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    So addicting my cat has started playing...
  2. Quick question/issue. I've read that others have had the problem with the new patch and frame rate dropping; however, I've been dealing with this odd problem for a while now. I play a save for a while, not all at once mind you - I've quit between plays, and all of a sudden I get a frame rate drop. I know my equipment isn't *ideal* but if I've started a new save I don't have problems with it for approx. 33 hours of play in the save. Then all of a sudden, BAM, drop without recovery. My normal fps sits at about 25-30 according to the steam over lay. With 60-90 in the menus. After a certain amount of hours into a single save file it drops to 5-7. I thought my original save file did this as I had saved in a cave, and I had read about the 2-hour straight play glitch with long cave exploration where the GPU is constantly storing all of the cave and trying to load it. So I started a new file and have been able to play for weeks. I played for about 4 hours last night in the new patch with no problems at all. Then I log in today and can't get better than 10 fps. Of course this makes the game unplayable. I don't particularly want to start yet another save as I really like my new base, and had just found some neat new stuff. I've heard the devs are working on the frame rate problem; however, are there any community suggestions out there? The first time around I tried editing the various files, turning off steam over lay, etc. Nothing worked until I started a new file. Is there perhaps a way to purge the GPU cache of the game? (Also wanted to post this, just in case the devs could use the feedback with a bit more information.) Computer info: CPU: i7-6500U 2.50GHz 2.59GHz, Ram: 8.00GB, 2 GPUs: GeForce 940M, Intel HD Graphics 520 (which irritatingly shows as my device in DirectX diagnostic), Laptop - touch screen, Lenovo Flex 3, Running latest Windows 10 update, all drivers are currently up to date. Cheers.
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    Thank you for the reply! I'm running it on Steam, on Windows 10 [anniversary update] (64-bit) CPU: i7-6500U 2.50GHz 2.59GHz Ram: 8.00GB GPU: GeForce 940M, Intel HD Graphics 520 (which irritatingly shows as my device in DirectX diagnostic) Laptop - touch screen, Lenovo Flex 3 The game was working just peachy until January 27th. When I try to open my save file, the menus load at 45-60fps no problem and the game loads only at 5-7fps. I run other heavy games like WoW without issue. My drivers, and everything are up to date.
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    Any ideas for when the FPS is at 5-6 when just starting the game? I've tried several of the suggestions, like -nosound, and editing the max fps to no avail.
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    Map-ish Feature

    Dunno if this has been suggested, or is in the works, but a map like system to identify where we left beacons, or vehicles, far away from the base would be so handy! I've lost quite a few now with my poor navigational skills. A way to mark a direction from our base to find beacons would be so cool. Perhaps radar? Or something to that effect. It would also help when finding the base after an excursion, or trucks after dying. Love the game! Totally addicted. Cheers