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  1. I have seen storms blow away materials from peoples bases. Real wind turbines will shut down if wind speeds are to high. This prevents them from ripping apart or warping the blades.
  2. I find this to be a very interesting idea. I did wonder how we got oxygen from our base and vehicles. But I can see a couple of issues with the idea. I don't like the idea of a dome already existing on the planet, it kind of takes away the feeling of being the first one there. Now the Creation of some kind of dome could be entertained. Without the dome in the beginning, how would you survive the first moments on the planet on initial landing? Even if you had an extra tank on the habitat at the beginning. It would take time to build an organic/oxygen converter to your base. I
  3. I use a mouse and keyboard. I was just guessing
  4. Interesting idea. But I feel like the power usage would have to be manipulated to do this. It already costs so much just to mine those little concentrations.
  5. agreed. I feel that you wouldn't want to toggle it since sprinting can run your oxygen out so quickly. But for controllers, if implemented, could be set on an R3 or L3 button.
  6. I find this to be one of the major draw backs of exploring in this game. The fact that after disabling plants or stalagmite do not disappear after digging under them (like rocks on the surface). The only way to remove them is to dig an even larger hole and flatten the surface which can even glitch out the game. Suggestions: Make them disappear like the surface rocks. or Allow the mining drill bit, when attached to the front a vehicle, to destroy/despawn them. Create research for the astroneer that upgrades their tool to turn creatures into organic. It is just r
  7. Do you mean the giant wrecked solar panels or the large ones you can print? I am guessing you mean the printed ones.
  8. I have had the same problem even in my back pack. Mouse/keyboard Steam (What were you doing leading up to this bug); Having power in my inventory or on the base, closing game and reopening. (Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated) See point 3.
  9. This is a really great design sketch. I'm guessing it doesn't take you much time to sketch it up based on the skill. I'm sure this helps the dev's more then just a bunch of text. Keep it up.