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    Screenshots Megathread

    mobile base is a mobile base
  2. eagroke

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Me too! Look at this shiny mobile research station I got here, and it always has enough power!
  3. eagroke

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    that's lovely! thank you for your great work!
  4. eagroke

    large storage bug

    I suppose you can still destroy any unwanted parts with dynamite
  5. eagroke

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    @MouseMovie нет никакой техподдержки, там вся команда - около 10 человек. И они должны успеть сразу очень много. Я сам работаю в разработке игр и знаю, как много времени всё это занимает. И они ещё учатся работать друг с другом, возможно. Сказано было: пре-альфа - так и есть. Я играю со 115 патча и вижу огромный прогресс за сравнительно короткое время. Уверен, что будут хотфиксы, никто там не сидит сложа руки.
  6. Steam, Windows 8.1, 155
  7. eagroke

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    Well, I have started a new game when 154 came out and I was lucky enough to spawn under the trees, so I had much more research boxes than one can have being spawned on flatlands. In a couple of hours I've researched things like rover, truck, habitat, shuttle, big storage, wide and narrow mod, even medium solar-panel was there. I still don't have inhibitor, terrain analyzer, medium wind vane, spaceship, crane, etc. I suggested I should visit other planets and after some tries I found a huge forest on Exotic near its pole. I've managed to build a base there, constructed a truck with storage and 1-seat and other truck with 2 storage, so I could bring home 15 research boxes in one trip. There are boxes of all types, tons of them, everywhere - it's a very dense forest. I made about 20-30 trips, bringing home different boxes of all sizes and shapes, 15 in one trip. The only thing I researched within hundreds of boxes on Exotic was small storage. It was very helpful, of course, because now I can properly store dozens of filters, compound nuggets and power cells. I trade all aluminium and copper nuggets I've 'researched' for lithium or titanium just because it saves space. I wish I had dynamite researched to blow all that redundant scrap I don't even need, but I haven't. When I first watched this new awesome trailer for patch 153 I was eager to try these new features out, but seems I can't afford it. New research system, even after it got patched, makes me feel discouraged, flummoxed. I don't want to play it anymore because it punishes me, burying me under the burden of all these air filters. I can't wear that much, I don't need these amounts even in reserve. I want to be able to find 1 compound nugget under my feet when I'm in need and craft it with my backpack. Ironically, it's not an option, cause I haven't researched it.
  8. same, latest patch, started a new save, have 3 augments, dozens of copper & aluminium but only smelter and research buildings
  9. eagroke

    Do a story with only five words.

    a beacon in clouds, look
  10. eagroke

    "Circumbase" around Barren!

    A couple of evening plays, actually Barren isn't really very big so I guess it took more time to prepare my Terran base for it, feels like I made it so that close to the south pole it was kinda hard to select the proper landing point while orbiting, so I made another base "spaceport" on halfway to equator and transported resin from fabric by truck with trailer. Gotta return to Barren and count'em all! I will post the result a bit later! but keep in mind this is not a very straight line, even if I tried to make it so. Still very playable! it lags just a bit when you connect to this line to refill oxygen or draw some power but it's still much better than 0.115 performance ever was. Actually 0.131 is the first patch which performance allowed me to accomplish that mission I've been planning long time ago. These are my petz. Kinda weird but I like them - they don't touch you since you don't touch them, it's fair. I always make friends among them.
  11. Finally completed it. Gotta charge my rover pluggin in the most expensive cable ever... Now I gotta circumpower it by the solar! All credits to my Terran polar-based fuel supply fabric (5th screenshot)
  12. eagroke

    Are there too many rovers?

    cool idea I will do it right after circumbasing Barren (still in progress)
  13. eagroke

    Dome...above ground?

    You can use tethers as lamps :>
  14. eagroke

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    please confirm that you have real 0.125, not 0.119 or 0.122 to me it works brilliant (0.125)
  15. eagroke

    Time Played!

    I feel that I've spent there more than I should when I find myself studying which solar panel would fit my flat best on the markets