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  1. StormReachSeven


    @SunnyDay I feel like the developers have adopted the exploration-related ideas. PVP? Maybe. Currency? Maybe. At the moment they seem more focused on implementing new vehicles, resources, and in general more reasons and ways to explore. Other directions are probably on the backburner.
  2. StormReachSeven


    Oh, that was just the debate I saw happening in the posts. I agree that more difficult planets should give better rewards, but I was pointing out that PVP zones and such would work better on a larger-scale game. I wish I could edit that post, my grammar in that spot was terrible...
  3. StormReachSeven

    Uprooted fungi lose physics after quit/reload

    Similar issue, not sure if it's a bug or they just haven't implemented physics for the fungi yet.
  4. StormReachSeven


    Love all of the ideas. To those who don't like the community idea effort: Great games are built when the community and developers work together. @DragonAstroneer @Sir Dancealot Perhaps if currency were awarded similar to Kerbal Space Program, where the player takes tourism, exploration, research, survey, etc missions to gain currency while also adding a sense of adventure? The right kinds of missions could encourage exploration while also allowing for currency-based research progression. There could also be modes (as Sir Dancealot was pointing out some players wouldn't want anything to do with currency), such as a mode in which every milestone you reach gives you research points rather than completing missions and buying schematics. As for the clashing of no PVP due to cool loot from there not being available to peaceful players, and the idea of PVP planets- as far as I know, the devs are intending to keep this game limited in scale, say no more than 8 people? This issue is moot as PVP planets and the idea of PVP "loot" are only going to be reasonable if there are a large number of players. Currency- Love the idea, PVP and other game options- Yes! PVP-zones? Those imply a large number of players... so that's likely not going to happen. Game options upon starting a world are more likely, and those would definitely get my support.
  5. StormReachSeven

    Water related discussions

    Water as a resource might be more important if they decide to make an option for oxygen to be limited- so one would have to use hydroponics and/or hydrolysis to get oxygen. (I personally hope for an option to do that, but not required)
  6. StormReachSeven

    Giant worms or other under ground beasties!

    Need to have some Makers for our desert planets then. Probably some larger grids for spice mining.
  7. StormReachSeven

    Giant worms or other under ground beasties!

    I'm just gonna add my bit on here: A option of PVP would be nice. With so many people having so many different opinions these days, the developers at least need an option to have combat. Without it, the combatant players will likely leave, and the community will fade. If they choose to make combat mandatory, the peaceful players will leave, and the community will fade (or be overrun by uncreative, bloodthirsty players, which could even be worse). I don't want to see this game go through the abandonment that StarForge and GRAV did, after poor choices on the developers' part lead to a lack of community. Even if one of those two suddenly made an update and gave it everything people wanted, it wouldn't have enough of a community to get back on its feet. A game must have a healthy community to survive. This is just one of many points where the developers will have to think "Where are we going with this game." and "How will this affect us in the long-term.". The healthiest option for games at this point is usually a compromise, or giving the choice to the players, and that's what they should do.
  8. StormReachSeven

    multiplayer eats cars

    Similar issue, the wheels seem to just freak out and then the rover or truck goes spiraling wildly away. One time it shot me to the center of the planet at an absurd speed and I died, to find that my Truck was wedged in a cloud straight above me! (Well, not in the cloud, its physics was unloaded because of the distance but it was in the cloud)
  9. StormReachSeven

    Can't remove winch

    Same, Steam multiplayer... I may have had more fun with it than others...
  10. StormReachSeven

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    PC version for me. I just tested a theory, attaching the vehicles to the base appears to lessen the chance that they'll sink into the ground. I did this before leaving for the moon and my Truck and Rover are both above-ground, safe and sound!
  11. StormReachSeven

    Truck Storage Glitch

    Had a similar issue, tested it on a Rover and it was completely fine. The Storage module for the Truck seems to be the culprit, perhaps its collision box is messed up?
  12. StormReachSeven

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    It is also worth noting that the Truck seems to have a funky suspension, causing it to shake and make odd noises even when still. This could have worsened the sinking glitch as I had an experience with a particular cave entrance in which I went in at a bad angle, and got the truck impaled through the ceiling of the cave. It was not happy, and was shaking VERY violently.
  13. StormReachSeven

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I noticed that this seems to happen due to physics reloading. I have gone off on an adventure and come back to find my buggy is stuck halfway in the ground, then hops back up into the air when I get near it. I flew my first shuttle, had a truck and rover. The rover was parked ontop of one of my station parts, the truck was out in the open. I launched, chose a new site, landed and checked the place out, and then went home with the shuttle. My rover was almost swallowed by the ground, I could only see a single tire sticking above the terrain, held up by the base piece. However, my truck was completely gone and I have yet to find where it is and (maybe) dig it up. (vehicles seem to be recoverable, so digging might reveal it and it can jump back to the surface)