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  1. Jaiseck

    How to change your in-game language.

    You can't and it's not the same .exe files on that version.
  2. Jaiseck

    How to change your in-game language.

    You're talking about the steam client, I'm talking about the windows store version of the game, so nop it's not working.
  3. Jaiseck

    How to change your in-game language.

    Would be great if so and if he would share . Same for the game saves location/deletion.
  4. Sometime you'll get the blueprint again, but as you already have it, it'll not show anything new learned (basically it's wasting your research). It will only do the animation you show on the research and then... nothing ^^
  5. I hope so, I wish they'll come by and give a solution ^^
  6. No it's not, it's related to the fact it's a windows store app. You can create a shortcut from the start panel but it will not let you edit anything in it except comments (that are useless). Account, and OS are all in English, nothing's changing....
  7. You can't edit the shortcut for the windows store version (yeah thanks microsoft...)
  8. Adding that other program that check the OS language are working correctly in English (Astroneer is the only one not recognizing it correctly) Sorry for the spam, have new thing coming in mind after the edit time every time
  9. Have to specify that even after changing windows 10 default language (was french and now it's english) the game still launch in french were there is no place were it's still in french normally...
  10. Hi. How do you change the windows 10 store language as you can't define the parameter like on steam ?
  11. Simple question, where to find the saved data and delete them as needed for the windows 10 store version of the game ? And are the steam saves compatible with the windows 10 store version ? (I already saw that the windows store version did not recognize the steam one, but may be only cause they stored in another place?)
  12. Jaiseck

    How do I turn off my suit lights?

    I think you can't for now.
  13. Jaiseck

    (PC) Delete save games

    Any idea for windows 10 store version?