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    -2 NEW THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE GAME! 1.Uranium -Reason : More To The Game , "Fuel" , Reason To Visit Radiated Planet . -Information : Found Only On Radiated Planet , Found Only Deep Underground , Extremly Rare (For Its Use On Nuclear Reactor , Avarage 1 Per A Meteor ) .Looks Like Rasin Only Green (Reason : * Green Is Cool :3 *) , Used For "Fueling" Nuclear Reactor , When Collected Looks Like Hydrozine only Green (Reason : Who Doesnt Like Mysterious Green Goop? ) . -Request : Gives Alot In Exhange For Its rarity 2.Nuclear Reactor -Reason : More To The Game , Pemanent Power , Other Players Would Like This , Replacing Bug-ish The Satelite/Solar Panel (Cus It Takes Too Much Space , Doesnt Look Good , Bugs and Blocks Half Of My Base And Sometimes Truck ) , I Want It , So Much . -Information : Requiers 4 Titanium To Be Constructed , Can Produce Alot Of Energy , " Fueled " By Uranium , Has 4 Slots For Uranium , Generates 1 Power Every Second For Each Uranium Stack On It , Has No Storage Slots On It ( Only For Uranium ) , Cant Be Extended To Build From . MY UGLY DRAWING OF HOW I IMAGINE IT!
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    Mixed crafting recipes and more!

    This game is going for simplistic content , altho later on when they add more stuff sure.
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    Thank you , thats what i was trying to explain , its a game not real life , making few thing a bit diffrent for fun isnt a sin.
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    Astronuim gave me that idea , it isnt rare but it is Green found deep under ground or on radioactive planet , however i do not think that it will be added for a reactor , cus that ore is named by the game and or oposite , so a simple reactor to the game wont be the main point of it , from what i saw its gonna be some sort of a scoring for astroneer . And i did think about it before i wrote it down,
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    First Of All This Is A Game And A Melt Down Wont Be Added .Second This Game Takes Part In The Future Where You Have The Technology Of Playing With Mountains Like Play Doh , Making Trucks Out Of Compound... So Techonology That Wouldnt Need To Worry About Meltdowns. It Isnt Neccecary Or Needed . Third This Game Wasnt Made To Be Realistic , You Research New Technology From Green Balls That Groe On Trees , And Some Weird Underground Cubes , You Can get Oxigen Crystals From The Ground... .Adding It Wouldnt Help At All , Nuclear Reactor Was Suposed To Be A Replacment For The Big Satelite Cus It Buged And Wasnt Stable , Adding Melt Down Would Make It Worse Than The Satelite / Giant Solar Panel .
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    Ohh Now I Get What You Mean , No That Would Be Easy To Edit , I Agree About That , I Thought You Were Talking About Sensitivity Messures , I Apologized I Rushed To An Conclusion Whitout Acutally Getting What You Said . And It Is Unique Fir Sensiticity Messuring And Similar Its Diffrent Than GTA.
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    Cus Its A Unique 3rd Person Camera View Already From High Top , You Need That View To See Around For Other Resources.So This Game Isnt Like The Others.
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    better spaceship

    I Like The Idea And I Dislike It. The Reason I like It : It Would make It Easier To Transfer Stuff , Your Admirable Drawing Of It , It Would Look Cooler. The Reason I Dislike It : The Game Is Already Too Easy Making It So Even More Is Bad , It Would Be Too Big , It Would Be A Too Much Storage. I looked At The Picture For 10 mins It Is Amazing For A Simple Suggestion , What Did You Do To Make It On?
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    Broken economy printing money

    Cus This Game Is Made For Exploration , Not Staying At You Base On The Same Planet Farming Every Material From Hydrazine.
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    The Camera View Is A Bit Harder To Edit , So Are Controls.
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    Oxygen should not be infinite

    You Went A Bit Off But Yes Oxigen Should Be Limited. 1. It Should Depened On What You Do. 2. Your Base Should Have Limited Teather Distance* 3. They Should Add Some Sort Of Air Filter/Generator That Would Extend It * 4. Your Truch Should Fill Up On Oxigen. 5. There Shouldnt be Any Crystals Of Them. 6. It should Be Produced From Somewhere.
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    Decorative features

