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  1. Hi, Just an idea regarding the MAP feature: You could build GPS satellites, which you can launch into orbit The more satellites you launch into orbit, the more precise data your handheld MAP device will get: 1 GPS: basic 2D overview MAP with limited functionality: only your base and yourself shown 3 GPS: everything you get with 1 GPS, plus beacons and vehicles shown 5 GPS: basic 3D wire frame map with bases, beacons, vehicles, etc. 10 GPS: detailed mini 3D topological map If you complete a 10-node GPS network you could craft special GPS satellites with imaging sensors: Infrared optics to display resources on the surface X-ray sensors to display underground caves/resources ...maybe other optics for specific resources? (too OP?) Other ideas incorporate signal strength? Satellite/terrestrial/mobile antennas to boost coverage/detail/etc? Storms interfere with GPS reception, fuzzy/noisy MAP display mobile and stationary antennas to boost signal underground modular satellites (battery, power source, antenna, analysis module(resource)) multiplayer options you could send way points to other players track other players What do you think?