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Found 292 results

  1. While we are playing Astroneer , we observe that when making vehicles and driving them, these are bugean, begin to float, send us to the orbit of the planet, get under the ground ... Even on occasions they cause the game to crash. Examples: -Camion with the stone leaves flying just like the car. -Camion and car colliding with each other start to bounce without stopping, which also happens if one of these crashes with a crane module. - Spatial (small) space when landing at times appears a stone in it which accompanies it to all places. A greeting and I hope they fix it soon because in this way you could play cooperative without any problem and make the game much more entertaining, as it is now with these bugs as soon as you use a vehicle that does not host a bad time. Thank you.
  2. Chawsley

    Rover flight

    Xbox built shuttle and took off, 3 hydrazine in fuel spot. while landing back at base planet went transparent, rover fell through. Took off again and saw sign for other vehicle was in space, near moon distance away
  3. MrDemonD120

    Can't play i crash :(

    I can't play because after 5min i crash please fix that today
  4. Xbox one player here, I've noticed when playing with others only the host of the game itself can place tethers that actually connect to the base. This doesn't make the game unplayable but it's definitely a pain in the hiney. NOTE: Anyone can place the tethers but only the host's can connect. Also the amount of tethers causes the game to lag slightly, mainly when having more then 2 people playing together.
  5. MQcze

    ALT + TAB and back

    Hey Astroneers, When I alt+tab from ASTRONEER and I go back, i can't i must exit the game and start it again. Please help or fix it My computer: Graphic card: GeForce GTX 950 2GB CPU: AMD FX-8350 (8-core) RAM: 8GB Windows 10 64-bit ---------------------------- Btw sorry for my English
  6. (1) First off, I noticed while using the smelter that when I had all four slots on the sides occupied, The ore would smelt but wouldn't be placed into a free slot where you smelt in the first place. *Diagram* >* 0 *< ++++ The '*'s with '>' or '<' pointing towards them are slot occupied by another >* *< Object. The '+'s are where you smelt ores down to ingots. If say you have 2 spots cooking and 2 spots empty the ingot would stay on the main part, the '0' and the other ores will still keep smelting. This wastes the amount ore you have placed there to smelt as the ingot doesn't get placed in an empty spot, effectively wasting the ore chunks that you just smelted. (2) Not as serious, but tethers occasionally randomly stop the connection they have, which can be fixed by picking it up and placing it down again. Sometime they even go a step further and connect when they are twice the distance away from the normal tether range. I'm also pretty sure they disappear when you place them on a their designated backpack slot when there's already an item there. This only happens when you're re-picking up already placed ones I think. (3) This one is also very serious, as it allows you to fly with infinite air at supersonic speeds. you also take no damage whilst you do this. But it's a double edged sword. Check out this link below and it'll show you how it's done. This was made by a friend as soon as he found out about it. By the looks of it, he accidently clicked the seat and pressed tab to get in the vehicle at the same time, resulting in this glitch. I hope you fix these glitches as this game is incredibly fun to play!
  7. Hi! Astroneer is SUCH an amazing game so far! Its low-poly art style is just amazing and its so cute! I mean look what happens when you press 1-4 on your keyboard! Anyways... I think it would be very cool if you could customize your astroneer and how he looks. Maybe the color of his suit and boots, maybe his size, (short and stubby, skinny etc.) I think this would be a cool addition to the game because it makes your astroneer feel like who you want him/her to be! I would love to see this feature and if it does happen, id be pretty happy myself! Thank you for taking your time to read this thread!
  8. Attempted many times to join my friends game. I would click join game and it would load the screen, it would show the blue sky for about a second before it bring me back to the loading screen to home. Can someone help?
  9. There will be some update that will fix the FPS? Or recommend me, better ask for a refund? AMD A6-6400K Black Edition a 3.9 GHz Radeon HD 8470D RAM 12GB Amd Radeon Hd 6450 2gb DirectX®11
  10. 1. PC/ keyboard and mouse 2. playing multiplayer with one other person 3. he is the host 4. i was carrying one of the reach alien balls, from a cave got to the surface and about half way to my base. game froze, and error for game engine showed up.
  11. Russell Canfield

    Congratulations on launching!

    I wanted to post and congratulate the System ERA team on a successful launch for Astroneer! Myself and a few friends have been waiting for release day, and we've really been enjoying the game. I see a strong future for this game, and being a software developer myself, I know getting to production is no easy task. Congratulations, and happy holidays!
  12. So I'll getting compound or resin or something and then I'll say jump down to a lower ledge to get some more than I realize I can't jump back up so I add a bit of ground under and then... then I fall through the ground into a cave or off the map and either the fall kills me or the gas and then I respawn but I'v lost all my stuff and it's really aggravating.
  13. Eleonas

    game starts lagging

    Hey guys, first of all: Congratulations for a game this huge like Astroneer. Have been playing many alphas so far but this one gave me goosebumps. There is just 1 bug that annoys me a little bit. It seems that with the amount of buildings you make, the game starts lagging more and more. My "City" contains now about 20 "buildings" and it starts lagging very hard... I have a high cost gaming pc (i dont want to show off right now - im just not to sure about my specs) and this issue is bothering me quite hard. i have those lags also on other planets. Which has to be said is that these lags did NOT occure as i started playing - but they increased, as i said, with every new bulding. Looking forward for Updates Sincerely Eleonas PS: Sorry for bad English
  14. I'm trying to move the camera up but it's fixated on my guy in the pod and I can't reach the button to launch the ship
  15. Whenever I launch Astroneer SteamVR launces with it. I just close it. It's just really weird.
  16. Please make it possible to lower the graphics in the options.
  17. It has just been released but its beauty already amazed me. I would like to see your guys scenes and artworks of Astroneer here. I have captured some of them . I hope you like.