    I Dont Like This Idea , It Is Not Needed Right Now And If It Was They Wouldnt Add It For Another 2 Years Maybe . Adding An Oxigen Seal Would Be Stupid If You Add It Just For The Plants . Lights Not So Bad . They Go For Only Exterior Looks In This Game , There Are No Domes Or AirLocks So An Interior Furnitor Is Not Neccesary , Nowhere To Put It - No Point To It And It Doesnt Help You In Any Way Ingame.
  14. Making A Size Changing Option To This Game Would Be Good , But For A Cost , Bigger Caves More Energy , Not Any Slower Just More Power Requiered . Would Suggest They Add That Option On Numpad + And - . And I Would Personally Like To See This But Maybe Later On.
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    UI for trade ports, storage, etc...

    This Game Is Going For No Interface / No G(Ui) And Thats What Makes It Special Wouldnt Want To Change It.
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    The Picture Of Me Riding A Super Fast Bike In This Game Is Really Awesome , BUT There Is No Point To It Like 0 Valid Resons To Add It , Doesnt Have Storage To Bring Some Reasearch You Found Fast , Just For Fast Ingame Free Roaming Isnt A Good Enough Reason To Add It Ingame , More Content Doesnt Mean Good Content.
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  18. Terrain Tool Is The Thing That Kinda Defines This Game And Makes It Unique . Maybe If They Added A Storage To How Much Dirt You Can Pick Up As In Storage Numbers On The Side Of Your Terrain Tool , Not Storage As In Printer Storage.
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    Agree , But First They Have To Make Vehicles More Stable , And Make Them Not Bounce To Space From A Single Pebble.
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    Exactly Why I Said It Was Green , Before I Wrote This I Googled Uranium And I Saw Few Pictures , I Know What Color It Is, And Just The Reason Why I Made It Green Cus Most People Will Think Radioactive Is That Color , It Would Make More Sense To Them , And The Other Reason Cus Green Liquid Looks Cool. Its Not The Point To Simulate Real Life There , The Point Is To Make The Game More Enjoyable . You Fist Comment Was Helpful .
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    Idea: Nets

    I Like The Idea , But Camera Angle Wise And Game Style Wise I Would Like To See A Jetpack. I Think I Do Get What Your Point Here Is But Adding A New Thing To Your Low Backpack Storage Would Be A Waste , Unless You Get It As Terrain Tool From Start.
  22. Draks

    3 ideas, bridge;cars;guns

    1. A Ramp You Can Make That With Your Terrain Tool , And Adding An Object That Shape And Size Would Be a) Ugly b) Not Stable c) Impossible For Any Building. 2. Cars Shouldnt Be Thrown To Space Or Stoped By A Pebble I Agree , About The Tree Stuff I Disagree , But Pebbles And Rocks Stoping You Ruins The Gampley. 3.More Then One Gun You Went A Bit Far , Diffrent Terraforming , Adding Water Just For The GUn I Disagree , Air Would Just Evaporate And If You Added A Dome That Is Connected To You Base It Would Be Auto Filled. Game Didnt Go For A Inside Base Look , All You Things Should Stay In The Open , You Went From Gun To a Dome In 3rd suggestion. Consider It A Bit More , I Think You Have A Point On Number 2 And Great Start Of An Idea For Number 3 ( Diffrent Terraforimg ) .
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    The The Temperature Of The Planets Isnt Stated I Think. Adding Ice As A Common Material Wouldnt Be Hard Tho , And It Would Melt In The Proccess Of Colling The Nuclear Reactor . So Adding It Isnt Immposible , But Adding So Much New Materials In Game Just For The Sake Of One Building Is Pointless. Thanks For The Comment.
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    Too much research

    I Agree , I Already Commented On Someones Post About Resources Being To Easy To Find , Same For This , My Idea Would Be To Make Resources Like Titanium And Lithium Extremly Rare , And That You Would Have To Research The Material From Which You Would Make The Thing. Example Research Lithium For The Battery, And Not Get It First Try.
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    Broken economy printing money

    I Do Agree With This , You Make The Whole Base And Research Everything In 2-3 Hours , Even If They Doubled The Ingame Content , Would Still Only Take Up To A Day Of Playing , So Making The Resources Rare , And Making Fuel Hard To Get , Atleast More Than It Was , Would Be A Great Idea For The Game.