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  1. the first thing is already in the game the third is a tricky think currently but I don't understand what you meant
  2. the fuel condenser is needed, but as a fix it should produce synthetic hydrazine which is just the same as normal hydrazine, accept you can't sell it. so we can sell the hydrazine we get through mining and research
  3. we already have a base building system in the game
  4. those are all great ideas, would love to see those in the game and great work visualizing your ideas.
  5. I don't think anything should have an internal generator, I have so many ways to generate energy in the game already, it would be kinda boring with internal generators
  6. it would be nice to have a huge spaceship, but it would be just a gigantic novelty
  7. a work light and a spotlight would be great
  8. mmh.. would be intersting... maybe if special structures spawn only on mountains like observatories
  9. that would be really nice to have a dirtbike, it could maybe have 1 or 2 single connection slots.
  10. planes and other types of would nice. 1. planes only need an atmosphere. it doesn't matter what the atmosphere is made of. 2. plants need carbon-dioxide, too much oxygen is bad for plants. the atmosphere of the planets probably all oxygen, but in deadly amounts or there are toxic substances in them.
  11. I am not sure about enemies, because currently the game is quit relaxing, but I think moving enemies might break that