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    "158" - May 5th, 2017

    Lots of floating objects and the terrain is generating so slow it's stoping me from driving on Xbox eveything else is better though great game
  2. Matt p

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    I think more content and more to progress through should be the goal rather then less over more time. It would be awesome if after you've covered these planets with all you need you can then go to new solar systems with even crazier upgrades content is king the game is already really fun
  3. Matt p

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    Same cant wait
  4. Matt p

    Map obtained by Craftable Satellites

    I like
  5. It would be cool to have a collectable aspect similar to trading cards. This could take the form of rare parts, minerals, treasure maps, alien tech, tools for terrain manipulation like smooth.
  6. It would be interesting if you could affect the sun changing planets from frozen to lush and unlock mysteries that were frozen in ice. Large scale exploration that would result in new story tech resources.
  7. I would love a press run feature like cod vs having to hold the analogue stick.