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    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Надо говорить не "скоро" а "КТТС".
  2. Romik

    Idea, heavy caterpillar machine

    Another use of heavy caterpillar machine - to build roads with pavement. Espesially it would be usefull on red or exotic planet - their surface is dificult to travel by truck.
  3. Romik

    Idea, heavy caterpillar machine

    Anyway, there must be a way to make plane surfase. At leest to make plane flor. It's hard to acheeve with ctrl+digging. It can be as regime for digger tool. You set this regime and digger tool now creates plane, horisontal surfase on level, there personage stands, or inclined surfase on direction of front of personage, wich angle you can ajust.
  4. Romik

    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    I had problem with C++ Runtime. It didn't want to install. I installed service pack 1 for Windows 7 and all runs fine.
  5. Romik


    But would it siply oxigen?
  6. Helo everybody. The thing, thich game has terrible lack of, is heavy caterpillar machine. It's must be slower but more powerfull then wheeled cart. It must have two double slots (like it need fot 3-seat cabin, big storage or crane) on forward - for mounting heavy eqipment: dozer, rotary cutter, crane or something else. It will allow to align terrane - wich is dificult to acive with digger. And, the main, - it will allow to make straight tunnels in ground to connect caves with each ower and to build inclined ways to surface. Of cause, it's able to do with digger, but tunnels in this case go out curved and smuggle. Also it would be usefull to add ability to build elevators from cave to surfase.
  7. Romik

    Big piles of resources

    I see it more simple - you just take one resource, clik by it onto anover of same type and they merje together creating pile of 2 resources. Aftervards you can mount it onto double slot, if you add resourse to it grovs, if take - it melts. May be it will reqire to gather some rare reserch to obtain such kind of ability.
  8. Hello everybody. I suggest to add ability to join some number of resources of same type into big pile of resourses. This pile can contain maximum 10, 12 or 16 (let developers decide) usual peaces of resources of same type - mote than storage. Resource Pile can be mounted onto double slot - there eqipment or research box are mounted. You may take resources from pile, for example, by clicking on top of it, and put them into it by clicking with this resourse on the pile of same resource.