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  1. I started with a new save and began playing. When I saved the game and came back later I noticed several bugs. First, the tires on my small rover appeared to be "smoking" like I was a drag racer burning out on the starting line. (see attached screen shot) Secondly, on my first exploration through a cave I found a patch of Malacite. When I exited the game and then came back later, the mineral was gone, but ground was still indented from my earlier visit. Other vegetation was missing as well. Several saves and visits later, the malacite and most of the vegetation was back again. And thirdly, when I first start up I've noticed that usually my tether line is black like it's disconnected. When I pick up and drop the first tether in the line, the string reactivates.
  2. I saw the same issue on my PC/Steam 0.7.0 version. The smelter usually stores on one of the medium storage units but randomly spits them on the ground as well.
  3. delwinf

    Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    I used the Medium Generator once as well, just to see what it would do. Because it serves no practical purpose and because coal is so far below the surface (Terran) or unneeded when it is plentiful, I very seldom use coal. Wind and solar with battery backup is enough to fuel my ventures. I agree with the idea of an auto pause function. That is what happens with the power nuggets that your create in your backpack by scooping up yellow bits on the ground or out of those resource things sticking out of the ground. Those only dissolve when there is a power draw. I could live with the On/Off switch if that were the only option given.
  4. I'm not sure what the correct term is for the outcroppings on the planet surface that have power, resin, compound or oxygen in them, but after I updated to version .215 (Excavation) it appears that these don't renew or refill after I drain them the first time. I'm playing on a fresh save. Is this an intentional behavior change? I didn't see anything about it in the Patch Notes. Thanks.
  5. delwinf

    Tether-Based Transportation

    I like the idea of having the ability to create more serious infrastructure like a small rail line to transport resources to the surface or over the surface of the planet. I'm getting really tired of trying to juggle one research hairy potato (or whatever you call those things) to the surface at a time. It's not so much the "one at a time-ness" of it all but just the tedium of how the mechanics of moving those things works. PS. Roller coasters? Sign me up for a one way trip to the bottom so I can join those other dead bodies down there. :-)
  6. delwinf


    Great idea. Having a smaller vehicle, along the lines of a motorbike/3- or 4-wheeler, would be great for exploration above or below ground. Fuel it with organic (like the personal size generator) so that you could gather more fuel as needed. Having a smaller trailer to add on would be great as well for a simpler overland/underground excursion.