps!