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    Dead Astroneers

    Previously failed missions
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    Reliable means of Navigation

    That is what I am saying, you dont have to build these things if you don't want to, its a tool! this way we can chose to not, even the HUD idea you can remove the key bind and never press it!
  3. I think Steam obeys the titles and not many are actually marketed capitalized that way, which ASTRONEER seems to be even SYSTEM ERA is all caps, maybe its the font they used. I agree with staymighty tho, when I first read it, it was literally the reason I watched the video on my list because of its name capitalized I figured someone was trying to make a statement, and that they did, I just hope they continue to, and so far they got my vote!
  4. z33k

    Reliable means of Navigation

    In Helmet HUD - same way we press Q to focus the pack let's press R or something to give us an in helmet view, there can be statistics there like direction, wind(when a vane is attached), power, oxygen levels etc. Then we can have a new "sonar" device that we can link to a specific beacon that always shows in the HUD but only one, it can just beep and you can see oscillating waves in the HUD so its not also too easy. similar to when you called a mate in Spore during the cell stage. This can be expanded in so many ways, let us deploy satellites into orbit and make an antenna attachment similar to the wind/solar ones and then we can get data from the satellite sent to us, this can be disrupted under caves. This way there is progression to it. In the beginning you can make the basic components on your suit(since we know those slots are limited and precious) and eventually upgrade to satellite telemetry and etc sent to your suit, this modules can be upgraded on the satellites as well by going up there and doing space walks and all that!! Well time to upgrade the mirror on my telescope so I can find nearby life on planets! wooooooottt?!?!!?!