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  1. A nuclear reactor might be a good use of astronium.
  2. Can't be, he's still in orbit around Eeloo
  3. More details on Space Stations: The Space habitat looks like a normal one but instead of a round baseplate it has a cube with 5 free faces. Each of them can either be extended using Titanium, which adds another cube with 5 free faces at the end of a bar extending from the old cube, or it can get a 2-S connection by placing resin, which creates a round plate with a 2-S slot which can be extended into a building base plate with another 2 resin, where buildings can be built on. Buildings look slightly different, for example, the fuel condenser has a different tank because no gravity = liquids don
  4. Problem is. in Astroneer the Planets are round and not flat. You can however make your own map by taking off into orbit with a shuttle (just 6 compound and 1 hydrazine, as low-level as a rover) and observing the planet from space (look out for landmarks and biomes)
  5. At the moment, Spaceflight isn't very difficult. All you need to do is to click on the right Planet. How about we make this a bit more interesting? My Idea would be that Shuttles and Spaceships would have to be controlled in Freeflight by using Shift/Control to throttle up/down the main engine, and W/S A/D Q/E for Pitch, Yaw, and Roll. The Planets and the Sun all have Gravity. Basically Kerbal physics. When clicking the "take off" button instead of directly autopiloting you to orbit, it would display a dotted line representing the ideal path to orbit. Pressing the button again w