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  1. Frilo

    Introduction Thread~

    The name is Frilo (Frilobot/Steam), soon to finish my master's degree in mechanical engineering. I usually don't spend much time in survival-like games, but when I do, I purchase the game in pre-alfa, flood the forums with suggested features/content/bugs and will furiously point out incorrect physical and chemical aspects of the game. I believe Astroneer has a prosperous future ahead of it. Suggestions may be influenced by previously played games, such as: Spore(Space exploration), FTL, Robocraft, Metroid, Dead Space, ...possibly more
  2. Frilo

    Forum Management: Tags

    *Gasp* Thank you. I just wanted people to focus a bit on forum organization while there is a relative low number of posts. No doubt the forum will flood the more content the Dev adds. Well, I did try to emphasize/summarize older topics in order not to repeat myself, although I didn't check every single one.
  3. Like Elfusan said, the forum is filled with repeated ideas/topics/bugs and, as discussed here and here, members have suggested a voting system as well as a tighter control from the mods part. My suggestions here are: Differentiate member tags from Dev/Mod tags Obligatory tags before posting an OP/Threads/Topics (Example: Language:Eng, Platform:Xbox) Mod/Dev’s built-in Tags (Similar to the Roadmap: Narrative, Vehicular Gameplay, Customization, etc) Suggest existing Tags when creating a new topic Allow Mods to tag existing post/bugs for managing purposes Tree/Hierarchy diagram with all these tags (please?) This would help members check for existing topics/bugs where they can contribute; Mods can check repeated topics and manage/clean the forum more efficiently, Devs can quickly address specific bugs or content of the game. off topic question: How does the forum deal with .gif and .webm files? what are the restrictions?
  4. Frilo

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Orbiting planet broken into quarters and clipping with the current planet. I could still travel to that planet with no problem. Video: Version: