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Found 7 results

  1. Summary: All achievements in Steam are locked, despite completing tasks. Description: After playing about 20 hours, many of the achievements I should be getting (like Scanning a research sample, building a rover, changing suits, etc.) are not popping up in Steam at all. This may be a similar root cause as another issue I am having with multiplayer on steam as well. It appears that Steam and Astroneer aren't communicating to each other except starting up the game. Platform: Steam Version: 1.0.7 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v.1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i5-4670K 3.4GHz GPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce 1080 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 4x4GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB Steps to Resolve: Restarted Astroneer Restarted computer Reinstalled Astroneer Started Astroneer as Admin Removed and readded Astroneer to the Windows Firewall
  2. TheChillin'Villain

    Multiple Achievements bugged

    I am unable to obtain the following achievements: Barrier Buster - I've hit the center of every planet, and used both the level 3 personal drill and level 3 crane drill on every type of terrain I can find. Delve Greedily and Deep - I've dug to the center of every planet. Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads - I built a massive sky ramp, and have driven every type of car into the air for at least 11 seconds. Journey to the Center of the Thing - I've gone to the center of Sylva in a friends game, and been there when they completed the planet.
  3. How are timestamps for achievements handled in Astroneer? My understanding is game data is held in the local cache. If playing in offline mode, the timestamps and achievements will appear the next time the computer connects to the Steam Server. At this point: 1. Are the actual local times of achievements recorded? Or are all achievements given a timestamp of the time the connection with the server is re-established? 2. Are any delays in timestamp recording possible (in the order of a few hours) when playing offline? 3. Are gaps of 30 mins to an hour or more between achievement timestamps possible when playing in offline mode? Thank you
  4. I'm doing a run on the achievements and I have one left which is, "Delve Greedily and Deep". The description is "Travel to the Mantle depth of any planet." I've finished the game and been to every core and mantle but this achievement won't be awarded no matter what.
  5. Playing with my bro on PC via steam, he activated the core while in my game, and I got the achievement, but he was the only one to get his suit unlocked.
  6. Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that the Xbox One achievements have now shown up. Quite an extensive list! There's no spoilers for the secret achievements on this link, though you can click through to find out what those are. Cheers!
  7. James Lyle

    Achievement List Ideas

    I imagine achievements are eventually going to be implemented, but I just wanted to make a thread to give some ideas of what they could be. I also want to start by please don't add any which require excessive grinding! Okay here goes, some are dead easy but you gotta have low level ones to keep people going! : build every module land on a new planet for the first time link 100 tethers in a line create a base with over 10 modules Research your first research object research all the types of research objects link three trucks together build the spaceship land on every planet build a base on another planet go X metres underground (in altitude) do some trading survive a storm power a fallen satellite (i still dont know if it does anything lol) find a dead astroneer and scavenge his stuff drive a truck while carrying a passenger fill a truck with 24 objects (or whatever the maximum is when you add all the storage panels) Go X metres away from your base (on land? to encourage driving exploration) Of course there will be more, to do with future updates like the new vehicles and so on, but this is a list I made in 5 minutes haha