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Found 4 results

  1. so.... today i installed Astroneer Patch 125. I (obviously) tried to load up an old world to play, but it crashed (UE4-Astro). I tried it several times, but it crashed every time. I tried making a new one, and it worked, played on it for about half an hour, and I closed it. I tried to load the new world to (see if the bug occurred for all worlds, or only for older ones) and the game froze for 2 seconds, but then loaded the world. I have a question. Is it able to recover ANY of the stuff on the old world without having to download the older version 119 cracked?
  2. Sometimes when I build too much build pad, some of my building just disconnects other modules and stopped receiving power from panels and battery, forcing me to build a new vehicle bay
  3. When I saw the new patch (119) come out, I was excited but it turned out my brother couldnt join the game. Whenever he pressed the "join game" button on my profile it would launch astroneer but then he would either end up in the menu to start a new game or load a saved game OR the game would just hang. I've never hosted a multiplayer game before so I might be doing it wrong... Any ideas?
  4. Astroneer: 119 Windows 10 x64 I7 4790k @4ghz, DDR3 16GB Zotak AMP! Extreme 1080 /W 8GB GDDR5 OMG, it's broken again, just reloaded the game saved yesterday and.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And it's all around the planet, not just where I've edited the terrain