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  1. Water is already in the game but the only problem with that is not every planet has it.
  2. The "long breath" and the "that shocks" are why the tank and battery exist. It is more balanced than just having a skill like that.
  3. I don't see a problem with having unlimited oxygen. I just see a problem with no explanation how. There should be like a detachable filter that goes on the side of your habitat when you first arrive on the planet. You could then put the filter onto a vehicle or something and that is how you get the oxygen from there The only problem with the whole filter idea is for planets like the moon (barren) that don't have atmospheres that the filters would work with therefore you have no oxygen to survive which makes going to the moon pointless
  4. I am sure that will be an idea in the future but in an pre-alpha version it would just add some annoying optimization and things that don't really improve the game too much.
  5. Pretty much I made this post with the entire idea of "Jetpack" Now that I am actually writing this, I have gotten a few more ideas. The backpack is amazing as it already is and it doesn't need much improving except for an upgrade slot. There would be a machine called an upgrade machine and it would make like speed upgrades for vehicles or jetpack upgrades for the backpack. Of course the jetpack would just use power so it wouldn't be broken. There should be a strength upgrade to the Astroneer that allows him to jump while holding large items like research capsules. The vehicles should