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    Save game corrupt after crash

    I tried to edit the post but it gave me an error. EDIT: While I was on my lost journey I was entering the Truck to save my game periodically. Don't know if this will help, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  2. kevomeister011

    Save game corrupt after crash

    Was playing today for a little bit. Did some exploring with my vehicle train that I finally worked without major frame rate issues. I ventured too far and got lost from my home base. The icons for your home doesn't seem to appear when you're too far away. Part of me likes this element as it adds to the survival aspect. The other part of me hates it as I finally managed to hook up a crashed satellite with winch. Drug it around for awhile searching for my base or hoping the home icon would appear on the horizon. I could of swore it was just on the other side of the moun.....ehhh. Game froze locked up then crashed. My game save won't load, anytime I try the game locks up and crashes. Unfortunately, my Astroneer will never make it home , and I now have to start from scratch. Oh well. On to more exploring and bug catching.
  3. kevomeister011

    Various issues/bugs

    Game is a blast, so thanks for the work that has been done so far on it. All of these bugs have been encountered on Xbox One. I played for a few hours when it launched and then I reloaded into my save today. Frame rate is a major issue that I've ran into thus far. The game remains playable to a certain extent. I'm not sure what is causing the issue as it just kinda happens and never really goes away. I haven't tried to reset the xbox or anything to see if that makes the issue go away for a period of time. Might try that later. The ROVER...oh boy lol. This thing is buggy beyond belief. As soon as I get in the Rover(one seat attached) the game drops to a very very low frame rate. Almost completely frozen at times. I managed to get it running smoothly once with a storage rack attached(square 8 one). Attaching things to the Rover really seems to mess things up. The storage rack doesn't let you take individual things off the rack while its on the rover. You have to take the rack off and then take the stuff off...put the rack back on the get it. Today I researched the crane attachment. I had no idea there was a truck, by the way. I built the crane attachment and stuck it on the rover. Bad idea. The crane cannot be taken off the rover now. I'm not sure what the issue is. I'm also not sure exactly how you control the crane as it just kinda spins around with no input from the controller. The rover also flies around while attached to the vehicle bay arm. I've seen this on multiple occasions while walking back to the base. Tethers separate themselves all the time. They still light up too like they are still attached. You can really tell this game was designed for KB/M. The control scheme on the controller is fine don't get me wrong. The analog inputs need some fine tuning. I'm not sure if this goes along with the constant frame rate issues or not. The mining vaccum tool is very clunky to use. The camera sometimes keeps turning after you've stopped touching the analog stick. Got stuck in a small hole. My character started to make a motion like he was floating and then I fell through the map and died who knows where lol It would be nice to be able to shift the pods(printer, smelter, etc..) around. I built a second Vehicle bay since I can't use the one that has my broken rover crane. Then I built a battery and attached it to a 2 hole base. It is now stuck in the vehicle bay. The battery and the vehicle bay still work it just looks really stupid. I built a second habitat. After a failed attempt at driving it somewhere with the rover, I set it on the ground back at my base and hit the button to deploy it(didn't know that's what that button did). Now I have 2 habitats sittings kinda stuck together. Wish I could move the second one out of the way. The pods kinda build at whatever depth they feel like. I'm having a blast. Hope there is a frame rate issue patch coming soon as it's really the only major issue.....minus the Rover....please fix the Rover lol