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  1. 1. Win 7 2. no 3. yes 4. yes 5. (x64) v14.0.24210
  2. Tobus[NL]

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Question: is the VC++ 2015 issue in which people can not even start the game being worked on? Many, like myself, are not able to fix in their windows, meaning they can't even play the game. If this (not) an issue on the near horizon to be patched, I'd like to know. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tobus[NL]

    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    thanks Chewster. I did it to be safe too but to no avail. My software list shows the VC 2015 installed but the game won't start. I looked at what Stretchy wrote and found the same in the install log: the mcu file will not load due to windows update nutting out. I tried to solve that but it doesnt work, from what I can tell due to some glitch in my windows, basically that my SP1 is not fully/correctly installed. Or at least that's how I understand it. I can not get SP1 reinstalled due to some other stuff I don't understand but thats where I draw the line anyway to get 1 game working out of the hundreds of game and addons in my flightsim installation working fine on my machine. So I hope Stretchy can help me out, since I can't get the commandlines he stated to work due to my having all but forgotten DOS stuff. If not, then it's hoping for a decent patch for Astroneer that helps circumvent this issue.
  4. Tobus[NL]

    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    Stretchy, I think I have the same issue you describe. All the other solutions here have come up bust so this is my final hope, next to a proper patching of the game. However, I'm too rusty to get this working. I have found the file in my vc log and copied it, making it C:\safespace\Windows6.1-KB2999226-x64.msu Can you elaborate on the next commands using this info, preferrably in a complete copy-paste form. Help me stretchy-one-kenobi, you're my only hope ;-).
  5. Tobus[NL]

    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    Will try Blackridge's solution too this evening and report back. @Blackridge and @Chewster, did you do any reboot's between (un)installs of the vc?
  6. Tobus[NL]

    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    WTF is this ?? I've tried something here but am unclear to proceed. I have a lot of c++ redist stuff in my software list, neither of which I'm inclined to uninstall due to maybe breaking something else on my system?? See added screenie. I'm betting this on developer error. Please fix in a week or game goes for refund. I can deal with pre-buy errors and bugs in game, but not even starting is a no-go-area.