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  1. Klimos


    Well placing a load of tethers no longer makes the game super laggy however there is still lag issues elsewhere in the game. I mean I only get 40fps at 720p so there must be more stability fixes incoming Thanks
  2. Yes this!!! Also sealed buildings that you can take your helmet off in with air exchangers which use oxygen. Also as well as building bases I think we need the ability to build our own ships using cranes. Get a hull and snap on some solar panels and generators and maybe some thrusters etc. I think this game needs to get super super technical with all kinds of automation and cool systems. And a building mechanic so you can make bases and ships. We also need more resources as you stated like water etc but I think we need to get some proper trees that you can farm and make oxygen with.
  3. Klimos

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    Can you in future just check the forum first. This is a known issue. Its in the known issues thread and there are 100 other people complaining about it. We need to keep this forum clean so new issues can be seen by the game developers The next few patches will address the FPS issues since its the largest issue right now. You will be able to play better soon Have fun
  4. I fixed this by restarting the game.
  5. Thats just the game saving. It saves whenever you get in or out off a vehicle including the pod. If you are on a harddrive then you may see a little box come up and say 'Saving Game' but if you are on an SSD it will just freeze for a second.
  6. When playing co-op on the beta version with steam there is a bug where if you have joined someones world, tethers don't disconnect! So as you walk past machines or other tethers you collect tethers lines that don't go away. You can walk as far away as you like and the tethers are still connected however they don't provide resources. Its strictly a visual issue.
  7. Klimos

    astroneer unplayable FPS

    Everyone is having the same issues. After playing for a while it gets laggy. It does not matter what resolution you put it in, still low fps. I play at around 22fps and its still playable, feels choppy but its enough to have some fun. Its Pre-Alpha... surely you knew this when you bought it. Pre-Alpha means bugs and plenty of issues. Instead of complaining about it why don't you go over to the other thread and report it as a bug and wait for it to get fixed. No one can help you since no one knows how to fix it yet.