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  1. This game is going for simplistic content , altho later on when they add more stuff sure.
  2. Thank you , thats what i was trying to explain , its a game not real life , making few thing a bit diffrent for fun isnt a sin.
  3. Astronuim gave me that idea , it isnt rare but it is Green found deep under ground or on radioactive planet , however i do not think that it will be added for a reactor , cus that ore is named by the game and or oposite , so a simple reactor to the game wont be the main point of it , from what i saw its gonna be some sort of a scoring for astroneer . And i did think about it before i wrote it down,
  4. First Of All This Is A Game And A Melt Down Wont Be Added .Second This Game Takes Part In The Future Where You Have The Technology Of Playing With Mountains Like Play Doh , Making Trucks Out Of Compound... So Techonology That Wouldnt Need To Worry About Meltdowns. It Isnt Neccecary Or Needed . Third This Game Wasnt Made To Be Realistic , You Research New Technology From Green Balls That Groe On Trees , And Some Weird Underground Cubes , You Can get Oxigen Crystals From The Ground... .Adding It Wouldnt Help At All , Nuclear Reactor Was Suposed To Be A Replacment For The Big Satelite Cus It Buge
  5. Ohh Now I Get What You Mean , No That Would Be Easy To Edit , I Agree About That , I Thought You Were Talking About Sensitivity Messures , I Apologized I Rushed To An Conclusion Whitout Acutally Getting What You Said . And It Is Unique Fir Sensiticity Messuring And Similar Its Diffrent Than GTA.
  6. Cus Its A Unique 3rd Person Camera View Already From High Top , You Need That View To See Around For Other Resources.So This Game Isnt Like The Others.
  7. I Like The Idea And I Dislike It. The Reason I like It : It Would make It Easier To Transfer Stuff , Your Admirable Drawing Of It , It Would Look Cooler. The Reason I Dislike It : The Game Is Already Too Easy Making It So Even More Is Bad , It Would Be Too Big , It Would Be A Too Much Storage. I looked At The Picture For 10 mins It Is Amazing For A Simple Suggestion , What Did You Do To Make It On?
  8. Cus This Game Is Made For Exploration , Not Staying At You Base On The Same Planet Farming Every Material From Hydrazine.
  9. The Camera View Is A Bit Harder To Edit , So Are Controls.
  10. You Went A Bit Off But Yes Oxigen Should Be Limited. 1. It Should Depened On What You Do. 2. Your Base Should Have Limited Teather Distance* 3. They Should Add Some Sort Of Air Filter/Generator That Would Extend It * 4. Your Truch Should Fill Up On Oxigen. 5. There Shouldnt be Any Crystals Of Them. 6. It should Be Produced From Somewhere.
  11. I Dont Like This Idea , It Is Not Needed Right Now And If It Was They Wouldnt Add It For Another 2 Years Maybe . Adding An Oxigen Seal Would Be Stupid If You Add It Just For The Plants . Lights Not So Bad . They Go For Only Exterior Looks In This Game , There Are No Domes Or AirLocks So An Interior Furnitor Is Not Neccesary , Nowhere To Put It - No Point To It And It Doesnt Help You In Any Way Ingame.
  12. Making A Size Changing Option To This Game Would Be Good , But For A Cost , Bigger Caves More Energy , Not Any Slower Just More Power Requiered . Would Suggest They Add That Option On Numpad + And - . And I Would Personally Like To See This But Maybe Later On.
  13. This Game Is Going For No Interface / No G(Ui) And Thats What Makes It Special Wouldnt Want To Change It.
  14. The Picture Of Me Riding A Super Fast Bike In This Game Is Really Awesome , BUT There Is No Point To It Like 0 Valid Resons To Add It , Doesnt Have Storage To Bring Some Reasearch You Found Fast , Just For Fast Ingame Free Roaming Isnt A Good Enough Reason To Add It Ingame , More Content Doesnt Mean Good Content.