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    "131" - March 17th, 2017

    Should I create a new world for this new patch? Will I be missing anything if I don't?
  2. My game crashed after I tried to use my habitat during a storm on Terra. Then I immediately restarted my game and was loaded into a buggy I used just before, but I was unable to drive it. When I pressed the buttons to move, the power on the buggy was going down, but it wasn't moving. Then, I got out of my buggy, the power went back to where it was, and I was able to drive it once I got back in my buggy again. I play off of steam and I have windows 10
  3. The picture is of the hole I dug that had lithium and compound in it, the trucks I used, and of the lithium I dug up put in a storage.
  4. I play on steam through windows. When I was mining lithium on the moon (barren) with the crane and drill head, I also found compound in the ground. When I finished I looked around for the compound, and I was only able to find lithium, and more lithium than I was expecting. I also looked around for partly finished compound blocks, and the only thing that wasn't lithium was an unfinished piece of resin, which was most likely from before. My best guess is that I was mining compound from the ground, but instead I was getting more lithium from the crane.
  5. Chris Davis


    If there was a meltdown so you had to leave you base, then how would you make another one? What if a player panicked and left everything behind, would they have to start over because there is no way to leave planet unless you have your rocket from your base? While a reactor could come with increased risks, it cannot leave your base inaccessible to the point where you could never use it. I think it would make sense for it to blow up parts of your base, which could be rebuilt, and/or it might leave radiation on the ground which would hurt to pick up.
  6. Chris Davis

    Mismatched ground

    I have also seen this issue a lot in my world, just not big enough for anyone to fall through easily. I didn't see on the moon, but I saw it on terran around my base. I also play on steam
  7. Chris Davis

    vanishing tehthers

    The first time I made tethers, after placing them, I tried to put them away by putting them on my person without opening the backpack and they disappeared. I never saw those tethers again. I was playing through steam on my laptop.