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  1. I couldnt agree more with these suggestions, they will add alot more depth to the game and the games mechanics.
  2. At its current state, Astroneer only has a handful of planets. Arid, Terran, Barren, Tundra, etc. While each planet does represent a different difficulty of survival, I think that it would be nice to expand the horizon of planets, and make the astroneer universe much much larger. A few ideas to keep in mind whilst expanding the galaxy: Add black holes Add planets with asteroid rings and different weather Add possible abandoned space stations to loot and repair Planets at the far reach of the galaxy that contain an abundance of rare resources Dwarf planets Multiple
  3. When I was playing my game of astroneer, the same old storm came and blew some debris over my station, but I noticed that nothing was damaged, and everything stayed in perfect condition. Then I thought it would be a good idea to add onto the survival challenge, and make it so that if debris DOES damage a piece of equipment like a rover or research station, there will have to be a certain resource that you need to to use to fix it. This idea will hopefully add onto the sheer deadliness of storms, and make astroneer a better survival-like game.
  4. Thanks! How exactly do I go about contacting system era directly? It sounds like a good idea so my idea can reach them quicker.
  5. I've been playing Astroneers for a while now, and I think what should be added is a way to craft a space station which requires 4 Titanium 2 Copper 2 Resin 4 Compound It can be build on the vehicle bay and has to be launched into space using alot of fuel. Once its in space, you can expand it by adding more shells to the station, but only if you land it. You can also add certain stations like the furnace etc., only if you land it. I think this would be a great idea to expand space exploration, and also for having fun with friends on servers.