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Found 292 results

  1. AllZeen | Alsen


    is it just me or would it be awesome if astroneer had monsters? that would be so cool if you ask me
  2. DarthxGeek

    More Compound!

    Ok so I don't know if this is just me but in the past five saves I've made, I start out with a decent amount of compound, but after a while I can't find any compound for miles and honestly it's a huge problem. In games like Minecraft (sorry to make this comparison) one of the most essential materials for crafting is wood, which is made abundant near spawn, and really just surrounds the whole world. I understand the concept of scavenging and actually having to look for certain materials but i now have five save files that i can no longer play because I have no compound. Also, i never waste tethers; i place them as far apart as possible. Another thing: what's up with all the resin? If it's something wrong with my copy of the game, please tell me if there is a solution to this. Also, please tell me if you agree. I really can't play the game with such a lack of compound.
  3. Everytime I add even more to my world it drops my frames even more and I don't even have that much added.. I'm getting 5 frames at most can someone please tell me how I can fix this even tho I probably can't do anything to fix it.. Oh and it doesn't happen to my friend when he joins his frame rate is fine
  4. SnapsticK

    Landing bug

    When landing with a shuttle the world will occasionally take long to load on console which makes you fall through the floor into a cave below you
  5. SnapsticK

    Base building

    please add the option to move parts of the base and vehicles like the shuttle because after making a shuttle you cant build anything else at the vehicle bay unless you build another bay or abandon the shuttle also make it easier to get the habitat from research nodes.
  6. SnapsticK


    Please add local splitscreen multiplayer for consoles I personally think it would be great and also add the ability to name a save.
  7. SnapsticK


    Please add local splitscreen multiplayer for consoles I personally think it would be great and also add the ability to name a save.
  8. Issac

    An honest review

    After spending 60+ hours playing ASTRONEER I have come to a verdict based on the following; -Game playability -In-game content -Bugs/Crashes -Exploration and Discovery elements -Building and crafting -Grinding To start, the game is very enjoyable and can retain that enjoyability for quite some time. It is easy to say the experience is well worth the price. The in-game content is slightly shallow, which is to be expected for a pre-alpha title, heck it surpasses most expectations. That goes without saying, there is still a lot to be desired. Something I look forward to experiencing. In terms of bugs, glitches and crashes, this game has plenty to go around. I have witnessed the dedication the devs have to troubleshooting these issues and a wonderful community that helps along the way. Its very refreshing to see. The biggest issue thus far has got to be the lag. Lag is VERY real. The exploration and discovery element can feel empty at first glance. Once you start digging around (in-game and on the web) a whole ton of new discoveries will be waiting. Not to mention the exploration is very massive. Its not very difficult to get lost in the game or even in the beauty of the game. Building can be a bit overwhelming or underwhelming, depending who you ask. Base building is fairly straightforward but as a result is very simplistic. Using the deforming tool can be a bit janky and has a learning curve that can be easy to overlook. The crafting is very clean and easy to understand, but there really isn't a whole lot of crafting to be done. Beyond solar panels, batteries, storage and maybe trucks if you prefer truck trains, most other craftable items will only see a few uses. The grinding in this game is modest at it's worst. Most resources are plentiful and easily accessable. Comparing to my previous experiences where grinding can literally cost a week of your time (For those ARK players). Spending 5 hours and attaining enough resources to build a few, fully functional, bases is a welcome relief. Overall I give ASTRONEER a solid 9/10. It's a wonderful game and seems to have an intensly bright future. Definitely worth the meager $20.
  9. chris8350111

    Free Base Building

    Have you ever seen the astroneer render trailer? You could have seen there mutiple times that the astroneer calls a base like ship to the planets surface you could also see that the base building worked different not like it is now it was more "free". When you play Astroneer now you may mention that you choose spot-like building places in the trailer the astroneer crafts a solar panel places it on the ground and attached it with a wire to a base part. You can also see a really cool base landing on the planet. May question is: Is this feature still in development? The old cover of Astroneer shows this base-like ship but on the current cover it is replaced by the normal ship we all know. When no, it could be something for the developers to bring it back.
  10. Thedkeon

    little problems

    I just wanted to point out on some planets when i use any wheeled vehicle i get stuck on plants and it sucks that i cant get out of them and have to use terraformer to dig them out around my truck and its an inconvenience when drive on specifically the exotic planet.
  11. I've recently bought Astroneer through steam. However, whenever I tried to to start the game it always crashed during loading time. (critical error) Anyone knows how to fix this? Btw, I'm using: - OS: windows 7, 64-bit - Processor: i5 - RAM: 4GB - NVIDIA GT740M Attached file is my logs file and dxdiag file. Please help me as I really want to try this game. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  12. Baked Spartan

