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  1. Casual_Dutchman

    My bugs in 1.0

    My specs PC - Windows 10 i7-4790K @4 Ghz 8 GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM OS on SSD, Game on different SSD GTX 960 4GB (driver 418.91) Internet 14 ms ping, 200 mbps down, 20 mbps up
  2. Casual_Dutchman

    My bugs in 1.0

    I spend some time with different worlds and I have noticed some issues with Astroneer. Some are just small glitches and some are game breaking bugs. Not the host If you play with a friend and you are not the host, the world will not be the same. The chunks will be visible, because the seems are not stitched properly. These stitches allow me to look through the planet and find new things (not intended gameplay) Not only that, but at some point, modified chunks will revert back to their 'natural' state This means that some chunks are modified, but 1 chunks is back to when it was generated, which results in a mess with collision as well. I noticed that resources in the ground sometimes dissapear, even when I am mining them. When I walk away and reload the chunks, the resources appear again, but go away just as easily. Solo I will just keep this to a list Sometimes the collision for a chunk is gone, and the astroneer or the vehicle will either fall through the surface or will bob up and down near the surface This can be fixed by modifiying the chunk with the terrain tool, this resets the collision. Tractor not moving, even when it has power, proper ground to ride on. Trailers standing still, even when attached to a tractor. When the tractor drive off, the trailer will just be disconnected. Printers stopping mid print, even when there is enough power and enough resources. Some tether being disconnected from their original attachmentpoint. When the small printer is placed on its own, when the chunk is reloaded, the printer has changed position and won't allow a print. Suggestions When exiting the tractor, you exit on the side you are facing. When I face the left, because I want to go left, the astroneer still exits on the right.
  3. Casual_Dutchman

    Stations bug

    So I noticed a weird bug in the new update (windows 10, steam edition) where compound goes to front slots, eventough there are no slots there. This not only happens with the new research station, but also with the smeltery. (Not aware of any other) The other weird thing is the exclamation mark above the researchable items, like the old system. When I click on it, it just plays the warning sound, but nothing happens. Just wanted to let you know
  4. Sorry, the game is in dutch. I can't get it to be english As I was driving my Truck with a large storage component every slot for the large storage has a small storage there is 1 generator in the small storage. it has a 1 seater a researchable token I was just driving when the truck started flying and acting like a deflating balloon. It started after I added the research box to the front. I own and play via Steam, play with keyboard and mouse. 2016-12-17-1338-08.flv
  5. Casual_Dutchman

    Beautiful game, rough edges

    For people who are going to hate for me talking about the rough edges, I know the game is still in it's alpha stages. I just want to share my experience, some possible bugs and maybe some fixes for problems. First things first: The game is gorgeous! I love the artstyle! Ofcourse the game is not done, but everything that is included (for as long as I played) is awesome. Taking a trip with a rover and a trailer, and sail of in the distance. Just spend about 5 hours of just driving and enjoying the view. We all know the game has a few bugs, because it's in its alpha stage. Below are 2 pictures of bugs. LEFT: The smeltery needs some work. When all 4 smeltery slots are filled with its ore, and the 4 sides slots are occupied, the final metal will not "fall off" the smeltery, but it will just display 1 metal and keeps removing the ores. In the picture you can see an "Aluminium" metal nugget, but its not completed. This is the result of what I just stated before. I removed a items from the side slots and a half complete nugget took its place. Unfortunately the nugget was not usable and not replaceable. RIGHT: Here I used a demolition charge I found in a cave. This just transformed the ground, but the grass on it stayed, which gave a weird effect. This next image is a good illustration of a frustration. Every time I entered my base with my rover, the solar panel on its nose popped off, because of that weird 'attach' thing it wants from a node. Then a suggestion, I can understand why this is how it is. At some point I got lost. I had no idea where to go, so I just started going in different directions. This was not a good idea, because I got myself in even more trouble. (I traveled with a rover and 2 trailers, seen on first image. The last one got stuck in a hole and pulled all rover-cars into the hole. 1 hour mess to get them out) I would suggest the home icont to be visible from everywhere on the planet. This way you can't get lost. I understand it would be a bit OP, because getting lost the beauty of this game. Stay safe fellow Astroneers, and don't forget to enjoy the view sometimes!