    Halo Easter Egg in patch "117"

    The unique number, and Adam putting 117 in quotes on the patch branch just got me thinking. Obviously a majority of the team came from 343, which is pretty much known for ruining the halo series (not blaming anyone on this current team, just sayin halo 3 was the last good halo). Furthermore, everybody knows that the number 117 in the Halo community refers to Master Chief. So my question is; Did you guys purposely name the patch 117 and add a halo easter egg? Or is it some crazy coincidence that a bunch of devs from 343 accidentally made a patch 117 without even thinking about what those three numbers mean. It's probably the latter, but how cool would it be to find Master Chief's Helmet in a cave somewhere, or some sort of master chief Easter egg. I mean I know that 343, but this patch number 117 can't help but get me thinking about easter eggs getting added in.
  13. DinoInSpace

    Organic Compressor

    A machine that can convert organic into coal for generators, a ratio of 2 organic for 1 coal.
  14. I have the i7/16GB/940M Surface Book. I use to be able to play the game with a good stable fps, above 30. But now after the game updated to 117, I only get ~5 fps. I went in and changed some of the graphics settings in the game files but it didn't seem to help at all. I love this game and really want to play it!
  15. I think... I or Russia Comunity can help to System Era Softworks translate game, ( Good translate ) because u do crooked translating :c Like: "Тележка" "Продать Платформу" and so on
  16. So I was driving around in my car with a crane ontop of it and I drilled some compound, since then I have half a stack of it in my inventory. I can't drag it around or do anything with it.
  17. PC, Mouse+keyboard, Steam When you point the terrain tool under you and use the Alt key to add terrain, your Astroneer can sometimes get lodged into the terrain. If you're still halfway visible you can use the standard left click to vacuum the terrain and free your body. But if you add terrain enough to cover your body your Astroneer will be under the world so to say and will start falling. I fell and started falling endlessly but quickly exited because I didn't want to lose everything on my backpack if I landed somewhere and died.
  18. countblek

    What's This

    I was exploring a cave on the moon and came across this. It's not research so I can't identify it. Does anybody know what it is or is it just something cool to have at you base.
  19. hello, I made one of the astroneers I plan to do some animations with it in the future. I'm my own worst critic so if you notice anything odd about it please do tell. it's not quite finished yet still need to add one of the hoses and rig it for animation.
  20. I just built a shuttle and had a rover and truck right by the vehicle bay. I flew the shuttle in the air but went straight back to my home. I got out and my rover and truck were gone. Can anyone help this problem?
  21. For some reason lately whenever i have been using tethers for a decent period of time and a tank in my inventory when the tank runs out it turns into "tethers" even though its clearly the tank icon and model when you drop it. It becomes useless It does not give you infinite tethers which I thought maybe was possible at first
  22. Hi. I love this game. I was doing really well. I told all my friends. One day, I went to space in a shuttle, and I went to my moon, landed, and went back. Then I went to the moon again, landed, then I went to an Arid planet, and landed. I ran out of fuel. Can somebody help me find some Hydrazine? Else, I'm a castaway forever. RS, age 10. No cursing, please.
  23. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    I have burned 20 hours into Astroneer and I just want to say, AMAZING game. You've probably heard this a million times but it's true, and I really see this game becoming the next big thing. This is my first post so please do not judge too harshly. Anyways, straight to the point, I feel like a great and useful addition to the game would be a small change to tethers. Aside from the inevitable bugs, which are minor annoyances to be expected, the biggest pet peeve of mine is trying to space tethers as far as possible without losing the connection, especially when linking long distances. Now, here's my brilliant solution. Make it so that when dragging tethers, it stops at the maximum length possible, but still allowing for shorter spaced tethers. Additionally, include the option to turn this off in case players dislike this feature for whatever reason. I hope that you take this idea into consideration as it would make mine and a lot of other players' lives easier. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.